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How to Choose the Right Pricing Strategy for Mobile App?

Right pricing strategy for mobile app

Do You Know all about the Mobile App Making Cost?

Well, this is important because you need to calculate the complete investment and return strategy of your application business before you dig deep into it. Even when you’re hiring a professional, only when you know the base mobile app making cost for different scopes of work, you’d be able to pay justified costs for the work involved.

There are a lot of pricing strategies that you can choose from depending on the crux of your business, the purpose of your application, and the niche that you belong to. All your revenue streams should be well planned out prior. Only through this, your overall venture will be successful in meeting your desired end goals.

The initial adaptation of your product, the usage, overall traction and even garnering increased visibility on the app store depends hugely on your product pricing strategy. The user retention, number of downloads, and active customer engagement rate are all fluid. Your pricing strategy should be profitable for both you and your user base. The foremost thing around which you should base your pricing on is the value that you offer to your user base.

Various Factors that will Influence Your Pricing Strategy

1. Market Appetite and Spending Potential

Be it any niche that you belong to, your mobile app development should be only carried forward after thorough market understanding and user research. You need to first segment your target audience based on their demographics, and understand the thirst that they might have for the product you offer, the perception of your application, and general usage prospects before you dig into your development process.

You also need to see if the users will see your product as worthy enough to pay for it. Even the best of applications with the richest of functionalities will potentially fail if you simply start developing without paying attention to all the overarching considerations.

Navigate The Perfect Pricing Strategy for Your Mobile App!

2. User Behavior and Psychology

Every single smartphone user these days are well-informed about technology and its role in making their life seem easier. They are also going to make conscious decisions if you’re asking them to spend on you. Almost every piece of information on any random topic is a few searches away.

If you’re offering a paid application, you definitely need to add up everything that will make them convinced about wanting it and paying for it. You need to keep talking about the value of your offering and the USPs that it comes along with.

If you convince a customer that your pricing is not too much and is simply justified, then you’re halfway through success. But this is a mountainous task. Your users are going to compare you with all the other options that they can find around. Your product offering should be on par away comparison to every other application that’s already in usage. Your mobile app-making cost should also include the market research work in place.

3. Competitive Landscape

It can be a huge task to navigate your way to the customer’s heart surpassing all the competition that’s around. Always focus on developing an application with stand-out features and functionalities that nobody else offers. This will improve your chances of conversion in easy steps.

Start establishing your application with a cheaper price point that is way less than what everyone else offers. Gather your market share and later dwell into the pricing that will reap you profits.

How to choose the right pricing strategy for mobile app

4. Consider Mobile Application Pricing Models

When considering the pricing models known for your mobile app, it’s essential to evaluate different directions to monetization. Here are descriptions of the common pricing models:


It’s always a pleasant surprise to use things for free. Launching an application that is free for usage is actually a great idea. Popular social applications have rapidly come out colorful only because the crux of the usage is free. It can also attract a large pool of user base your way.

The end goal of applications that are completely free is not to make money with the customers but rather to open up a lot of revenue streams with a huger audience base. Your mobile app development cost hugely depends on the type of pricing model that you prefer to go with.

In-app advertisements are a key for revenue generation in such free applications. If you pike your user interest much, you can potentially open up a lot of ways through which you can make money.


Here the applications can be downloaded and limitedly used for free. In-app purchases and going for the premium version of the application for further usage of paid functionalities is how this model works.

If you take the two-tiered approach, the customers can download the app for free but they’ll have to upgrade to the premium version to continue every prime feature that you offer with your app. Gaming applications are a common example here where you make a lot of in-app purchases like outfits or extra lives.

You can also go with a freemium approach with a limited period completely free trial version. After you give a complete look and feel of your application, it’ll be even easier to engage your customers to keep using it. You can also go with removing ads as a part of this freemium model.

Navigate The Perfect Pricing Strategy for Your Mobile App!


Here the users should pay for downloading the application. But this model is not as effective since users do not actually know what they’re signing up for. They’d be blindfolded as they do not actually know if their investment is going to be worth it.

But anything is just possible with a good marketing strategy in place. If you hire someone like iTrobes who is backed by years of digital marketing experience, you can create an impact in no time and even push your application across in a seamless manner!


Paymium is a combination of freemium and paid application models where the users pay not just for the app but also pay a little extra for other specific functionalities. It is not widely adopted because of the increasing failure rates of conversion. But this would make a broader sense if you pick the right niche. For example, this can work well with music or networking applications.

Choosing the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Mobile App

Choosing the right pricing strategy for your mobile app requires a clever approach. Begin by understanding your app’s unique value recommendation and target market, while studying the competition to gain insights. Continuously monitor and iterate your pricing strategy based on market trends and user feedback to maximize revenue and meet customer expectations. Mobile app development is not easy but it is not hard either if you have just the right players doing it for you. Contact iTrobes and see if we can make your idea viable and take your application to the market!