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Digital Marketing Packages In USA

digital marketing packages in USA

Detailed Study: Digital Marketing Packages In USA

In the current digital era, businesses compete with each other to widen their reach, improve their visibility, and establish a brand online. This has opened the way for numerous digital marketing agencies in the USA to provide various services that make up comprehensive digital marketing packages capable of giving any size type of business a powerful digital presence.

What Do The Statistics Say?

  • A poll registers that approximately 55 thousand digital advertising firms are doing business in the territory of the USA.
  • The sum of money that will go to digital marketing will be up to the amount of $442. 6 billion in 2024.
  • 63% of companies have topped their digital marketing budget in the 2023 year.
  • The average cost of digital marketing ranges between $51 – $10,000 depending upon various factors.

Choosing the right digital marketing package from the right agency is challenging, but it can be pivotal in shaping any business’s brand value, revenue, and future in 2024.

This blog is designed to help the reader understand everything about digital marketing packages, from the basics, their costs, and types, with a bonus guide to choosing the right digital marketing package for your business.

What Makes A Good Digital Marketing Package In USA?

Typically, any digital marketing agency would offer packages that include one or more of the following services.

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Before running ads or creating content for a business, digital marketing agencies propose a strategy and expected outcomes to the client. This strategy includes goals, analysis, content outline, deadlines, etc.

Targeted Audience Research

To gain more leads and customers, researching the targeted audience is crucial. This makes the marketing approach clear and personalized to the audience.

Website Optimization

To compete with other companies, digital marketing agencies optimize the client’s website with SEO and other techniques to gain more visibility and rank higher in search engines.

Content Creation And Distribution

The personnel in the agency is a creative team that writes posts, and pieces of articles, and produces short movies and infographics that can entertain, inform, and inspire the targeted audience.

Social Media Management

A digital marketing agency package is complete with this feature as the presence, regular posting, and community engagement of any business across social media platforms form the ground for attracting loyal customers.

digital marketing package in USA

Email Marketing Campaigns

Agencies include this service to reach out to high-level business customers. This service is often automated, but a quality service by the agency should consist of personalization choices.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

The marketing campaign we come up with on the client’s website focuses on the targets and lead inflow through advertising tools, an example of which can be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Analysis And Performance Tracking

To prove the efficiency and impact of the agency in the company’s business, agencies often collect analyses and submit reports to their clients. This helps the client understand their performance and outcomes.

Types Of Digital Marketing Packages

A digital marketing package is a set of services that target specific outcomes. The following list captures the major packages that most agencies offer.

SEO Packages

Companies often opt for this service over the others, as SEO can improve the ranking of a company’s website. This converts into more leads, sales, and profits. Typically, this package includes:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Off-PSEO
  • Audits age SEO
  • E-commerce SEO

Social Media Marketing Packages

Businesses often rely on an agency to manage their social media handles – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This package often includes:

  • Framing a strategy
  • Creating content for social media
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Running paid ads as per the platform

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Packages

This package targets running ads on a set of platforms by paying for the number of times an advertisement gets clicked. For the same reason, this package is regarded as an affordable choice. These packages typically include:

  • Campaign setup
  • Ad copywriting
  • Ad targeting
  • A/B testing
  • Performance tracking

digital marketing price in USA

Content Marketing Packages

This package involves crafting and posting content that revolves around the business of the client. This package is often an expensive choice. It includes, but is not limited to,

  • Creating blogs, posts & articles
  • Creating content for websites
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Analyzing the content of competitors
  • Keeping up with the current trends in content

Email Marketing Packages

These packages aim to run email campaigns with personalized messages to attract high-quality leads. They often include,

  • Coming up with an Email strategy
  • Automating the Email process
  • Creating Email templates
  • Setting up analytics for Email-marketing

Influencer Marketing Packages

Agencies contact influencers relevant to the business of the client, to settle on an amount to promote the product or service of the client. Since the influencer can directly reach the client’s targeted audience, this is an efficient and costly approach. This includes,

  • Identifying potential influencers
  • Framing a strategy
  • Agreeing on the terms of the promotion
  • Tracking the performance

How Much Does A Digital Marketing Package Cost?

Before we explore digital marketing pricing packages in the USA, it is essential to get a hold of the various factors that affect the pricing of digital marketing packages.

  • Scope of the services offered
  • Experience and reputation of the agency
  • Customization options and add-on services
  • Target audience and market competition
  • Outcomes guaranteed by the digital marketing agency
  • ROI Potential

Some agencies offer digital marketing packages for small businesses at affordable pricing tailored to the requirements of their scale. For larger businesses, the pricing is often expensive. The following are the estimated costs for various sectors in the year 2024.

ServicesCost Per Month
SEO & Website automation$2500
Social Media Mareting $3000
Content Marketing$1,800
Email Marketing$300
Influencer Marketing$1000-10000 (per campaign)

How To Choose the Right Digital Marketing Packages For Your Business?

Any business must connect with a dedicated marketing agency to achieve their marketing goals, increase reach & sales, and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Here are the steps to guide any business in choosing digital marketing packages that suit their profile and align with their expectations.

  • Assess the goals and objectives of the business
  • Identify the target audience and market
  • Evaluate the agency, its previous work and experience
  • Compare the pricing structure and services offered
  • Request consultations and quotes from multiple agencies

Get The Best Digital Marketing Prices In USA

With businesses increasingly entering the digital space, digital marketing agencies are pivotal in boosting sales and taking their revenue to the next level. Contact iTrobes today to choose the right digital marketing package for your business.