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Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

Healthcare app development

A Brief Overview of Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

The invention of smartphones has ushered in a new era in business, and every industry has been touched by this. It is especially true for the healthcare industry, which has undergone a massive transformation over the last few years. Healthcare mobile app development has not only changed the way people seek medical attention or communicate with healthcare professionals, but it has also affected and altered the ways the various components of the healthcare sector operate. Here, we are going to talk about healthcare mobile app development and its impact.

What is Healthcare Mobile App Development?

Simply put, healthcare mobile app development involves building apps that cater to the healthcare and wellness sector. Such an app can be informative and help people manage certain conditions better or it can help patients connect with healthcare professionals. There are apps for healthcare professionals as well. For example, there are apps for medical billing and coding, practice management, and various other activities that help to manage a healthcare provider’s operations better.

A healthcare mobile app development company is an app development firm that specializes in building applications for the healthcare sector. They are known for building user-friendly and highly functional apps that not only simplify various processes but also improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike. A good healthcare mobile app can:

  • Improve data gathering
  • Provide timely first-aid or medical attention regardless of the patient’s/doctor’s location
  • Minimize mistakes
  • Reduce costs for both patients and healthcare organizations
  • Improve communications between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Provide features that help the medical staff save time

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Healthcare Mobile App Development Market

In 2020, the mobile health market was valued at more than $45 billion. That is a fairly impressive number for a young industry. Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people sought medical attention. Social distancing rules and overcrowding at hospitals and clinics made mobile health apps necessary. The pandemic triggered such a drastic surge in the market that experts projected the mobile health market to reach $100 billion value by the end of 2021. 

Besides nearly doubling the market value, the COVID-19 pandemic has had other crucial impacts on healthcare mobile app development. For instance, since the start of the pandemic, the rate of healthcare app downloads has increased by 60% around the world. On the other hand, mobile health apps have significantly improved various aspects of the healthcare industry. For example, 74% of hospitals that rely on mobile health apps are more efficient, 42% of patients prefer scheduling appointments online using mobile apps, and 43% of healthcare professionals use mobile apps to access patient data.

health care mobile app development

Types of Mobile Healthcare Apps

Healthcare mobile app development services are known for building a wide range of mobile healthcare apps. Healthcare mobile apps can be divided into two primary categories – apps for healthcare facilities and professionals and apps for patients. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the apps in both these categories.

Apps for Medical Facilities and Healthcare Professionals

These apps aim to bring value to doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical staff. The healthcare mobile app design for these apps tends to be quite complex because the apps typically have advanced features. Some of these apps include:

Billing Apps

The goal of billing apps is to streamline the entire billing process. These apps also digitize various operations such as accounting, claims management, patient registration, and payment processing.

Medical Networking

Since doctors and physicians tend to be busier than the average individual, they rarely have time to get on social media. However, even they feel the need to connect with other professionals in their sector and increase their network. Networking apps not only help healthcare professionals to share their expertise, but they actually help in the decision-making process.


Medical Prescription Apps

Prescription apps help physicians choose the right drugs for patients, pack them into convenient lists, and set dosages. These apps allow healthcare professionals to cancel prescriptions at any time. Patients can easily show these online prescriptions at the pharmacy and get their required medicines.

Telehealth Apps

Healthcare mobile app design services mostly deal with telehealth or telemedicine apps. These apps help to book appointments and provide online consultation using in-app video calls or messaging features. Telemedicine apps are highly useful and beneficial for both doctors and patients. These apps have reduced “no-shows” by around 50%.

Medical Record Apps

Medical record apps are designed to simplify the process of collecting and updating patients’ health records, which can include vital indicators such as blood pressure, temperature, and so on, prescriptions, medical exams, appointments, and other information. Having easy access to patient records can help physicians to track the treatment process better.

Health care mobile app development services

Apps for Patients

This one is pretty self-explanatory. These apps are intended to make the lives of patients easier by offering them quick access to medical information, medical care, and professional consultation. A healthcare mobile app design company that specializes in building apps for patients can work on various apps including:

Health Monitoring Apps

These apps typically have features that help to check symptoms, offer treatment advice, or give advice on medicine intake. They may also help to manage existing chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer, and more.

Medical Education Apps

The primary goal behind creating these apps is to build a reliable database with up-to-date information related to the medical industry. These apps can be useful for medical students, healthcare professionals, and general users who want to know about various topics related to diseases, treatment, or healthcare.


Empower Your Healthcare Services With Our Cutting-Edge Mobile App Solutions

Medication Trackers

These apps have become quite popular in the healthcare mobile app development market. The primary goal of these apps is to help people take their medicines on time. They include simple scheduling and reminding features. The apps can also help to track the availability of certain medications across pharmacies in an area or help people buy from the source that is cheapest.

These are some of the most common types of healthcare mobile apps present today. The mobile app development cost for each of these apps can vary widely based on the features the app offers. If you are looking to build a healthcare mobile app, you should check out iTrobes, a leading software and mobile app development company in India. With a dedicated app development team and a special focus on telemedicine app development, iTrobes is the right choice for healthcare app development.