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Best B2B SEO Agency In India

B2B SEO agency in India

B2B SEO Company In India: How To Choose A Good One

If you run a business, you probably have a website, and you undoubtedly want to generate more traffic on it. The best way to do this is with the help of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimisation). This is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, regardless of which industry you work in. There are, however, different ways to engage in SEO. While you might be familiar with B2C SEO, B2B SEO is a little different. We at iTrobes have put together a guide that will help you to understand what exactly B2B SEO is, and also help you choose a B2B SEO agency that works for you.

The best B2B SEO agency can help you understand this better. Companies that offer services like telemedicine support, Logistics, Cybersecurity, etc., depend on B2B SEO and promotions.

What Is SEO?

In 2022, search engines are the first thing people turn to when they want answers to a problem. You can use SEO to make sure that your website is listed high enough on search engine results pages. This will increase the chances of potential customers finding your website. One of the major benefits of SEO is that it is an organic way to bring in customers. Instead of you reaching out to them (and potentially annoying them) judicious use of SEO will allow them to find you.

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The Different Aspects Of B2B SEO

As you probably know, B2B stands for business-to-business and B2C stands for business-to-consumer. B2C SEO is focused on bringing in potential buyers to your business. A business model that depends on selling its product directly to the end customer will rely on B2C SEO. Whereas businesses that involve in the transaction of information or products with other companies have to choose B2B SEO services for business promotions. If your customers are individuals, B2C marketing is what you need. If, on the other hand, your customer base includes companies, you have to engage in B2B marketing. There are, undoubtedly, many differences between them. Here, we’ll look at how they differ when it comes to SEO.


The main goal of B2C SEO is to generate traffic that immediately translates to purchases. On the other hand, since the B2B buying process is much more complex, the goal of B2B SEO is to create awareness and generate leads that will (hopefully) be converted into sales deals.

Target Audience

When you engage in B2B SEO, you are not writing for a large demographic group. Instead, you are targeting high-level decision-makers such as CEOs or marketing managers. This naturally has an effect on both your content and keyword strategies.


While the content for B2C marketing does better if it is fun and engaging, the same is not true of B2B content. Since you are trying to convince people to (usually) spend a lot of money on your products and services, the technical aspect and accuracy of your content are much more important than the entertainment aspect.


The keywords you use for B2B SEO will typically be more complex. This is because decision-makers would probably be searching for solutions to a specific problem their business has. This means that, instead of using the most commonly searched keywords, you have to do your research and find keywords that are specific to your industry.

B2B SEO company India

Despite all of these differences, it is important to keep in mind that B2C and B2B SEO are still both forms of search engine optimisation. This means that a lot of practices that work well for B2C SEO will work for B2B SEO as well. This includes things such as making sure your main keyword appears at the start of your content and building up trustworthy links. Even if you are going to outsource your SEO services, it is always a good idea to have an understanding of what you are going to be paying for. Now that we’ve looked at what B2B SEO is, let’s take a look at how to pick a company that will do this for you.

Why Is B2B SEO Important?

Around 77% of B2B buyers conduct research on companies before purchasing from them. If your business doesn’t appear on top of the search engine results, then your company will lose potential B2B buyers. Building your reputation is crucial for the success of any business; at this B2B SEO plays a pivotal role.

Promoting a B2B company is not an easy job; you may need the assistance of a specialized B2B SEO agency like iTrobes who are specialized in offering B2B SEO Services. If you are a startup company, consider investing time and money in SEO strategies to bring your business to the top of the search engine ladder. Though SEO does not bring in results overnight, it is built over a period of time. SEO Algorithm updates are released often, and SEO companies have to stay updated to stay in the race. Retain a B2B SEO company that competes and maintains your business’s SERP visibility high.

Three Aspects of B2B SEO There are 3 main elements of SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. Optimizing and working on each of these elements is essential if you want to improve your site’s visibility on the SERPs.

