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Mobile App Development Cost in Australia

Mobile app development cost in Australia

Mobile App Development Costs in Australia - Let's Drive in 2024

These days, everybody uses a smartphone. This is why many businesses are starting to build mobile apps that their customers can use on the go. If you run such a business, you might be wondering what the mobile app development cost in Australia is. Well, you’re in the right place. The cost of app development depends on several factors, which we will take a look at in this article.

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost in Australia?

The average estimated cost of developing an app in Australia is depending on the project’s complexity and needs, the tentative cost of app development might range from $30,000 to $10,00,000.  As you progress through these phases, the cost of development increases. The benefit of going through each of these steps is that, if your product is not economically viable, you will know sooner rather than later. Additionally, if your idea is a tried and tested one, and you don’t need a proof-of-concept app, you can save money by skipping this phase. Taking all this into account, here’s the average app development cost in Australia:

Mobile App TypesMobile App Development CostDevelopment Time Frame
Low-level Complexity$30,000 to $1,00,0002-5 Months
Mid-level Complexity$1,00,000 to $2,00,0005-7 Months
High-level Complexity$200,000 to $10,00,0008-12 Months

Factors that Affect Mobile App Development Cost in Australia

The Type Of App You Are Building.

This is probably the biggest factor that determines app development costs. Apps can come in all shapes and sizes, some far more complicated than others. Simply put, the more complex an app is, the more expensive it will be to develop. Apps like QR code scanners, directories, calculators, and note-taking apps are fairly cheap to build. This is because, as you would imagine, they require less effort – and hence less manpower – to create. On the other hand, apps for things like social networking, e-commerce, and ride-sharing are more expensive to develop. Apps that require heavy security, like banking apps, will be expensive as well.

In general, we can think about apps in three levels of complexity – low, mid, and high.

  • Apps with a low level of complexity are very simple and typically do not have any data storage. They have only three to four screens and basic features. A calculator or a time-tracking app has a low level of complexity.
  • Apps with a medium level of complexity usually require data storage and more synchronisation. They use a more robust infrastructure. A food delivery app would fall into this category.
  • Apps with a high level of complexity are generally designed for big businesses. They include dashboards and visualisations and are highly customised for the user. CRM applications and trading platforms are examples of highly complex apps.
App development cost in Australia

The Features That You Include.

Mobile app development cost in Australia is also dependent on the features that you choose to include. Naturally, this will depend largely on the type of app you are developing. The more complex the app, the more capability – and hence features – you are going to have. Some complex features that will cost you more are – AR (augmented reality), offline mode, push notifications, and social feed algorithms. These are far more difficult to develop than simple things like a file upload or a form and require specialised skills. And, of course, specialised skills cost more.

These are the features you will probably find in different apps based on their complexity:

  • Low level: login, sign up, search, notifications, profile making
  • Mid-level: in-app purchases, payment portals, location tracking, better security
  • High level: data synchronisation (over more than two devices), online streaming, video chats, in-app calls

Of course, when you are building an app, you can mix and match different features so that they work for your project. The more high-level features you include, the more expensive your app will be to develop.

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The Platforms That Your App Supports

Mobile app development cost in Australia also depends on which platforms you want your app to run on. When it comes to platforms, you have two options. You can either develop a native app or a hybrid one. Let’s take a quick look at the meanings of these terms. A native app is one that is created to run on a single platform. This means that, in order to have both Android and iOS versions, you need to build two separate applications. In order to do that, you would need to hire two separate developers, which will end up costing more. On the other hand, a hybrid app – or a cross-platform app – can run on both Android and iOS. Hybrid apps are easier to maintain and take less time to develop. In addition to this, since you only have to create the app once, hybrid apps are cheaper.

Where Your Development Team Is

The geographical location of your app development team also plays a part in determining how expensive it will be to get your app built. This is because hourly labour rates are different in different countries, and app development is, after all, a labour-intensive task. Mobile app development cost in Australia is higher than in other locations such as India or the Philippines, simply because the cost of labour is higher. However, with a lower cost, you may also get lower quality and a longer delivery time. When you are hiring an app development company, make sure that you find out where exactly the development team will be working from.

mobile application development cost in Australia

How Polished Your App Is

When you are developing an app, it will probably go through the following phases:

Design Prototype 

This is the first phase, where your app is essentially an interactive mockup. The design elements are not finalised, and it only contains key user interfaces.


It is at this stage that you make sure that your idea is technically feasible. Not all apps need to pass through this phase; only the ones that are trying to do something completely new.

MVP (minimum viable product) 

At this stage of polish, you can test the viability of your app – whether there is really a demand for it, and whether it works for your users.

MMP (minimum marketable product)

This is when you can actually start marketing and selling your app to customers. In this phase, your app is fully functional but still requires continued testing.

Fully-featured App

This is the final stage of your app, in which you bring to life your original vision.

Do you still have questions about the mobile app development cost in Australia? iTrobes is here for you. We are an app development company and we offer our services all over the world. If you are trying to build an app our team of experts will work with you and deliver your vision to you in a timely manner. Contact us today to start building!

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