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How to grow your business with creating pillar content?

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What is pillar content and why do you need it?

Pillar content refers to a long-format website page that provides complete information to any question your audience base might be searching for that is specific to your products and services. This is the basic core of your content marketing efforts because it concentrates on ranking highly by catering to search engine algorithms while also providing immense value for any reader that visits your page.

Fuel Your Business Growth Through Strategic Pillar Content Creation!

During your website content writing efforts, you’d have a set of specific keywords that you want to rank for. Now creating a blog for each of these topics is where your SEO plans take their initial shape. These blogs are broadly termed cluster content where you create blogs that cater to each of the keywords in individual clusters. In order to increase your chances of ranking while also retaining a clear-cut vision of your overall content flow, you’ll create a single topic under which the whole cluster would make sense. Giving shape to this topic is what is called pillar content. This pillar content will cover the gist of every cluster and you’d hyperlink it to the original blog to create a network of content within your website.

The search spiders will understand this interconnected flow of your content writing easily and provide you with search engine authority in your particular domain.

How can this help your business with content marketing?

1. Your audience will find you use content marketing and stay longer

Your pillar content comprehensively provides answers to all the questions that your audience is wondering about in the consideration phase before making their final purchase decision. By employing the best of your content marketing efforts, you can create high-quality content that is engaging every single user to read on till the end.

The more your prospects stay on your website, the higher will be your chances of making them your customers. Through pillar pages, you have the leverage to make it happen.

grow your business with creating pillar content

2. You’ll build both your brand and search engine authority

The online landscape is getting more and more competitive each passing day. Your business profits have become a first come first serve promise when it comes to search engines. It is thus crucial to optimize all your SEO efforts to beat that ranking race. With pillar content, you increase your chances of ranking for not just one keyword but for a whole topic.

By having a look at your core knowledge and subject matter fluency, any audience might be moved to think that you know what you are doing and you know it better than everyone else out there. This is the best way for branding your name in the right direction without just pushing your name on the forefront, following your audience wherever they go.

3. Market Qualified leads

Lead generation is one of the activities that you’ll be allotting a lot of your time and energy for. But your chances are more likely to find a lot of cold leads than the hot or warm ones at the final phase of conversion.

With pillar content, you speak directly to your in-market audience who are already on the serious lookout for your products or services. With proper content marketing, you’ll have the space to attract them into your sales pipeline in no time. You can also develop an email list by an information collection pop-up after 10 or 15 seconds of your audience staying on your page.
You can then use this email list to push your offers and newsletters to retain them for a longer period of time.

It is not just about creating endless pieces of content, but how you take time to visualize their end goals and repurpose them through different means to add more end value. This is why website content writing is deemed crucial than the rest of your digital brand-building efforts.

Always have a side glance at your competitor and take inspiration from every corner there is. Identify someone else’s mistake and refrain from committing it. Remember, Search Engine Optimization is a tiring war field and every last weapon you can find is going to help you survive and succeed!

Fuel Your Business Growth Through Strategic Pillar Content Creation!