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ERP Software Price In Dubai

ERP software price in Dubai

An Insight Into ERP Software Price In Dubai

With Dubai being one of the emerging technology hubs, several companies are beginning to expand their operations to this city. If your business is one of these, you are probably wondering how you can ensure that your business operates smoothly. Implementing an ERP system is one of the perfect ways to do this. To implement one successfully, first, you need to understand how to determine ERP software prices in Dubai.

Since every organization is unique, there is no one size fits all ERP solution. Because of this, there is a considerable variation in ERP software costs in Dubai. In this blog post, we will first look at different types of ERP and how they differ in price. We will then go through the steps to implement an ERP solution and the average cost at each stage.

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Calculating ERP Software Price In Dubai

Once you decide on a software provider, they will implement your ERP in different stages. We can divide ERP software prices in Dubai into what it will cost you at each phase.

Phases of ERP SoftwareCost
Research and designAED 35,000 – AED 55,000
Module developmentAED 5,00,000 (with 5 modules)
Interconnecting systemsAED 35,000 – AED 1,45,000
Data migrationAED 30,000
System testAED 55,000
Deployment and trainingAED 35,000
Total costAED 6,90,000 –8,20,000
Average costAED 7,55,000

Breakdown Of ERP Software Price In Dubai

1. Research And Design

In this first stage, business analysts will ask you detailed questions to get a full understanding of your processes. In order to answer them effectively, you need to know exactly what your objectives are. This foundational step will help you choose among the different types of ERP that are out there.

Based on the information you give the business analysts, they will make a note of your software requirements. Then, UI/UX designers will create mockups and, after your approval, will build the software architecture. This process takes around four to seven weeks. It will cost you between AED 35,000 and AED 55,000.

2. Module Development

The next step is to develop the different modules of your ERP. Your organization’s requirement will determine how many modules your ERP has, as well as the platform that your developers will choose. These two factors will, in turn, determine the cost of this stage. On average, one module costs AED 1,00,000. This stage will require from anywhere between two weeks to a month.

3. Interconnecting Systems

Next, developers have to construct the interface that you and your employees will engage with. This interface has to ensure that all the different modules are linked to each other, and that you can access and manipulate all your data. Your developers will use APIs (Application Programming Interface) to connect all of the modules. This stage will take you about two to three weeks. The cost of labor will affect the total cost of this stage. You will have to pay anywhere from AED 35,000 to AED 1,45,000.

breakdown of ERP software price in Dubai

4. Data Migration

Once you set up your new interface, it’s time to move all your data to the new system. Unfortunately, this isn’t as quick and easy as it might sound. You need to plan carefully and decide which data to keep. Your old system may contain duplicate or even incorrect information. At this stage, you should ensure that all your data is cleaned up.

This phase takes about two weeks, and you will need to shell out about AED 30,000. The final cost will broadly depend on whether you are migrating from your servers to the cloud or vice versa.

5. System Test

Before you can start using your shiny new ERP software, you have to make sure that it is functioning properly. After all, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises once it is in place! Testing also adds to the ERP software price in Dubai. Quality assurance experts typically run diagnostic tests while developers are building the ERP system.

You can also have some of your employees use the system for their day to day activities. This will allow you to see how the new system interacts with your business processes. It will also help you test your migrated data and give you a headstart on training your workers. The total cost of testing your software will be around AED 55,000.

6. Deployment And Training

Finally, your ERP software is ready to go live! You can choose to deploy your new system module by module or all at once. In the initial days, you may have some issues that you will need to troubleshoot. It will take some time for your employees to adjust to the new software. This is where training comes in.

You would usually train your employees at the same time that you deploy your ERP system. How long it takes will hinge on how many employees you have. For a mid-sized company, it will take you between two and four weeks. The cost of training also depends on the number of employees, but we can estimate that you will have to pay about AED 35,000.

You have to remember that the figures above are an approximation and that your total cost will vary depending on your specific needs. We recommend that you do thorough research before investing in a new ERP software. Talk to your potential service providers and make sure that they can deliver exactly what you need.

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