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Food delivery app development company in India

Food delivery app development company in India

Finding the right food delivery app development company for you

In light of the recent pandemic, the number of people getting food delivered to their homes has soared. It is, of course, safer to stay at home and have no contact with the world outside, but it seems like food delivery is here to stay, even once the pandemic ends. Large companies like Swiggy and Zomato have now become household names. The word “Swiggy” has become almost synonymous with “ordering food”. You probably open one of these apps whenever you’re lazy and you don’t feel like cooking.

You may be intimidated by the success of these companies, and you might think that you don’t stand a chance in the food delivery business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Skyrocketing demand ensures that there is room for smaller companies as well. In this article, we will look at some things you need to keep in mind for food delivery app development, which will help you when you are choosing a food delivery app development company.

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What are the different kinds of food delivery apps?

Food delivery app development is a little more complex than it might seem at first glance. There are mainly two different types of apps in the market – food aggregator apps and new delivery apps. The first thing you need to do is decide which of these you want to build and communicate your preference to the food delivery app development company of your choice.

Food aggregator apps

Food aggregator apps act as a sort of marketplace, where customers can find different restaurants and order food and beverages from them. If you build this kind of app, you act as the mediator, helping restaurants and customers to connect. You do not have to hire any delivery people, because the actual deliveries are fulfilled by the restaurants themselves. This will work well if the restaurants you are going to partner with have enough capital to be able to hire a distribution service of their own. While building a food aggregator app, you will need to have two different versions – one for customers and one for restaurants.

Food delivery app development company in India

New delivery apps

New delivery apps, on the other hand, require you to fulfill deliveries. This kind of business model can be helpful to small restaurants, which may not have the resources to hire dedicated delivery people. Swiggy is an example of a new delivery app. They hire distribution partners so that the restaurants you order from just need to prepare the food, package it, and hand it over. In this case, you will need to have three versions of the app – one for individuals, one for restaurants, and one for delivery partners.

Food delivery app development costs in India can vary from 3,00,000 INR to 8,00,000 INR, depending on the design, features, and functionality that you want to include in your app. As you would expect, the app development cost of a food aggregator is less than that of a new delivery app, because of the number of versions that need to be built.

When it comes to choosing a food delivery app development company, take a look at the portfolios of the companies you have shortlisted.

This will give you a sense of the kind of work that you can expect from them. You can understand the kinds of challenges they faced and how they dealt with problems. It is important to keep in mind that a food delivery app development company will often work on other kinds of projects as well. It is very rare to see an app development company that focuses on only one kind of app. Go over the past projects of your shortlisted companies and see if you feel like they will be able to deliver the design and functionality that you require.

Make sure you choose a food delivery app development company that can build you…

A user-friendly interface

This is extremely important to ensure that your customers feel comfortable using your product. If the interface is complicated and confusing, most users will not bother to stick around. You also have to make sure that your app loads fast enough. In this day and age customers can be very impatient. If your product is slow, they will switch over to another one without a second thought. You may even have done this yourself!

A way to track orders

Before the internet, when you would order pizza on the phone, you would have no way of knowing exactly how long it would take for your food to reach you. Now, however, customers automatically assume that they will be able to track their food orders in real time. This feature is also important for delivery people because it makes their job much easier. Instead of trying to locate an address, they can simply use a GPS tracking system to find their way from the restaurant to the order location.

Food delivery app development service in India

A secure payment gateway

For your customers to trust you, you have to make sure that you provide them with an online payment method that keeps their bank and card details confidential, and does not leave them vulnerable to fraud. Needless to say, customers will lose trust in any app that does not have a secure payment gateway. This is also important for restaurants, in case a customer tries to use an expired card or does not have enough funds in their bank account.

You should also make sure that the food delivery app development company that you choose builds your app in such a way that your customers can pay in different ways. Some people prefer to pay by card, while others prefer a bank transfer or even cash on delivery.

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