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Ecommerce website development company in Dubai

Ecommerce website development company in Dubai

The popularity of eCommerce website development in Dubai

Dubai, the capital city of UAE and has high internet penetration, a tech-savvy population, and robust business infrastructure. Hence Dubai is a perfect location for starting a business or expanding an eCommerce business. eCommerce business has to start with an online presence. Here is where an eCommerce website development company in Dubai can be beneficial.

UAE is a popular Middle East country with 9.7 million active accounts on social media. These statistics prove how the internet is growing in Dubai and the UAE, and its impact on business and social networking.

A few steps involved in setting up an eCommerce business in Dubai are:

  • Analyze the market trends and customer requirements
  • Select an appropriate location
  • Register your company’s trade name by filing an application provided by the Economic department
  • Apply for an eCommerce license in Dubai
  • Get an eCommerce website developed
  • Integrate a payment gateway into your website with the help of a merchant account from your local bank or a payment service provider
  • Develop customer and logistic support.

According to a survey, the eCommerce sector in UAE is expected to grow at an annual rate of 23 percent by 2023. Online shopping emerging as a popular choice among the UAE crowd, so businesses should consider eCommerce as a profitable choice. With the steady increase in the growth of eCommerce, an eCommerce website development company in Dubai can help businesses to develop a well-structured website to enhance their visibility and grow their business.

ecommerce website development company

What is eCommerce website development in Dubai?

For customers to shop online, companies need to set up an eCommerce website. The process of planning, designing, developing, and launching an eCommerce website is known as eCommerce website development. An eCommerce website development company develops a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and very secure eCommerce website that will enhance sales conversions and business revenue.

eCommerce website development company creates different types of eCommerce websites like:

1) B2C (Business-to-Consumer):

B2C refers to online trading between businesses and consumers of products and services.

2) B2B (Business-to-Business):

B2B is the online trading of products and services between two businesses.

3) C2B (Consumer-to-Business):

Consumers provide services to businesses online.

4) C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer):

Buyers exchanging services and goods usually through a third party is known as C2C.

5) C2A (Consumer-to-Administration):

Online trading of products and services to the public through customers is C2A.

6) B2A (Business-to-Administration):

Online trading of products and services between business and administration.


Transform Your Online Business With The Best Ecommerce Development Company In Dubai

Benefits of eCommerce website development in Dubai

The eCommerce platform is a popular destination for people to buy and sell. Right from shopping for clothes, ordering food, buying movie tickets, buying groceries, and daily essentials can be done seamlessly from your comfort zones through the eCommerce website. There are easy and multiple payment options that are set up by the eCommerce website development company which is safe and ensures the smooth completion of your transaction and orders.

Some of the well-known benefits of choosing an eCommerce website development company are:

Buy from anywhere and everywhere

Get an eCommerce website developed so that your customers will not be limited to certain locations. They can buy from anywhere irrespective of geographical boundaries. An eCommerce website will increase your reach globally.

Ful fills customer requirements

An eCommerce website development company provides an attractive, unique, and interactive website that will fit the customer’s needs. This will lead to better customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Increases Visibility

An eCommerce website development company adheres to the SEO rules while developing the eCommerce website. This will boost your site’s visibility attracting more traffic and conversions leading to the success of the business.

No Time Constraints

With an eCommerce website, there are no time limitations to sell and buy products. Customers have the flexibility to search for their requirements anytime.

Availability Of User-Friendly Features

eCommerce website development company offers user-friendly features like currency support, language, shopping cart, and calculator. It also offers a safe and secure payment gateway and shipping facility to ensure the timely delivery of customers’ orders.

Advantageous to any business

Be it any business, reap the benefits of eCommerce web development. eCommerce website development company along with a team of experienced developers can develop powerful eCommerce websites which are scalable, dependable, and adaptable.

ecommerce website development Dubai

What are the services offered by the eCommerce website development company in Dubai?

Before understanding the services offered by the eCommerce website development company, let’s know the eCommerce website cost in Dubai.

The eCommerce website cost depends on the number of pages or the design of the website. The rates vary based on the nature of the business and the quality of the website.

Some of the factors to consider while evaluating the eCommerce website cost are; the type of eCommerce platform, domain, hosting, features and functionality, content, SEO, maintenance, certifications, etc.

Once you are clear on the costs involved, you can choose from a range of services offered by the website development company. Some of the services are:

  • Content management
  • Payment methods
  • Checkout processes
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Browsing experience
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ads management
  • Referrals


Transform Your Online Business With The Best Ecommerce Development Company In Dubai

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