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The Future Of Web Development

Future of web development

The Future And Scope Of Web Development

Every single day, there are almost 5,47,200 new websites that are being created and launched globally. It is also estimated that 1.7 billion websites exist to date. Businesses today have started exploring the potential and power of marketing over digital means and thus are going for the future of web development with constant optimization efforts to stand as their virtual marketing agent even in their absence. Comprehensive knowledge of technology stack, User Interface, and User Experience is what it takes to build an effective operational site. Although, it is not enough.

The mechanics, technology, and nuances of web development are constantly updating each day. Any developer who gives life to a new website should have a long-term vision and hence should be aware of what is in store and scope for the future.

1. AI All The Way

Artificial Intelligence was once just a buzz word and now it is almost indispensable in all walks of life including web design and development services.

Chatbots are now integrated into almost every website that is programmed to feel almost like you’re texting a real person who is helping you with your queries from the other side. There is a lot more scope for it in the future as follows:

  • Real-time emotion analytics of the user as they browse through a section or interact with your website content.
  • Machine learning and deep learning can help you better your SEO services without having to do a lot of things that you do now.
  • Building custom websites with increased UI, UX considerations that are based on a real-time repository of abundant amounts of data. In fact, GRID is one of the current advancements which simplifies the web development process and can self-initiate content-based development of a whole page; No templates or codes involved but just a basic set of instructions.
  • Artificial Design Intelligence commonly called ADI can customize the look and feel of a site with all the UI considerations in a matter of minutes for which any usual developer might take months of trial and error.
  • Enhance digital consumer experience in ways we can’t even comprehend today.

Join Us On A Journey Into The Future

2. Virtual Reality? A Definite Yes

VR is basically a huge snowball that rolled out of nowhere and yet has drowned us all in awe. In the future, every single website might have a 3D outlook that the customer can walk around like in a retail store to browse through the content that is made interactive.

Imagine how much it would change the eCommerce market if VR has a try on your option with a mirror in front of them that they can just use to try the things they choose on them. If by any chance, you claim yourself to be the top web development company, you should keep looking out for these innovations that happen around. Grab the opportunity before everybody else to offer VR website design and development services!

Even today almost every product that is showcased online is slowly integrated with a 360-degree video to give out the full look and feel of it.

The future and scope of web development

3. Security As The Core Focus: Blockchain Might Be The Mantra

The current predictions in the industry are that blockchain might be a revolution in the future of secure web development. Data theft is one of the issues that continue to grow with time exponentially. People are now starting to act upon it and high security especially in online cash transactions is going to be the prime focus in the decade to come.

Blockchain is already utilized for data management in the banking sector. Since our internet browsing data is also deemed sensitive to our privacy now, blockchain might be adapted for our web development services as well in the near future.

4. PWA, AMP, And IoT

Progressive Web Applications is a functionality that enables web pages to load instantly without lags, delays, or wait times despite the network strength or the browser choice. They provide a reliable user experience and can potentially increase session timings and reduce bounce rates without having any issues like cache memory. It is served via an HTTP URL and also potentially prevents content snooping or data tampering or thefts. Internet Of Things is basically a lot of new physical devices that are all connected to the internet. They have been emerging at a faster rate that is beyond comprehension. Even the smartwatches now are being developed with accessibility to browse for various queries. Web developers might ideally have to take these into consideration to make their site responsive across all of these.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are similar to PWA but here mobile devices are of predominant focus. AMPs require continuous optimization, testing, and performance monitoring to deliver a satisfactory user experience to the customers, be it any mobile that they use.

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The Future Is Not Waiting For A Tomorrow…

As we keep talking about what’s in store for the future, significant breakthroughs are already happening simultaneously. Waiting for the community to adapt to something that’s trending is not what a top web development company should ideally do. If you want to establish yourself as a pioneer in the market, then don’t stand around waiting for the innovation bus to give you a ride. Drive your efforts and get there yourself. Always keep an eye open on the current industrial updates. Because that’s the only way for your business to thrive even if automation in web development takes an upper hand.