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It's time to tailor your email marketing strategies with a data-driven personal touch!

Email Marketing campaigns are not just cost-effective but are also the digital marketing strategy with the most profitable ROI. This holds true being better than even social media marketing. With proper planning, it can help you with both your client acquisition prospects and also retain your existing customer base. We at iTrobes can help you get started from scratch the right way through our extensive case studies that have worked best for different verticals over the years. Get in touch with us and let’s take your business revenue to the next level.

Grow your list of subscribers and lure your prospective leads to closing deals with you through constant personal interaction and attractive offers with this most profitable digital strategy

With over 2.5 billion active email users and 196 billion emails exchanged every day, the avenue of your business success can be widened with proper channelling of the email marketing services

Depending on the user stage in the sales cycle, their interaction with your brand and their interest analysis, you can finetune your brand emails and close deals sooner than expected

Unlike other marketing methods, where you start by reaching out to a wide set of audience and slowly filter them based on their intent to convert, email marketing is completely a targeted approach

It is more than just sending random sales emails!

Email marketing can be extremely profitable, but only when every aspect of it is tuned to perfection.
Establishing Goals

Before jumping in head first, it is important to lay down clear cut goals for each and every email campaign. Your goals might range from introducing your brand to a potential crowd, sending out newsletters to your subscribers or brand positioning to customer retention or sales conversion. Depending on your brand’s visibility and your business nature, we can help you dictate optimum goals and email marketing targets.

Make Your Brand Stay Remembered

91% of today’s consumer market is reported to check their emails on a daily basis. Converting your contact list to make sales happen is just one side of email marketing while there are whole other scopes that can be covered using this digital approach. Through constant personal interaction which is carefully curated to be engaging, you build a community of loyal supporters for your brand.

Building Your Contacts

Sending out emails to random IDs is going to affect your brand credibility as it is ignored by people for spamming. These kinds of random emails also have lower open rates and it is directed to trash almost immediately. Creating a permission-based contact list by integrating various resources like a landing page subscription, social media lead generation or a signing up procedure through email is what we can help you with!

From Campaign Set Up to Conversion

Each and every corner of an email template can directly impact its campaign goal. From crafting an engaging subject to positioning the CTA optimally for easier touch or mobile optimisation for enhanced user experience, there are so many things to focus on. Through our extensive case studies and intensive research practices, we can help you with the best email campaign strategies to aid business growth.

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