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Affordable PPC Packages In India

Affordable PPC Packages in India

Different Ads Included in Comprehensive PPC Packages in India

Wondering what’s typically included in comprehensive PPC packages and whether it’s worth investing in? PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a great way of generating some immediate traffic to your website and conversion for your business. In this model of digital advertising, you need to pay every time your ad is clicked.

Although the goal is to turn the majority of ad clicks into sales, there may be some that don’t. Even then, the benefits outweigh the cost significantly. For instance, you may pay $3 for a click, which turns into a $300 sale. If you consider the potential ROI of a well-planned and well-executed PPC campaign, it is certainly worth investing in. However, make sure you choose the right PPC package to build a successful campaign.

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Analysis of Google AdWords Cost in India

Typically, The average PPC packages are ₹10000($120) to ₹1000000($12000) per month in India. Moreover, In our pricing model, companies pay a certain percentage of the total ads spent on Google AdWords advertising. Without any distrust, your businesses can grow tremendously with PPC marketing in 2024. It depends on what your PPC company is involved with. Here we listed 10 PPC packages for all types of businesses.

PackagesDaily BudgetNumber of DaysGoogle AdWords ChargesService ChargesTotal Cost
Package 1₹ 250($3)30₹ 7500($90)₹ 2000($25)₹ 9500($120)
Package 2₹ 350($5)30₹ 10500($120)₹ 2000($25)₹ 12500($150)
Package 3₹ 500($7)30₹ 15000($200)₹ 3000($40)₹ 18000($250)
Package 4₹ 750($10)30₹ 22500($300)₹ 4500($60)₹ 27000($400)
Package 5₹ 1000($12)30₹ 30000($400)₹ 6000($80)₹ 36000($500)
Package 6₹ 1500($18)30₹ 45000($600)₹ 9000($120)₹ 54000($800)
Package 7₹ 2000($25)30₹ 60000($800)₹ 12000($160)₹ 72000($1000)
Package 8₹ 3000($40)30₹ 90000($1200)₹ 18000($250)₹ 108000($1600)
Package 9₹ 5000($60)30₹ 150000($2000)₹ 30000($400)₹ 180000($2400)
Package 10₹ 10000($120)30₹ 300000($4000)₹ 60000($800)₹ 360000 ($4800)

What Variety of Ads is Included PPC Packages in 2024?

A quick online search should help you find a wide range of PPC packages in India. These PPC packages vary by both charges and offerings. Knowing what standard and comprehensive PPC packages include is crucial to selecting the right one for your needs.

To build an effective PPC campaign, you should also know about all the different types of PPC ads available to you. Here are some of the most common PPC ads included in a comprehensive PPC package.

PPC packages

Search Ads

Paid search ad is the most common type of PPC ad that you will find included in most PPC packages out there. Most advertisers and businesses start off their paid ads campaign with search ads.

To run a Google ads campaign, advertisers first select a list of keywords that they want to target through their ads. Then they decide which ad copy they want to display when users search for the targeted keywords, and how much they want to spend for this campaign.

Search ads can show up both above and below organic listings. The easiest way to spot a PPC ad in the Google SERPs is by spotting the word “Ad” on the top left.

Display Ads

Another popular form of paid advertising is display advertising, which involves advertising your services or products to users while they are browsing the web.

Display ads differ from search ads in that the latter appears when users are specifically searching for related products or services. Display ads are mainly shown to users who may be interested in the particular service or product.

Because of that, display ads have a lower conversion rate than search ads, but they also have a much lower click price than search ads. If you are looking for affordable PPC Packages in India, you should find out whether they include search ads or display ads.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ad campaigns are targeted to users who have visited your website before. Since these users have already shown interest in your products or services, a strategic remarketing ad campaign can be effective and profitable for your business.

Remarketing ads are known to bring customers, who were previously close to converting, back into the sales funnel. This type of PPC ads can also help you upsell or offer more products to the customers. Here are some users you can target through a Google remarketing campaign:

  • All previous users
  • Those who have purchased from your site
  • Those who signed up for the newsletter
  • Those who watched your YouTube videos
  • Those who abandoned their cart
  • Those who spent longer than a few seconds on your site but did not convert

Google Ads is the go-to platform for remarketing ad campaigns. However, there are alternatives for those who want to experiment with other platforms for remarketing..

Video Ads

With videos becoming the most consumed forms of content on the internet, video ads are gaining momentum with each passing day. Over 85% of businesses rely on videos as a crucial part of their digital marketing efforts, and video ads are a key component of PPC management.

The most notable benefit of paid video ads over organic ads is that you can reach users who don’t know about you or aren’t currently following you. Paid video ads enable you to get views without having to spend lots of time building an audience first.

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is the main platform for paid video advertising. If you are currently running a PPC ad campaign, you are already on Google Ads. So, it will be easy for you to start YouTube advertising as well.

PPC packages in India

Paid Social Media Ads

You can also run paid ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Those who are already running a Facebook PPC campaign can easily run ads on Instagram simply because Facebook owns Instagram.You can run a variety of ad campaigns on social media platforms. For instance, you can run a remarketing campaign to draw in old visitors or a prospecting campaign to attract new potential customers.

Social media platforms also offer a wide range of choices when it comes to paid ads. Some may also allow you to make both an image ad and a video ad for your paid ads campaign. If you want to run social media ad campaigns, make sure to check if paid social media ads are included in the PPC services and packages that you are eyeing. These are the most popular types of ads that you will find in comprehensive PPC packages. While some standard PPC packages include some of these ads, you may not find the majority of these in a low-cost package.

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Unlike most agencies that offer prefixed PPC packages, we offer customized packages that help you save money. You can choose the platforms where you want to run paid ads and decide according to your budget.

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