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How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost in India?

mobile app development cost in India

Mobile app development cost in India – Let’s dive in 2023!

Rapid technological advancement has resulted in mobile apps gaining tremendous momentum for all businesses across industries. Now more than ever, having an app is supremely essential for most successful businesses. The right kind of mobile app development services can help businesses extend their reach & establish a closer connection with audiences. The hype for having an app is real but estimating the mobile app development cost is a very important first step. It could determine the success or the failure of the end product. Additionally, the costs for development vary greatly for different platforms, app types, and the countries you seek your team in. India has great resources and often companies from all over the world look at India for their mobile app requirements. If you’re also wondering, what is the mobile app development cost in India, this article is for you.

Experts at iTrobes pen down different factors that generally help in decoding mobile app development costs. Since mobile app development takes place in various steps, each step is considered a milestone on its own. Each platform has different characteristics and can incorporate a variety of unique features. The cost for iOS app development can range from $30000-$80000. While Android app development can cost approximately $5000-$40000.

Cost of developing iOS and Android mobile app prices in India

Type Of AppsApp Development Cost
Android App Development$5000 – $40000
iOS App Development$30000 – $80000

Here are the diverse factors involved in the app making cost in India

1. Platforms

 Besides these two, there are other platforms like React Native (costs $1500-$2500), Xamarin ($2000-$5000), or Flutter($1000-5000). Other platform example includes Live code, accelerator, etc. The fact of the matter is that mobile app development costs in India will also vary based on the choice of your platform. Your mobile app development company should ideally guide you in picking the right platform & aligning it with your specific needs.

App development cost list in India for platforms

Type Of platformApp Development Cost
Flutter App Development$1000 – $5000
React Native App Development$1500 – $2500
Xamarin App Development$2000 – $5000

2. App features: Simple vs Complex

The complexities of your app’s features ultimately add up to your overall mobile app costs. Some apps only have basic and simple features and are easier to build. However, apps with complex features result in higher costs. Most apps now include additional features to build a strong base of customers. These features help in generating more traffic and higher conversion rates. Features like user logins, profile sections, search, chat & messaging, payments, etc.. are generally found in all apps. But features like geolocation, ads, sensor usage, offline mode, etc.. are complex features. These naturally cost more and take more time to develop.

Mobile app developpment price in India

3. Type of apps

Apps can be classified into three kinds based on their features & technology used.

Native apps

These apps are created for a single platform only. They’re looked at as a native iOS app or a native android app as they operate on specific operating systems. Their functionalities & features are non-exchangeable, so their codes are not reusable. Approximate costs can go up to $100,000.

Web apps

The majority rely on web apps than on websites. These apps help in elevating the user experience. They can be accessed via web browsers & can perform all actions on the device the user interacts with. Compared to native apps, where there’s no burden of customization, resulting in reduced costs for development. Costs can be anywhere between $500 and $5000.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid app development entails carrying features of both, native and web apps and predominantly look like native apps. They can be rapidly created, quickly loaded, and can prove to be economical. They can approximately cost anywhere from$10,000- to $50,000.

Mobile app prices list in India for technology
Type Of ApplicationApp Development Cost
Web Apps$500 – $5000
Hybrid Apps$10,000 – $50,000
Native Apps$100,000

4. Development team charges

Hiring the right mobile app development company can get done things faster and in the right manner. Each member of the team is important to leverage their expertise in finding complex solutions. The hiring cost for the right team differs from company to company. Outsourced development can often be cheaper. Therefore, many companies find mobile app development costs in India to be relatively lower than in their own countries.

5. Maintenance costs

These are unavoidable costs that every business coming up with an app should account for. This stage usually costs up to 15-20% of the original cost put into the development of the app. New apps must be regularly updated to remove any bugs & increase functionality. Some important tasks under this are hosting databases, code optimization, bug fixing, etc.

India is a great choice for mobile app development in 2023

App development costs vary based on many factors mentioned above. The key lies in finding the right partner to go on the development journey. Outsourcing in India can be inexpensive if done with the right people. Whether you’re an established brand or a budding start-up, you can count on our top-notch mobile app development company for building the perfect app. Regardless of whether it is Android app developmentiOS app development, or hybrid app development, we create the most personalized, interactive, and intuitive user experiences. The goal at iTrobes is to provide software consulting that best suits your business’s needs & solves all your pain points. Experts strive to streamline business workflow, integrate critical functions & improve business productivity.

After consultation, clients no longer worry about the mobile app development cost in India as they know we’re fair with pricing and also the best in the industry. Clients of every size, every sector & from all parts of the world count on us for their app development needs. If you need a partner to help you with your app, contact us for software consulting right away. We are here to listen to your problems & goals and get you the solutions you need at the price you want!