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How to Develop an iOS Mobile App Easily?

how to develop an iOS mobile app

How to Develop an iOS Mobile App? – Simple Steps to Get You Started

In simple terms, iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system that runs on all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. The software is written in Objective-C or the swift programming languages & later deployed to the app store for users. Software consulting for app building is gaining much attention these days, given the increased use of applications in one’s life. If this is exciting to you too or if you’re a beginner who is curious about how to develop an iOS mobile app but not quite sure where to start, this article is for you. Experts at iTrobes point out easy steps that can guide you in kick-starting your iOS app development journey. Having years of experience in providing mobile app development services, they know exactly how you should get started:

How to Develop an iOS Mobile App? – 7 Easy Steps

1. Right Machine & Installation of Xcode

For ios app development, you have to have an apple mac and the Xcode installed on it. Next, you must have an apple developer account. Xcode is an all-in-one software development kit and IDE(Integrated Development Environment). Once downloaded, it will be used to build your user interface and for writing code that responds to user interaction. It comes with instruments that check any memory leakages and also has sandboxes allowing developers to develop iOS apps in the real setting before they submit the final developed app to the app store. Xcode can be downloaded for free from the app store on any Mac machine that meets the installation requirements.

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2. Know the Language – Learn Swift

Programming languages like Swift or Objective C is very much critical. Swift, an open-source scripting language is like a superset of C++ language that is developed by Apple. This development has made the developer’s life easier. Think of Xcode as the paper and Swift as your language. You will be writing the Swift language directly onto the Xcode. Consequently, learning an entirely new language might not sound very easy but is unavoidable for app development. The good news is that are plenty of resources out there to help you learn this.

3. Make use of Online Resources Or Enroll in Coding Bootcamp

Talking about resources, there is plenty of knowledge available for free that tells you all about Xcode and learning Swift. There are multiple benefits for you this way: it’s free, flexible timings & you can learn at your own comfortable pace. This however will require you to be consistent and disciplined.

Furthermore, another sure-shot way of acquiring coding knowledge is to enroll in a Bootcamp. A Bootcamp will get you fully immerse & you will know exactly how to develop an iOS mobile app. Professionals with experience will mentor you and teach you everything you need to know. Different boot camps have different fees and if you wish to get certified, the fees are higher. Choose the one based on your experience level and goals in mind. Nonetheless, it is a good investment for those who are serious about learning in this field.

how to develop an iOS app

4. Invest Time in Ideating

This is an underrated but extremely important step. Any successful mobile app development company will tell you how crucial it’s to invest in your idea for the app. Every great application starts with an idea. Aim for simplifying what you create. Write down every idea that comes to your mind and start sorting/assembling them neatly. By the end of your process, you should have the blueprint of what your app is going to be about. You should also do some research on which other similar apps exist and what all do they all offer. This kind of preliminary research will give clarity on your goals and ensure your app has everything it could need. Once your ideas are clear, you will decode the answer to how to develop an iOS mobile app with ease.

5. Testing & Bug Fixing

Requirement gathering is the next thing to focus on. You should decide on the input parameter the team will work on to get the app ready. Once you’re thorough with the rest of the steps & have built something on the Xcode, pay attention to bugs & testing. This is a crucial phase where you test whether the app is bug-free and can meet user expectations. Don’t leave anything to imagination, test, test, and test again until you’re sure everything looks perfect. By the end of this process, all bugs should be out.

6. Create Prototype

A prototype or an early sample is to test your model/process. It can help in providing specifications that work in the real environment/system. It shows the UI of the app and elaborates how the flow of the application will look like. It’s a great way for users to have a closer look at the design and make any changes if needed.

7. Submit to the Store

Next, you choose the build to upload through the XcodeApp and the App store team will review your app. The review process usually takes up to 2 weeks to complete. App guidelines are kept in mind while testing the app in the review process. If everything is clear and the app passes the process, voila, your app will be available in the store.

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Takeaway: iOS App Development is Easy & Beginners can do it too!

Despite potentially tougher barriers for entry, iOS app development can be easy. With the right resources, proper planning, & following the steps outlined, you can answer the question- how to develop an iOS mobile app. However, if you’re looking to develop a perfect app that to grow your business, taking professional software consulting is the way. iTrobes specializes in mobile app development and can help you build an app from scratch or improve an existing one. Being a top mobile app development company in the country, we’ve executed multiple projects across industries and platforms.

Evidently, demand for finding the right iOS app development company is increasing tremendously across sectors, and rightly so. If you’re curious about what kind of mobile app development would be best for you, reach out to us today. Our iOS app development company will give you the required guidance and help take your idea to greater heights. From building to evaluating to maintaining them, we’ve got you covered for the whole package of mobile app development services. Contact our experts today!