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ERP Systems Examples In 2024

ERP System Examples

The Best ERP Systems Examples In 2024

In this day and age, running a business without extensive help from technology is virtually impossible. You have to manage everything from inventory to money to people, and there are just too many moving parts. The best kind of software to help you manage all of these parts is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. To make things easier for you, we at iTrobes have put together a list of five ERP systems examples that you can use to better manage your business.

It is important to use an ERP system because it allows you to bring together data from different aspects of your business, in turn allowing you to formulate an actionable plan for the future. In general, ERP software will help you with day-to-day business activities such as supply chain management, accounting, procurement, and project management. However, different ERP systems have different offerings. Some will be able to help you manage all your financial data, while others will be able to give you a more detailed look at your inventory.

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Here Are Some ERP Systems Examples

1. Oracle ERP Cloud

Our ERP systems examples start with one from software giant Oracle. This tool is flexible enough that it can be configured to be used by any company, regardless of size and industry. It consists of a collection of applications that use AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to make your everyday tasks easier, by automating them. These applications can help you with: financials, accounting, procurement, project portfolio management, risk management, and supply chain management.


An integrated dashboard allows you to track and supervise all of your operations in real time. In addition to this, it offers the translation of numbers, dates, names, and addresses into 26 different languages, making it easier for you to manage your international operations.


Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a cheap option, this isn’t it. ERP software prices are higher when you have more complex functionality, which is the case with Oracle ERP Cloud. Another drawback is that this ERP software example does not come with a mobile app.

2. Acumatica Cloud ERP

Our second ERP systems example is from Acumatica. This software is less expensive than Oracle ERP Cloud, and it is perfect for small and medium-sized companies in a range of industries. Acumatia has expertise in fields such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, retail, and e-commerce. Their ERP software can help you with: financial management, order management, commerce management, and even CRM (customer relationship management).


This software allows you to migrate your data from your old ERP system, making the transition easier. It also supports multiple currencies and languages. In addition to this, it allows you to manage any warranty offers you might have made to your customers.


The only real drawback is that they do not offer free trials. We recommend that you read reviews and talk to people who have used this ERP system before. Since you can’t try it out for yourself, you’ll just have to trust them!


3. BizAutomation

Like our last ERP systems example, BizAutomation is best for small and medium-sized businesses. They cater to various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce. This ERP software aims to address all your business needs within one system. Instead of having multiple applications with different functionalities, you can find all your business solutions in one place. The main features include project management, price management, time and expense management, material resource planning, sales order management, and multi-channel integration.


BizAutomation is far cheaper than most of its competitors and brings you a lot of functionality such as advanced filters that let you perform global and structured searches.


Unfortunately, there is no mobile application to help you manage your business on the go. In addition to this, there is no active community where you can ask questions and get help with any problems that might crop up.


This ERP software is suitable for businesses of any size and is moderately priced. Like Oracle ERP Cloud, it uses AI, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technology to help make your organisation more efficient. It is best for large organisations but can be used regardless of the size of your company. The primary features of this software are asset management, procurement, financial management, order and contract management, and supply chain management.


The use of machine learning allows you to monitor and manage your inventory efficiently. It also helps you analyse sales performance, and lets you put in place various programmes to incentivise salespeople.


SAP S/4 HANA has a very long installation process. In addition to this, you need to open different windows to perform different tasks, which can be tiresome.

5. Oracle NetSuite ERP

This ERP system is designed for dynamic businesses that are growing and changing quickly. It is scalable and customisable to the extent that you can create your own applications. This makes it perfect for businesses of any size. The key features of this ERP system are order and production management, financial planning, warehouse and distribution management, and procurement.


It offers a wide range of functionality and customisation for a relatively low price. It also offers built-in business intelligence tools that allow you to visualise data to help you create robust action plans.


Like Acumatica Cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite ERP does not offer a free trial, leaving you dependent on ratings and reviews. In addition to this, the iOS version of this system does not work well, tending to shut down automatically.

Streamline Your Business Operations With Our Cutting-Edge ERP Systems

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