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What are the New Trends in Mobile Applications?

Trends in mobile applications

Looking to Understand All the Current Trends in Mobile Applications?

Mobile application development is a make-or-break business. Even the brightest of ideas might not survive enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel if it doesn’t connect as much with your users. And even the simplest of ideas can be a game-changer if it has solved a problem for the customers that have been overlooked previously. As a mobile app developer, getting yourself updated with all the latest trends in mobile applications will give you a better chance at creating a market hit.

Here are Some of the Innovations that you should Know Before your Mobile Application Development

1. Internet of Things

IoT simply refers to all electronic appliances being interconnected to a common network for improved data utility and ease of access across multiple devices. People are now increasingly reliant on technology for even the simplest of things like turning the lights or fan on and off. There is a steady increase in the improvement of the internet of things rapidly taking over a lot of niches of our life including household utility, health care, and even personal development. If you are going for android app development, then make sure to tap into this vertical and curate applications that can work well with all the IoT devices in place.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality?

2. Wearables

Wearable techs are getting better each day around. Initially having created tracking apps that basically had sensors for counting the number of steps a person takes, it has come so far now. Wearable technology these days is doing anything and everything. Be it tracking heart rates, identifying sleeping patterns and now it has even come down to tracking weight, measuring blood pressures, and even calculating body fat percentages.

There are a lot of perspective areas where they might get a lot better. You can curate applications that can be accessible with these wearables since they pretty much come with play store access from which they can be downloaded. Come up with even the simplest of ideas and execute them in such a way that they solve problems or make accessibility even the slightest bit easier and you’d be able to go a long way.

3. Beacon Tech

Tracing its origin way back in 2013, beacon tech has become impeccable in its data-driven functionality over the past few years. It basically has a lot of retail applications on storefronts. Retail owners can install beacons at different places within their premises. Users can simply download their applications and connect to these beacons with their Bluetooth to make their in-store experience better.

Now, this has the power to track user behavior at different aisles within the store and can immediately send them to push notifications on potential discounts, cashback, or other products that they are looking at at the moment. In addition, this can also be used for data collection to understand the products that a particular shopper is most likely to buy in a repetitive sequence. They can further send them about any discounts that these specific products have later to make them repeat customers and this personalization is also something that people are hungry for.

Latest trends in mobile applications

4. AR & VR

Augmented Reality refers to the addition of digital elements to the present environment digitally and usually with the help of the smartphone camera. If you had worked with any android app development company, they’d let you in on how much it has revamped the eCommerce market forever. There are options for trying on a lot of products digitally onto yourself. Like spectacles, clothing, and even accessories. In addition, with virtual reality, there are a lot of rooms to experience things without having to actually pay an in-person visit.

There are prospects that this may drive different verticals like architecture where stimulations can be used to convince customers about the designs that you have in mind, hospitality where a user can take a look at the interiors which we now conventionally do through pictures and a lot more this way. If you are going to pioneer in an application creation that caters to one of the untapped areas by employing the full potential of AR or VR, you are going to be timeless for years to come in the app market.

5. Exploring 5G

5G network is said to be almost a hundred times faster than that of 4G. If you looking at hybrid app development, you should explore the full-on potential of 5G tech in your applications. This would help you incorporate a lot of advanced features and functionalities within your application without having to compromise on the load times and ease of usage. Since 5G offers an almost 10x decrease in the latency of application while also increasing the network usage efficiency and traffic influx management, this can be everything you could ask for in a tech-intensive app.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality?

6. Predictive analytics

It all now comes down to how well you understand your users and personalize their application usage experience as a mobile application development company. The perfect example for this would be the entertainment platforms like Netflix which offer a lot of suggestions for the users depending on their binge-watching patterns and they proved to be a massive hit. So, it is not just enough for you to collect data from your users but rather break down these into patterns and predictions that can help you level up with your personalization efforts.

The trends in mobile applications are rapidly changing each minute and you should be up on your digital game with a keen eye for detail. It might get a little too overwhelming since there are a lot of verticals and a lot of corners that you need to pay attention to. All you might probably need is a software consulting company to stay in the picture with you and handhold you throughout the idea. Or even better you can hire a company like iTrobes to be your outsourced developer to bring your idea to life in the best way possible.