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Android App Development Cost In India 2024

Android app development cost in india

Let’s Dig Deep Into Android App Development Costs In India!

First things, first, are you having an idea that can break the internet and change the market forever? That’s great. There are a lot of hidden opportunities waiting out there for the proper time and shape. Yours could be the next game-changer. But there’s one thing in the way. It’s obviously the android app development cost in India. This might seem like it can take everything but it’s actually not.

We say this because your overall application cost is attributed to a lot of diverse factors including your approach to it, the company goes for, and even the complexity of your idea. So, before we get into the overall understanding of the android app development cost, you should be more worried about your development stages and your entry into the market There are a few things that you should keep in mind before going all in.

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There are different platforms like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Live Code, Accelerator, etc which act as a technology platform that can host the complete design and development of your application. Their charges vary from each other along with the freedom that they offer. You should keep a close eye on these and choose according to what fit you best. You should also decide on your launch plan if you are going to focus on capitalizing on both the IOS and android app stores.

In such cases, you should go for hybrid applications over the native ones initially and you can maybe later create dedicated applications as your business kicks off. Android app development prices can be hugely brought down if only you decide to start slow in a niche and maybe later expand across different verticals.


There might be a whole lot of features that you might have in mind. This can be your enemy as we speak about the android app development cost in India. Because it is not very practical to consider that they are all going to together make a difference in engaging your customers more. All you in one idea that can sell sustainably before you spread your branches across.

Android app development cost

Always ensure that you first prioritize the order of things that you want to go after. Hire an expert android app development company who can be your consultant in the picture to look at your ideas from a fresh perspective. You should also do market testing with every feature you are looking to develop. This will prevent you from running out of capital soon as you start the development process.

Market Understanding

This is very important before you think of starting your next venture. Always do a lot of surveys and application testing from the spark of your concept to the marketing of your end product. This will give you a lot of wiggle room for improvisation and mostly to cut down ideas that are not working right from the curb to not spoil your overall app experience. All these little things have the potential to reduce your mobile app development cost in India a lot.

The Actual Charges

For an android application, you can be charged anywhere between $5000 to $40000 in total. This depends on a lot of factors like

  • The company you hire
  • The type of the application
  • The complexity of the features and functionalities
  • Design idea
  • Plug-ins and third-party API
  • The number of revamps in your idea if you work back and forth.

While on the other hand, the IOS app development cost in India can go up to $30000 to $80000 depending on these exact same considerations.

If you are going for a platform-specific native application the starting charges might themselves go up to $10000. Web apps are comparatively cheaper and you can even develop one for a mere $500 if you have a simpler idea. Hybrid ones are in the middle segment and they can profit you so well if you are planning on launching to both IOS and android users in one go.
Android app development prices

Now It Comes To Choosing Your Mobile App Development Company In India…

You need someone who ticks all the following checkmarks


Of all the things that you should look for in the company you hire, the first thing would be to go with someone reliable. Only this way you can be sure of all their ideas, their work and everything they bring for you to the table.

Quick In Turn-Around

Any unexpected delays could hold you off from going into the market and this again will only cost you more and more. The sooner you cash back from your application the better. But at the same time putting in an unrealistic deadline will only give you results that are short of expectations thereby again dragging your time. When a software consulting company gives you a date, check if it is feasible for your plan and decide on something mutual.

Best At Communication

Even the greatest of ideas will never see their day if you keep having a communication mismatch. Ask for a dedicated account manager who will be available at any moment to assist you with anything that you are looking to know. They should also keep you in the loop of the process and progress while also not being too much.

Experience And Expertise

Any company that you hire should have a fairly good understanding of catering to your market niche. This will have prepared them prior to handling any scale of requirements that you put their way.

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You need someone like iTrobes to handle these things for you. We have been in the application development sector for many years now and are also currently up-to-date with all the market trends and innovations. Talk to us today and tell us your requirement. We’ll give you a quotation that’s extremely reasonable and justified. Spend your android app development cost in India on companies who promise you returns as we do!