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Mobile app development company in Goa

mobile app development company in goa

How does a mobile app development company in Goa approach the development process?

Building a successful mobile app is far harder than you may realize. There is a reason why hundreds and thousands of apps go unnoticed, but only a tiny number of apps become popular among users. If you are planning to hire a mobile app development company in Goa to help you build your app, you should know that your choice of the development agency can either make or break your project.

Because of how crucial this one decision is, it may also feel like the most daunting. You can judge a potential development agency based on their experience, portfolio, reputation, and charges. However, making the right choice can be extremely difficult if you do not know the first thing about the app development process. That is why we are going to give you a brief overview of what the process entails so that you can make an informed decision.


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Development phases have been taken up by a mobile app development company in Goa

There are various steps and stages involved in the app development process, and depending on the complexity of the project, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to build a mobile app from scratch. Whenever a reputed mobile app development company in Goa takes up a new project, they plan the work ahead according to the following phases.

The kick-off phase

This is where the work begins, and you communicate your vision with the mobile app development company in Goa. In this stage, you should be able to answer critical questions such as:

  • What do you want the app to do?
  • What features or functionalities do you want the app to have?
  • How do you plan to monetize the app?
  • What are your ultimate goals with the app?

Having a clear vision and conveying the same to the development company is extremely important for the following phases to go over smoothly.

mobile app development company goa

Discovery phase

Once the core functionalities are decided upon and the goals are set, it is time for the discovery phase, which involves detailed planning and analysis. In this stage, a business analyst builds a technical specification based on market and competitor analysis, industry best practices, and business needs. The discovery phase offers the following deliverables.

  • Technical specifications – This includes all the features, suggested architecture, tools, and technology stack.
  • UX/UI concept – This will outline the visual component of the app and also offer wireframes to help you understand how the users will interact with the app.
  • Detailed estimate and development plan – You will get a detailed idea of how long it will take to build the app and how much it will cost.

Mobile app development services in Goa consider the discovery phase as one of the most critical steps in the app development process as it sets the tone for the entirety of the project.

Design phase

In this stage, the development team creates the UI and UX design concepts for your app based on the wireframes that have already been created either by the designer or the business analyst. UX/UI design accounts for around 20% of the entire app building process. However, if the app features complex design elements such as animations, it will add up both the cost and the time.


Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company In Goa!

Development phase

Now is the time for all the coding and programming! The developers start building the app’s structure, backend, and various features and functionalities. Most companies organize the development workflow as per the agile methodology. That means the entire development process gets divided into sprints, and each sprint can be planned or modified based on what the team achieved in the previous sprint.

Testing phase

The top mobile app development company in India typically carries out testing almost at the same time as development. As the developers complete each small section, they test it out immediately. This makes the development and quality assurance process more efficient. Furthermore, it helps to identify and resolve issues early on as it is far easier to find errors in small chunks of code rather than combing through the entire code at once.


Once the app is fully developed and all the tests have proven the quality of the code, it is time for deployment. Mobile apps are typically launched on two main platforms or app markets – App Store and Play Store. You may also launch your app on other platforms, for instance, Huawei’s App Gallery. However, whichever platform you choose to release your app on, you need to see deployment as a separate stage. Each platform comes with its own unique rules and regulations that you need to follow, or else, your app may get rejected.

mobile app development services in goa


The work does not end after you launch the app. The development team will have to carry on with maintenance to make sure that the app keeps running smoothly. Maintenance involves releasing updates, listening to customer feedback, fixing bugs and errors, and more. In most cases, the top mobile app development company in Goa offers maintenance services once the development phase is over.

These are the primary stages involved in the app development process. If you are looking for a reliable app development company, make sure to check out iTrobes. We are one of the leading software development companies in the country, and mobile app development is one of the areas of our expertise. We offer our services all over India and the world, and we work with businesses of all sizes and from all industries.

At iTrobes, you will find the highest quality of service at the most affordable app-making cost in India. We offer customized app development packages based on your specific needs. Unlike pre-fixed packages that involve a ton of unnecessary services, our custom packages are designed to help you select only the services you need. This way, you can save money and allocate your budget accordingly. To know more about our mobile app development services and packages, make sure to get in touch with us today!