Different Types Of Services Provided By B2B SEO Company In India

On-Page SEO

Every page on your site is important. You must give equal attention to each page when it comes to maintaining content freshness and user-friendliness. Here are a few quick tips to optimize your site for Google:

  • Your content must answer the doubts of customers
  • The Page Titles must sum up the entire page’s content
  • Optimize the page title and also the title tags
  • Optimize your content.
  • Include the most relevant keywords in your content but make sure not to overdo it.
  • A keyword per 200 words should be your initial aim
  • The URL must explain the page’s content in short.
  • Try incorporating the subject of the content into the URL
  • The site structure should be clean and easy to navigate.
  • The customer should be able to reach the desired page within a few clicks

Every great marketing agency that offers SEO packages will have Onpage optimization as their first deliverable. So make sure that the B2B SEO agency you choose has Onpage in their proposal.

Best B2B SEO Company in India

Off-Page SEO

Every external action(outside the website) taken towards promoting your business is referred to as Off-page. Building good and high-quality links is essential to building the credibility of your business. The more backlinks you acquire from trusted sources, the better ranking you receive on the SERPs.

One important thing to remember about Off-page is the quality of links acquired and not the quantity. The best way to do this is to resort to content marketing and video marketing strategies. Google recognizes websites that answer or meet the requirement of the users. If you offer them the content they want to read and watch, they are going to come back to you.

Another great way to acquire B2B leads is by conducting B2B Event Marketing. Sometimes, decision-makers are hard to reach through digital channels. Conferences and tradeshow marketing are great ways to communicate and interact with other businesses.

Technical SEO

You must ensure your site is technically sound to rank higher on the SERPs. If you are trying to promote your site on Google, then make sure to read the Google Developer’s guide to understand technical SEO better. But here are a few technical aspects of the website that you must take care of:

  • The site must be crawlable
  • Make sure you don’t have a “no-follow” directive placed in your site’s header
  • Google must be able to index your site. If you have a no-index placed in the header, your site is not going to get indexed at all
  • The XML sitemap of your site must be in place.
  • Is your Site Mobile Friendly? If not, work on making it responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Check your Site’s Page speed and improvise accordingly

The DIY SEO process can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Moreover, you may not get the desired results. Hand the job to the experts and heave a sigh of relief.

How To Choose A B2B SEO Company In India?

What To Look For

  • Positive reviews from older B2B SEO clients. This is a no-brainer. If the company has done work that other people are happy with, chances are they’ll be able to do it again.
  • Varied use of SEO tools. You want to be able to trust that the company has refined its processes and is using a combination of tools to get the best possible results. If they rely solely on one tool – like Google analytics – they may not be that experienced.
  • An understanding of the differences between B2B and B2C SEO. You might come across an SEO agency that deals primarily with B2C SEO. Even though they might be great at it, if they don’t have an understanding of B2B practices, they will not be able to help you.
  • Experience in your industry. If a company has worked on projects similar to yours, chances are that they will be able to use that experience to give you better results. They may, for example, have already done a lot of the keyword research that you will need.

What To Look Out For

  • SEO can make or break your brand. Engaging in bad SEO practices can sometimes do more harm than having no dedicated SEO at all. Here are some red flags to look out for while choosing a B2B SEO company.
  • A guarantee of quick results. If an SEO company guarantees that it will improve your rankings quickly, they’re probably not telling the truth. SEO is organic, and it will take at least 6 to 12 months to start seeing results.
  • They don’t have an online presence. It should be pretty obvious that an SEO company that doesn’t have a website or a LinkedIn profile isn’t going to be of much help to you.
  • Low-quality writing. Any good B2B SEO agency will know that good, high-quality content is extremely important for a successful SEO strategy. If a company uses bad grammar and spelling on its own website, chances are they’ll do the same for yours.

Are You Looking For A B2B SEO Agency In India?

Looking For A B2B SEO Company In India?

iTrobes has got your back! We offer our B2B SEO services not only in India but all over the world. We understand the nuances in the differences between B2B SEO and B2C SEO. At affordable SEO prices, we will make sure that your content is tailored to your specific needs. Write to us today to get started on your SEO journey!