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Pay Per Click Marketing is not just a digital activity, but a promising investment!

Pay Per Click management is one of the promising digital advertising strategies associated with search engines like google and Microsoft Bing. It can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website and thus help your brand establish its visibility to relevant target audiences on a wider scale.

Stop Wasting Money on Bad Leads

Making your brand rank for the keyword your audience might search for depends more than just the budget. It is chosen based on a combination of factors like the relevance of the keyword, the ad context, the bids, the landing page efficiency, and the overall quality score of the ad created. With our expertise, we can help you reap the best ROI from pay per click management ads. By employing proven research practices, targeting strategies, and ad optimization methods, we can position your brand to rank better than your competitors!

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It’s not just about showing the ads, but the conversion you bring about that matters!

An effective PPC ad requires a lot of research for understanding the local demographic demands, your competitor strategies, and consumer search patterns. With our tested practices in place, we can help you keep your standards high in this competitive landscape.

SEO Keyword Research

Improve organic traffic

It’s not always about driving traffic to your website or the highest search volumes, but driving relevant traffic and ranking the best for your brand-specific keywords. This is where SEO keyword research leaves its impression of helping us a little ahead.

Campaign Creation

Result driven ads

Creating your brand all the ad and analytic tool accounts to track the progress of your campaigns is important than just running the ads. With various paid tools in place, we can furnish you with all the metrics you require all together at ease.

Landing Page Optimization

Achieve best quality scores

Enhancing your conversion rate by enhancing the ad quality score through the website elements to have proper UI/UX adaptations is a key to increasing your ROI. We can get this done for you arriving at the best outcome with our expert team.

Back-end Tracking

Let data do the talking

Identifying every data like the Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), bounce rates, conversion rates, traffic insights, bid values, keyword ranking can be crucial. We’ll get you a report of all these metrics for each of the campaign we create.

Lead Generation

Marketing qualified prospects

Attracting an audience is not where our work stops. To identify potential prospects through exact targeting of the ads, and turning these prospects to marketing qualified leads through effective ad play is what we can do for you.

Grow your customer base & generate leads at the lowest cost with us.

Enhancing visibility by optimizing everything from your landing page, your target keywords and the ad context to drive the potential audience to your site and also making them your potential leads is where our round-about ad strategy comes into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can pay-per-click ads do for me?

PPC ads can help you drastically improve your website visitor rates and aid in possible conversions if you design particular landing pages for the services that have the USPs of your individual services listed with the right keywords and optimized UI/UX.

Will this help me with better branding and conversion?

Yes. Your website would pop up on top of the google search results as soon as someone who belongs to your targeted demographics types in a relevant query. This way you’d appear exactly when someone is looking for something you offer.

How much ROI can I expect?

It depends on a lot of factors like your budget, your ad’s quality scores, your website design, and your ad positioning. But we at iTrobes can promise you conversion rates like nowhere else by getting your ad set up on point!

Will PPC alone be enough for my website conversion?

Not really. It’s a comprehensive approach where you go rapidly with all your digital channel to track and target your potential audience from all directions to convert them into you customers. But we have all the expertise in doing all of that for you at ease with our strategized approach.

How much will I be charged for running ads on Google?

It is not a fixed number as such and depends on your end goal. Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know about everything. Call us today!

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