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Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Ever since the dawn of new-age mass marketing mediums like social media, there has been a clear shift in the way that brands and businesses approach their target audience. They’re gearing themselves up to talk the language of the marketplace by seamlessly blending their marketing message into it. Digital marketing has thus been instrumental in helping brands accelerate their customer acquisition process by giving them vast interconnected rapid networking forums. But this does not negate everything that traditional mediums still offer.

What Exactly is the Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

Traditional Marketing

This refers to the marketing mediums that were as old as time but proved useful to bring in breakthrough brand innovations before the entrance of digital mediums. They primarily involve advertising through billboards, posters, newspapers, magazines, door-to-door outreach, radio, sponsorships, tv advertisements, etc

Even today, their contribution cannot be neglected. For example, even today any corner column of magazines like Rolling stone, Times, and Forbes are being closely looked upon. And billboards and posters have also been catching our attention in public places if they are placed creatively.

The Key Benefits

  • Immediately catching attention and creating a general curiosity among consumers.
  • These advertisements cannot be skipped and people are bound to watch them or pay attention to them.
  • Although it costs more, the brand-building opportunity through this is still vast and open.
  • Can also be replicated digitally. For example, all the print mediums now have their website where these contents are republished.

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Digital Marketing

The rise of the internet era has made the entire world a globally interconnected and well-networked platform. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and telegram along with search engines like google are all the digital platforms where businesses can advertise themselves and build a brand ground up.

Even businesses that are doing well traditionally should have a well-standing social profile to scale up their conversion from other unconventional mediums and explore newer areas.

The Key Benefits

  • Comparatively quick and much more cost-effective
  • Selective audience selection through promotional campaigns with specific targeting options
  • Tracking and measuring ROIs through advanced data analytics
  • The ability to reach a massive number of people in a relatively short span and one market-breaking campaign might be everything it takes to speed things up for you!

The Key Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing itrobes

AspectTraditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Time Sensitivity Long lead times for production and distributionReal-time or near real-time execution
MeasurementDifficult to measure the exact impactExtensive tracking, analytics, and reporting tools for measuring performance
FlexibilityLess flexibility in making changes to campaignsEasy to make real-time adjustments and optimize campaigns
Global Reach Local or regional focusGlobal reach potential
ExamplesTV commercials, billboards, newspaper adsSocial media ads, Google ads, and email marketing campaigns
Channels and MediumsTelevision, radio, print, billboards, telemarketingWebsites, search engines, social media, email marketing, mobile apps, online ads
ReachWide reach but lacks specific targetingClear targeting based on demographics, interests, behavior, location
CostHigher cost, especially for mass mediaVarious cost-effective options available, scalable budgets
InteractivityLimited interactivity and engagementInteractive content, real-time engagement, two-way communication

Best Digital Marketing Strategies

The first and foremost thing that you should remember is to connect with your customers and show them what they want rather than just promoting yourself repeatedly. Relevance is the key thing in today’s social platforms and the following strategies can help you stay on the game better.

1. Content First Approach

The content you generate is how people come to find you and understand your brand, your offerings, and everything about you. You have to generate content that is educational and meaningful. For example, if you’re from the fashion space, any person would be interested in knowing about your take on contemporary clothing or inspire by your brand persona and engage with all the statement clothing that you have in your collection. If you only talk about things like discounts or other sales gimmicks, you’d only seem like just another advertisement coming their way.

For example, if you’re a business in the educational space, you can curate more content about career guidance and course counseling rather than simply advertising only about the courses you offer. Creating a meaningful connection that can later even convert them into repeat clients is what you should focus on and your entire content strategy should thus be focused on long-term returns rather than immediate conversions.

difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

2. Market Understanding

When you hire a company like iTrobes, they’ll do a complete market check and have a background understanding before diving in with the action plan. Knowing your target persona, their purchase behavior, general product/service appetite, and the spending capacity are all crucial factors that you need to pay close attention to. Without any knowledge about your customers, you’ll not be able to properly reach them and mobilize things for you.

3. Curate Campaigns From an Audience Perspective

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes will give you a better understanding of what they are looking for and how to reach them just right. You can curate your entire social media marketing messaging after understanding what will grab their immediate attention at first look. It’s going to take just two or three seconds for a customer to build an understanding of you and you need to make your message reach their ears in this short period.

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4. Generate more Video-Based Content

Social mediums have fast-forwarded themselves from static photos to dynamically curated video-based content and there has been a steady shift in audiences’ preferences toward videos as well. So now is the time to hire or develop a content production team who can help you scale up. Even SEO services are also looking to boost site performance through videos. This is not just the case for visually appealing niches like fashion but also holds for all the sectors in general without exceptions. Be it any message that you want to be marketed, videos will help you with increased visibility and also get you more time for interaction with your audience.

5. Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Do it for You

It is always a good idea to outsource your requirements to professionals who are good at the job. And when you are ready to step up your digital game, contact iTrobes! We have experience with every business vertical and we can offer you the best solutions possible for all your requirements.