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Android App Design Guidelines For 2024

Android App Design Guidelines

Top UX/UI Design Trends To Build Successful Android App

The Android app market is growing every day with around 3.48 million apps already existing on Google Play. As you might guess, the competition here is immense and fierce, and unless you have a truly unique idea, chances are you already have several competitors operating in your niche. Furthermore, studies show that over 50% of all apps get deleted within a month. To build a successful app that stands the test of time, you need to pay attention to perfecting your app’s UX and UI design. Let’s take a look at some of these Android app design guidelines that you should follow in 2024.

Android App Design Guidelines For UI

UI or user interface design determines the look of your Android app. As the first impression of the app, UI connects the users with your brand and makes their journey smooth. Effective UI design not only helps to retain users but can also increase the ROI of the app exponentially. A user-centric UI design with engaging content is the key to making an Android app successful. Here are a few UI android app development guidelines that you should follow in the coming year.

Experiment With Animated Icons And Illustrations

A great way to evoke and connect with the inner child of your users is through animations. Through animated icons and illustrations, you can also add comprehensibility to a plethora of topics, even serious ones! So far, we have seen apps make use of beautiful illustrations. In 2024, you can take it a notch higher and animate illustrations and icons to make a deeper impact.

Adding animations to the UI design, wherever they are appropriate, can be a huge plus. You can generate JSON and SVG animations through code, and you can make the animations react to interactions using smart settings.

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Use Layered Sheer Screens

A great way to create a unique look for your app is to add layers of sheer screens over the other design elements. You can do that by using blur effects or drop shadows on text boxes and buttons to partially cover the background image. This innovative design technique creates a warm and refreshing aura and establishes page hierarchy.

You can also add a drop shadow or glow to separate an element from its background. It will also dictate where the users’ attention should be. This layering technique is also used in subtitling. Blur effects, overlays, and strokes are commonly used in the subtitles of TV shows, movies, and videos to make the text easily readable. Therefore, this tip will not only help your UI but will also improve your UX.

Play Around With Abstract Spherical Patterns

From domes to planets to eggs, spherical and circular shapes are omnipresent and ubiquitous in both artificial and natural objects. It is the shape that we are most familiar with. In design, spherical shapes are popular because of their fluidity. Circles add a soft and inviting element to the design.

In 2024, we are going to see this design element have a major impact on Android app development. Several popular apps have already incorporated circles into backgrounds and imagery. A great way to implement it is by leaning into the nostalgic, quirky, and abstract themes of the 80s-style Memphis Design. Try contrasting circles with bright colorways and zigzags for a unique effect.

Android App Design Guidelines For UX

Simply put, UX refers to the subjective experience that users have with your app. That means it can be good or bad. UX design is one of the most critical components of the app development process. Ask any mobile app development company and they will tell you that even the best UI designs can fail if the UX is not done properly. Furthermore, the UX landscape is constantly transforming. Follow these tips to make sure that your Android app has a great UX.

Android App Design Guideline

Login Without Password

If you are building an app that is meant to be used daily, go for a password-less login. With so many platforms and apps already in existence, users struggle to remember the various passwords, and ridding them of that burden will do your UX a heap of good. Many mobile applications are already using password-less login. Instead of passwords, you can implement fingerprint or facial recognition for log-in. One-time temporary passwords, OTPs, and sign-in links are also great ways to integrate password-less login.

Convenient Voice Interactions

The popularity of virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and the like is increasing every day. That is why developers need to find ways to effectively integrate them into their app’s UX. Voice-powered apps make the users’ lives easier by delivering fast and precise results to their queries. They make your app more feasible and improve the UX significantly.

Improved Personalization

More and more Android app development services are recommending a tailored UX, and mobile app personalization is going to get a higher momentum in the coming year. You can make your android application more customized using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Streaming services like SoundCloud and YouTube also use AI to assess user choices to be able to offer song recommendations. Bucket lists and fitness apps also need to implement improved personalization.

These are the top 6 UX and UI design trends and tips that are expected to rule 2024. For more effective Android app design guidelines, you can also go for software consulting services offered by industry experts.

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