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How Much Does an App’s Cost for Your Business?

how much cost to make an app for your business

Worried About Doing Your Mobile Application Development Under Your Budget?

Happens to the best of us. Economical side of things is something that we pay careful attention to before getting started on giving shape to our ideas. The challenge is not to develop a cheap application but it is rather to develop quality applications within the economical boundaries that you set. All you need is an experienced mobile application development company in the picture that can help you achieve your vision while also not quoting you with costs that shoot up through the roof.

We are talking about a company rather than individual developers or freelancers here because of the added reliability that they present you with. Since companies follow a set pattern of working in place, it would be easy for you as well to understand the correct turn-around times along with other expectation settings in a crystal-clear format.

The Various Factors that you Need to Weight in Before you Understand the Application Development cost

1. Turn-Around Time

Even the simplest of applications will take at least a minimum of three to six months for complete development and this would cost you anywhere between 20 to 25 lakhs. There are a lot of things to cover like your initial framework, graphic interface designing, strategy, code and developmental execution of features and functionality, market research. But also, the hand-over time for our app development depends on the complexity of your framework. It might even take 10+ months and go even close to a year if you have too many tech innovations in place to build and develop from scratch. Your overall iOS app development might even escalate up to 50 lakhs or a crore.

For example, even the most common features like geo-detection of a user’s location and API integration of maps might take around 40-60 hours to complete. Every last feature will take its own set time and you should think of the charges it would come up to before asking your developer to put it all in.

Looking For App Development Cost Breakdown

2. A Region Where you Hire your Resources and the Type of Resource

In India, the hourly charges for an application development might come somewhere around 2000 INR (25$). But in first-world countries, the charges might go as high as 8000 to 12,000 INR an hour. (50-150$). This is the reason why countries like the US outsource their requirements to Indian developers where can get maximum quality outputs for the vision they set in place while also covering it under their budget. But the efficiency of the overall development depends upon the company that you hire. Someone like iTrobes might be everything you are looking for.

3. Features, Functionality, and Complexities

Every single field, button placement, logic, and action inside your application differ in the complexity that they come with on the back-end side of things. It is always a better option to have software consulting services overlooking your entire framework. This will help you reduce the redundancy in the features that you finally employ. There might be a million ideas that you can come up with and even the best of them might not resonate with the market as much.

So you need an expert who can envision the usability of the functionalities that you have in the pipeline and test them out with a set of volunteer user base before integrating it into your application. This is why even the most established applications like Instagram or Facebook constantly give a beta update for any new feature for a specific set of users to trial with before their actual launch for the public.

how much does it cost to make an app for your business

4. Platform of Choice

Hybrid app development is your ideal choice if you are looking for a multi-platform approach under a budget. But the only shortcoming is that you might not be able to develop a completely stable and user-friendly application if you have niche functionalities in mind. Going for simultaneous yet separate coding and development of android and iOS applications will be much more adapted for the specific operating system and thus a lot more functionally efficient. They are also easy to maintain as there will be separate bug fixes for both of them.

5. Business Model

Now this one is what it all comes down to. Be it the developers you are hiring, be it the platform of choice, or the cost of your overall android app development. Planning your revenue stream is what you should be focused on before you even begin your application building. Any great idea can only be cleverly executed only when you have a profit coming in the near future. Your business model can be of multiple types. It can be from your in-app purchases, paying for sign-ups, premium features purchasing, or even through ad placements on your application that the end-user can consume as they keep using your application.


Looking For App Development Cost Breakdown

Considerations when Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

All of these come with their own changes in functionalities. This could again determine the time involved for the overall app development cycle depending on their complexity. All you need is a software consulting firm to back you up with everything that you come up with. They will decide even the hierarchy of the team that you want to get things done. While hiring a developer might seem like the surface of things, the ground reality is different. You’d need a team of DevOps, solution architects, UI/UX designers, business analysts, a project manager, etc to give you the solutions that you are on the exact lookout for.

This right here is why you need a comprehensive unit from a mobile app development company rather than one or two people taking up everything on their plate. Hire iTrobes today and take your application development game to the next level. Focus on improving your ROI by developing the right way. Talk to us today!