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eCommerce Website Development Cost In India

Ecommerce website development price in India

How Much Does An eCommerce Website Development Cost In India?

If you’re running a business that involves selling products/services, setting up an online business could benefit you greatly. However, it requires some strong planning and one needs to take care of many technicalities & complexities. Additionally, your eCommerce website development cost will be affected by a variety of factors. Although building an eCommerce store can be looked at as a one-time expense, managing & maintenance costs are recurring in nature. Determining the exact eCommerce website development cost in India can be tricky but certain factors can give a good estimate. Experts at iTrobes list out the factors that can give you a good idea and help in determining the cost you will need to incur for setting up your eCommerce store.

Here Are Our Estimated eCommerce Website Development Cost In India 

Usually, eCommerce website development cost can range from ₹60,000 to ₹10,00,000 in India. However, the cost may surpass these ranges depending on the complexity of the website and the number of products on the website. Your eCommerce website cost will also vary on the number of products to sell, different payment gateways, and the requirements of third-party tools.
PlansSmall eCommerce Website CostMedium eCommerce Website CostLarge eCommerce Website Cost
Prices₹60000($800) to ₹1Lakhs($1500)₹1Lakhs($1500) to ₹10Lakhs($15000)₹10Lakhs($15000) to ₹1Crore($1,50,000)
ProductsUp to 100Up to 1000Up to 10000
Maintenance1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Other PricesNilNilNil

Factors To Determine the eCommerce Website Development Prices In India

India is an emerging market where a large number of tech companies are helping businesses globally with eCommerce development companies. Therefore, a lot of the time pricing of their eCommerce website development cost varies based on the region. The following factors are important for successful web development

Site Domain & Hosting Services

This will depend on factors like your business type, the number of pages, targeting country, etc. all influencing your domain and hosting costs which in turn affect the overall eCommerce development cost. When it comes to India, a domain can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 while hosting plans can go up to $300 per month.


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Look At Your Website

Your website theme, site logo & design, and layout of the site are going to be important factors. Themes can help change the look, feel, style, etc with one click. Tons of paid and free themes are available depending on your budget. However, paid versions often have benefits. For example, unique design, compatibility on browsers, smooth experience, regular updates, mobile responsiveness, etc. a reference range for website themes can be anywhere starting from $160, and a professional logo can be from $250.

Additional Features

Features such as live chat and UPI integration are important to be incorporated and they cost money to set up. To receive money from the purchases your customers make, you will need to set up a payment gateway. Overall, setting up all of the important features can add cost depending on features to your eCommerce development cost in India.

Site Content

Your site content is an extremely crucial factor for determining the success of your online platform. Words, images, videos, illustrations, etc. all play a role in conveying your business offers to the audience. The more clear and persuasive the content and copy, the better the chances for conversion. Moreover, the content plays a major role in adding to the brand’s personality and creating trust among the visitors. Above all, SEO can help majorly in ranking your site on search engines like Google, in turn generating more income. An expert writer can add starting from $1500 to your eCommerce development cost in India.

Ecommerce website development cost in India


Website Maintenance & Responsiveness

Website maintenance is needed to ensure that your site works perfectly at all times. It’s a non-negotiable expense that one must incur to maintain a healthy eCommerce site for visitors to come to. On average, it starts anywhere from $1000 per year in India.

The other aspect to pay attention to is the responsiveness of the website. More than half the traffic on most sites comes from mobile phones. Consequently, websites need to look good while having a clean interface on all devices including desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc. A responsive site ensures your site looks good on all platforms. Type of website, features & functions, number of pages, etc all impact the responsiveness. For an already built website, you need anywhere between $500 – $2000. However, for a blog, or portfolio site, it starts from $300 rupees to $500. And finally, the cost of making an eCommerce website can start from $2000 onwards.

Why You Should Pick A Good eCommerce Website Development Packages In 2024?

Although you might think building a website by yourself could be a cost-effective option, the truth might be different. Hiring a professional company to help you with your eCommerce development needs could work better for you in the long run. A professional web development company/agency will have the expertise to help you select the right kind of website suited to your business. Moreover, experts will know exactly where not to waste your money based on your specific needs. The following reasons will help in deciding better:

  • It will save you your time, energy, and money in the long run and lower your eCommerce website development cost in India or elsewhere.
  • It will save you time from having to learn different available options for every little technical aspect of building the site, thus saving you from learning exhaustion.
  • Overall efficiency and effectiveness will be much higher if professionals take over the job
  • You will get consistent support and maintenance which will ensure your site runs perfectly well at all times.

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