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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fitness App In 2024?

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Estimating The Cost Of Fitness App Development In India

Awareness of fitness and nutrition has exponentially increased in past years. According to several surveys, people in India are adopting fitness practices at an increasing rate of 12% per annum. Therefore, the scope for fitness app builders is also rising in India. But only scope does not work in business.

The developers should have strategic planning, especially when we are taking cost as a parameter. The cost of developing a full-fledged fitness app can range between Rs.20000 and Rs.100000, but it depends on several factors. So, how can you estimate the right fitness app development cost? Let’s have a comprehensive discussion on it.

How Much Does A Fitness App Development Company Spend?

Development Platform

The cost of creating a fitness app is influenced by the development methodology selected. The expenses vary depending on whether you choose cross-platform, iOS, or Android development.

Cross-platform development has the benefit of supporting several platforms with a single codebase, potentially lowering long-term maintenance costs, even if designing for a single platform like Android or iOS can initially seem more cost-effective.

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Cost For Several Features

An app for fitness has several aspects that enhance its use and attractiveness. Estimating a budget requires knowledge of the time and financial consequences of integrating these elements. Let’s examine a few key features, together with the expenses and timeframes for their development.

Login And Sign Up Form Integration

To collect the user data your app must contain a login or sign-up portal. The form can be OTP-based or hosting-based. Elementary or hosting-based forms are comparatively cheaper than OTP-based sign-ups.

Average Cost: ₹8000 to ₹20000

Push Notifications

A Business owner always tries to engage their customers with attractive notifications and messages so that they frequently visit the app. It improves the chances of conversions and purchases. However, integrating software for notification requires additional costs.

Average cost: ₹1900 to ₹17000

Calorie Nutrition Feature

A Fitness App must require daily and frequent updates about the person’s diet, burnt calories, and nutritional facts. This is a customized feature and requires strong investment for creating a useful app.

Average cost: ₹60000 to ₹100000

GPS And API Integration

Whether it is fitness or any other, location tracking is now a common feature available in all apps. Therefore, to beat the competition and create a helpful app for your customers you need to integrate a GPS API.

Average Cost: ₹20000 to ₹30000

Fitness App Development Cost based on Features

Workout Plans

Habits and goal trackers help the user to consistently improve their workout plans and provide a positive impression towards the app. Therefore, you need to integrate workout plan features to your app that modify automatically according to the schedule.

Average cost: ₹25000 to ₹50000


What if the user gets a reward every time he/she accomplishes a goal? This will be a wonderful approach to maintaining interactiveness with the user and improving chances of conversion. Therefore, you need to have gamification features in your app.

Average Cost: ₹20000 to ₹75000

App Features Cost
Push Notifications₹1900 to ₹17000
Login and Sign up Form Integration₹8000 to ₹20000
GPS and API integration ₹20000 to ₹30000
Gamification₹20000 to ₹75000
Calorie Nutrition Feature₹60000 to ₹100000

UI And UX Development

To keep users interested, a fitness app has to have an eye-catching design and aesthetics. Businesses and entrepreneurs occasionally question how much money it takes to produce an app similar to Snapchat, which has such an eye-catching design and feature set. Therefore, one may build an engaging user experience in a fitness app by drawing inspiration from that app and utilizing vibrant visuals, animations, and other design features. An application’s overall cost may be impacted by its design. Your app designer could take longer if they have to make intricate screens and detail the designs. Once more, the price of developing a prototype differs from the price of a visual design.

Inhouse Vs Outsourcing Cost

You might not have the necessary knowledge for both iOS and Android if you intend to build native apps for both platforms. As a result, you have to recruit new staff, which might be more expensive than you had anticipated. Look into hiring app developers for your mobile fitness application.

On the contrary, you can save a huge amount by outsourcing the fitness app development task to an expert mobile app development company in India. Here are some costs that you can reduce by outsourcing your project.

Asset Cost
Building Infrastructure ₹300000 to ₹500000
Hiring Developers ₹50000 to ₹250000 ( per month)
Rental or Possession Of Space ₹25000 to ₹100000( per month)

Analyzing Fitness App Development Cost Based On Complexity

Simple Fitness App

An app for basic fitness that includes key functions like logging workouts, showing you how to perform exercises, and measuring your progress should start at ₹200000.

Intermidiate Fitness App

An app with further features, such as social network integration and food monitoring, should start around Rs 350000.

Advanced App

You may expect the beginning range to be $50,000 and over if your concept involves developing a full fitness platform with cutting-edge functionality, wearables integration, and considerable customization.

Tips To Reduce Health And Fitness App Development Costs In India

  • Inhouse building of an app can result in higher cost value. Therefore, outsourcing app development can be a better idea.
  • Hiring freelancers to develop and maintain the app can reduce costs in many ways.
  • Validation is important to evaluate mobile app development costs in India. Therefore, you can consult with a premium mobile app development company in India to validate your app before launch.It can save you a lot in terms of future expenses and maintenance charges.
  • Create an MVP(minimum viable product) version of your app so that you can save on testing.
  • Research your target audience and ensure a proper product-to-market fit for sustainability.

Hire Professionals To Build Your Fitness App

In summary, estimating the right cost for fitness app development depends on several factors. Therefore, a deep understanding and proper execution are required to build a fully functional and interactive fitness app in India. If you are facing problems at any point in app development, connect with experts like iTrobes consultants for guidance.

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