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ERP Software Price In India

ERP software price in India

Overview On ERP Software Price In India

Before deciding whether or not you should get ERP software, you should find out if your company can actually afford it. Knowing the current ERP software price in India is one of the most crucial steps in deciding whether you should go with ERP or opt for some other solution such as a standalone CRM or some manufacturing program.

Several factors can determine the cost of ERP software such as features, users, deployment, and implementation tactics. Here, we are going to discuss a few relevant details to give you a better idea.

Average Cost Of ERP Software In India – Exploring In 2024

ERP software price ranges between INR 8,00,000 to INR 1,00,00,000 depending on several factors in India. The factors like users, add-ons and implementation have the highest impact on ERP software price. Other crucial aspects that can influence the cost are software upgrades, long-term software maintenance, staff training, customer support and much more.

Before you get an ERP solution, it is important that you gain a good enough understanding of what goes into the ERP software price.

You should also recognize the standard features, which are often added to an “out of the box” ERP package. You should note that the specific capabilities and availability of the necessary ERP functionalities can vary from one vendor to another. So, you should also take into account the cost of add-ons for the particular system you will purchase.

For instance, let’s say you need logistics or transportation functionality in the program. Now, Vendor A may provide that functionality as part of the base package, but Vendor B may provide that same functionality as a third-party integration or add-on to the base package.

PlansSmall Business ERP PlanMedium Business ERP PlanEnterprise SEO ERP PlanLarge Enterprise ERP Plan
PricesRs.8 Lakhs($10,000) to Rs.24 Lakhs($30,000)Rs.24 Lakhs($30,000) to Rs.72 Lakhs($90,000)Rs.72 Lakhs($90,000) to Rs.2.16 Crores($270,000)Rs.2.16 Crores($270,000) to Rs.5 Crores($600,000)
UsersUp to 50Up to 200Up to 1000Above 1000
TurnoversBelow $50 million$200 million$600 millionAbove$1 billion

Standard Modules Included in A Base ERP System

1. Financial Management/Accounting

This includes functionalities for handling tasks such as balancing general ledgers, maintaining accounts receivables and payables, reconciling transactions and bank accounts, and performing real-time reporting to improve task automation and centralization.

2. Human Resource Management

A crucial component of ERP software price in India, HR related functionalities help you streamline employee benefits, payroll, PTO, certification and more as part of the same solution.

3. Inventory Management

Inventory management is all about finding stock in real-time and establishing minimum quantities for obtaining notifications as soon as goods reach the minimum amount.

Modules of ERP System

4. Customer Relationship Management

CRM functionalities of an ERP solution helps you keep tabs on customer reviews, client satisfaction rates, lead generations, and client/customer interactions.

5. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools help you build email campaigns, boost customer retention, improve ROI, and a lot more.

A Word On Open Source ERP

When researching the various types of ERP systems, you should certainly check out open source ERP. Open source ERP systems make their source code publicly available, allowing companies to access the system’s code so that they can customize it as per their individual needs. This way, open source ERP systems help you save money on licensing and vendor customization services. Some vendors may also offer fee-based monthly subscriptions. Open source ERP comes with vendor independence, community support, and flexible customization options.

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Factors To Determine ERP Software Price In India

When browsing through the wide array of options in ERP software, you need to consider the various factors that end up determining the cost. The TCO or total cost of ownership for a comprehensive ERP solution can be fairly hefty. However, as we mentioned earlier, the exact rate may vary from one vendor to another based on the features and functionalities. Here are some of the common factors that influence the price of ERP software in India:

1. Number Of Users

One of the first things you need to consider when determining ERP software cost is the number of users that will have access to the program. Many ERP vendors charge customers on the basis of users. That means the more people use the ERP system, the more expensive it gets.

When accounting for the cost of users, you need to take into account both current users and new users that you may need to add as your business grows. When talking to vendors, make sure you ask them about their pricing policy and whether they charge per user.

2. Customization/Add-Ons

When it comes to ERP solutions, configurations, customizations, and program add-ons are not cheap. You need to find a system that fulfills most (if not all) of your core needs through the out-of-box features and functionalities. A number of vendors provide third-party integrations and add-ons as well as the option to incorporate certain modules for improved functionality of the program. These additional capabilities come with an added cost, but the exact rate will depend on your choice of vendor and the base package.

3. Implementation Strategy

Based on the technical prowess of your internal team, you may want to consult an ERP expert to make the ERP implementation process smooth and hassle-free. Many vendors offer this as an additional support, which may include installation and employee training.

If you are working with an ERP system for the first time, you will need a dedicated technical assistant to oversee the whole thing. You can either go for support services offered by the vendor or contact an ERP consultation service.

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