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Example Of A Web Application

Example of a web application

Decoding Web Development Through The Example Of Web Application

Businesses today greatly depend on web applications in some way or the other for their everyday operations. When you want to think of an example of a web application, you can think of a wide range of tools, most of which you would have used at some point in your work life. Applications such as webmail, spreadsheets, word processors, etc all fall under this category. File scanning, file conversions, and video/photo editing tools are applications too. And finally, popular email programs like Gmail and yahoo and different instant messaging services are also some of the common examples. The more you think about everyday tools you’ve been using, the longer the list of examples will be.

So, What Is An Example Of A Web Application We All Know?

One of the most attractive qualities of good web applications is that they allow users and different team members to work together on the same set of documents. A shared online calendar is a simple example of this. Further, the increasing need for web use on mobiles/tablets has led to the advancement we witness in web applications today. Web development services are now in great demand with more and more developers creating mobile apps that connect with the internet and benefit both: companies and their customers. Examples include online retail sales and auctions, shopping carts, online banking, and many more, all of which you can also use on your mobile apps.

Examples of web applications like these are many. Most of us have either heard of or used them at some point in our lives. Let’s look at some of the iTrobes’ most favorite ones:

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5 Great Web Applications Examples

1. Microsoft Office

No surprise we are beginning our list with this web application example. This is an example that all of us know closely since our childhood days. Although originally, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) had to be installed onto the computers, it has now become a popular online tool with all of the above suite options available as web apps. Collaboration is now convenient as multiple users, especially teams can work on shared files online. Besides the web app version, you can also download the mobile and desktop apps for working seamlessly across all platforms.

2. Trello

You must have probably heard of or worked with Trello. If you don’t know about it, this web application basically replaced post-its with digital solutions very neatly and made organizing and tracking tasks easy. It’s a great tool when working in big teams as it enables team collaboration through effective management and virtual communication. For most web apps, the collaboration feature is kind of an important one and since Trello got that right, it is one successful example of a web application.

3. Google Docs

One of the most popular ones, Google workspace, is a great example of a web application that most people love using. It is primarily used for creating collaboratively, while automatically saving your documents. One of its great features is that you can use it even without the internet, with the offered feature of synching once the connection is back. It is super user-friendly and can be used on any operating system or any device. It’s also available as mobile app downloads.

4. Slack

Most workplace groups seem to be relying on Slack for communicating with their different teams and departments all in one place. Slack is like a messaging app on steroids. It is equipped with robust features that allow you to chat one-on-one and in groups. You can upload and share files, create custom emojis, audio/video calls and do a lot more. The free version itself is so good that most people end up using it for a while before they feel the need to shift to the paid version.

Example of a web app

5. Canva

Canva is one easy-to-use web application example for visual creators. Canva’s vision is to bring graphic design to a website. It was founded in 2012 and has upgraded itself with quite a few user-friendly features making it easy for beginners to get started. This application offers online services like creating presentations, posters, simple animations, and many more such features all of which non-experts can learn to use and work with. One thing that worked well for Canva was knowing that their target audience includes those who are either beginners or those who create visuals only occasionally with not as high an expectation. Currently, it does not strongly compete with Adobe Creative Suite but who knows what it plans for the future.

Estimating The Potential Of Investing In A Similar Web App For Your Company

Now that you read through our list of some of the good web apps, which is your favorite example of web application? Everyone has their personal biases and therefore choices vary greatly. It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect web app that solves all your problems and is loved by everyone in the team equally at the same time. This is where custom software development comes in. The web application development journey began a long time ago and its future seems to be endless with plenty of room for advancement and customization.

Over the course of time, increased dependence on internet usage among individuals and companies has greatly impacted the way businesses run. This has led to widespread adoption of web development services, with custom software development being in high demand. Companies are beginning to shift from traditional models and choosing applications that give them the ability to automate and streamline their everyday operations, leading to increased efficiency and lower costs. The apps that are currently available for everyone to use, such as online apps for email clients, spreadsheets, word processors, etc all provide more or less similar functionalities and can help companies very well in the beginning. However, if you have specific problems and want to work with applications built solely for catering to your business needs in the long run, custom software development would work best for you.

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Hire Quality Web Development For Optimal Business Solutions

Quality-driven web development services will ensure you get web apps designed specifically to solve your pain points while offering your users the look and feel of a mobile app on tablets/phones, all with a touch of your brand identity. The features in the apps that offer offline access and automatically perform re-syncing once the user is back online are great functionality-wise and can be included in yours too. Plus, web apps can be less costly and easier to build than mobile apps if done correctly by the right professionals. This makes them an attractive alternative for many businesses.

Like most successful businesses, if you’re also thinking about building a web app for your company, get in touch with our experts at iTrobes. They have years of experience in building and maintaining such applications with various possibilities of customization, tailored for your requirements. Let our team help your business reach its highest potential by using tools that are bound to benefit you, your company, and your customers; all of it without putting a dent in your wallet. Get in touch now!