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Things To Consider Before Kick-Off Mobile App Development

Things to consider before mobile app development

Thinks to Consider Before Starting Mobile App Development

The mobile application market is simply too competitive these days. In order to battle through the sea of competition and come out successful, you need to have a clear-cut vision that completely considers every last thing from start to finish. All you need is just a mobile app development company away that can deliver the right expertise in meeting your requirements. Gone are those days where you just dive right in with an idea to leave an impact in the market.

It has become so hard these days to even come up with an idea that has not been thought of or executed before. Finding niches within niches is what it has come down to if you’re looking to create the next big thing. Creating the next product that can break the market is not so easy after all. But not impossible either. Because it is now more than ever that everyone has gone mobile and the world is entirely revolving in the digital spectrum. All you have to do is follow the right procedures in place.

Mobile App Development Processes For Better ROI

1. Kick Start With an Elevator Pitch and a Clear Product Definition

An elevator pitch might be the right way to get just started on your idea. You can clearly define your idea with proper segmentation of what (the idea and the product in itself), why (what problem will this solution that has not been addressed yet), how (the look, feel, and functionality of the end product), and where (the platform that you’re going after). Make sure you have proper answers and sufficient justification for each of them. First, go through a lot of trial and error till you come up with a statement that you are convinced with. Try it out with the potential audience, investors, and even developers to arrive at your final one with minor tweaks every now and then to arrive at a final version that you can develop thereon.

Set Your Mobile App Development On The Path To Success

2. Market Research and Competitor Research

The foundation you lay for your application takes its shape here. You might have a potential idea but it would run to the ground if there’s no appetite for it in the market. Understanding the market conditions should be the first thing that you do before starting your mobile application development process. You can do this by properly curating the problem that you are looking to solve and how much of a commodity that your solution can potentially become over time. You should also ensure that you are launching your product at the right time and at the right place.

A lot of ideas succumbed in the application market since they were deemed ‘ahead of time’. And this is the last thing that you want to do. And then comes competitor research. You can either start developing an idea from scratch or revamp the idea of an existing business and do it your way a lot better. A lot of successful applications in the market space are not the ones that were developed first but rather the ones who did it better.

3. Technology Stack

There are multiple coding platforms that are present for both front-end and back-end application development. Choose between native, hybrid, or web-based applications that you’d want to develop. Also, make sure that you have a plan in place about your platform choice. Are you going to go all-in with both iOS and Android platforms or if you are going to go segment by segment after understanding all the responses in one arena? If you are hiring mobile application development services, then you should also come to proper terms and agreements about the source code ownership and completely written from scratch programming.

Things to consider before kick-off mobile app development

4. Budget and Timelines

If you’re in the market with a hot idea, then it is necessary that you need to be assured of a development cycle that comes with quick turn-around times. In addition, you’d have to fix upon a budget along with proper buffer amounts. You’d have to factor in all the amount that would be necessary for getting development tools, project management software, retainer rates in the case of hiring third-party professionals along with other unexpected expenses that might come your way.

Always get a quote from three or four vendors, weigh them against each other while also testing the quality involved, ask for their portfolios to select the best choice among them. There are high chances that you might encounter delays in the overall process, always keep your launch date fluid so as to make concrete plans at each stage of development without having to rush through the process.

5. Monetization Options

Only with an aforethought revenue generation plan in place, your application development procedure will result in a full circle. There are multiple ways of making sustainable income generation with the application that you develop.

Free Trials

Here you’ll have to lure your customers to buy your premium features after giving some of your features for free post download.

Subscription Model

To make repeat purchases, you can give out your paid features for a lesser price but push your customers to keep paying on a month-on-month basis or at other frequencies to continue usage.

In-app Purchase

Refers to the product or service within your application that you can charge your customers for.


There are a lot of ad platforms that you can sign up for and give them proper real estate inside your application and in turn receive decent revenue out of it.

Paid App

Here the users should pay to even start enjoying the benefits of your application.

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Why You Should Hire A Professional App Development Company Like iTrobes?

Mobile app development is a complicated process that requires careful planning, research, and execution. Before initiating the development process, it is crucial to identify the purpose of the app, the target audience, and the appropriate platform. Additionally, careful budget planning, choosing the correct technology stack, prioritizing user experience, developing a development timeline, identifying testing and deployment strategies, and creating a marketing plan are all essential to the success of the mobile app.

By considering these factors, you can improve the chances of developing a successful mobile app that meets the needs of your target audience and delivers value to your business. Hiring a professional mobile application company might be your best bet if you want to make your effort count. Someone as reliable as iTrobes in the picture can help you trace a lot more heights that are beyond reach! Call us now to get started right away.