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Challenges Businesses Face During Digital Transformation And Overcome

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How To Deal With Your Digital Transformation Challenges

Digital transformation isn’t right around the corner. It’s here, staring you in the face. Any organization that doesn’t adapt quickly will soon be left in the dust. Of course, that’s easier said than done. There are so many digital transformation challenges that you might be tempted to continue running your business how you have for years. Don’t.

Change is always scary – especially on an organizational level – but don’t worry! We at iTrobes are here to help you understand the challenges of digital transformation and how to overcome them.

Looking To Digitally Transform Your Business?

What Are The Common Digital Transformation Challenges?

1. Having Isolated Departments

In management-speak, we call each such department a “silo” because it operates by itself, cut off from the rest of the organization. Since each department only focuses on achieving its own goals, they often tend to forget the overarching objective of their business. This gives rise to a wide variety of digital transformation challenges, right from strategy building to transformation.

2. Being Stuck In Your Comfort Zone

Many enterprises nowadays use “legacy” systems that they have used for years, even though there are way better alternatives out there now! It can be tempting to get stuck in this rut because you may have invested a large amount of money in these systems, but you can’t stay there forever. Legacy systems are often slow and rigid, making it difficult to integrate them with new technologies. This can also pose a critical security risk.

3. Maintaining A Risk-Averse Culture

Digital transformation challenges arise not just from problems with technology but also from a stagnant organizational culture. While you might want to stick to your tried-and-tested methods, you will lose out on growth opportunities if you do not take risks and make a change.

4. Budget Restrictions

Cutting-edge technology is expensive. You might be reluctant to invest in new systems, especially if your old ones have served you well until now. But you have to remember that, as time passes, technology only gets more complicated. If you want to stay in the game, you have to budget for technological upgrades.

5. Lack Of Digital Skills

Once you start to implement digital transformation in your organization, you will, of course, need people who can work with technology. Even the simplest of jobs will require a basic level of technical know-how. Bringing your workforce up to speed with your technology is one of the biggest digital transformation challenges.

6. Security

Once you begin your digital transformation journey, you must monitor it closely. No technology is one hundred percent hacker-proof, and you need to secure your digital assets every step of the way. Move too quickly, and you’ll find yourself in a cybersecurity trap.

So, How Can You Overcome These Challenges?

1. Match Your Digital Transformation Goals To Your Business Ones

Digital transformation isn’t something that stands apart from your business. It is something that you have to integrate into your everyday operations. Make digital investments that work towards the same goals you already have. By doing this, you can make digital transformation work for you instead of the other way around.

2. Organizational Change

As we said earlier in this article, change is always scary – but also necessary. Examine your organizational culture and assess what might be a barrier to digital transformation. Then, think up a change management strategy that helps you shift your entire company’s mindset into the digital future. It is important to remember that change always starts at the top – you cannot expect your employees to change if you don’t!

challenges of digital transformation

3. Transparent Communication

This is one of the ways to drive organizational change. Having different teams and departments communicate clearly with each other will allow you to make better strategic decisions. Consider the other stakeholders involved, like customers and investors, and use their feedback to drive your change strategy as well.

4. Have A Solid Technology Procurement Plan

Your budget is something that you can work around, but a lack of technological resources is beyond your control. Assess your existing tech and figure out how it fits in with your digital transformation plan. Have a blueprint in place to figure out how you will procure any additional technology you need.

5. Bridge The Skills Gap

When it comes to digital transformation, you don’t have to upgrade just your technology – you need to upgrade your human resources as well. You can expand your talent pool by hiring new employees or outsourcing work to those with the technical proficiency you’re looking for. Of course, you should also train your current employees on the new systems.

6. Better Cyber Security

All frameworks for digital transformation services need to have solid cybersecurity measures in place. You need to have a proactive monitoring strategy that will alert you to even the tiniest of issues. While this might eat into your budget, it is worth it. Just imagine how much more it would cost if hackers managed to gain access to your servers!

7. A Comprehensive Financial Strategy

As we have mentioned throughout this article, digital transformation is not cheap. Make detailed calculations of your costs, benefits, and return on investment before you implement your strategy. But be flexible at the same time! Do not be afraid to reallocate your budget based on your observations.

8. Implement Low-Code Solutions

This will save you some time and money when it comes to upskilling. You will not need to look for people who have specialized tech skills. Instead, you can make the best use of the talent already available to you. Your employees would also be less likely to push back against new low- (or no-) code digital solutions.

Ready To Digitally Transform Your Business

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