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Purchase processes that fall under a manual routine generate bundles of paperwork and even the slightest inefficiency on the procurement front can cost you a huge chunk of loss. Speeding this process up with outdated tools like spreadsheets or emails will still make your business lag behind your competitors.  Power up your procurement process to follow a world-class strategy by adapting to our automation tools in minutes. Our procurement software module covers all your transaction needs from opening purchase requests, requesting quotes from vendors, or feeding price information to onboarding agreement documents and even facilitates past purchases auditing.

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Procurement Module Flow

Analytics Report

The procurement process of any organization involves an immense amount of data generated from various stages (spends reports, accounts tally, supplier base, profit-loss profiles, etc.,). Using business intelligence software, we can help you refine all these scattered values to insights that can add up to business value.

Purchase Requisition

The purchase requisition can be a tedious step where the documentation travels across various departments internally. With our procurement software module, the request can be processed by a series of clicks and the request will be reflected on the dashboards of the respective personnel.

Budget approval

Once the purchase request has been raised by the procurement team, the order details are sent for review and approval to the accounting department’s customized dashboard. Here they can either raise the purchase order or reject the request after revisions.

Request For Information (RFI)

This solicitation document can help you with the general information about the product, service, and supplier along with their scope of work. With a structured and automated RFI system in place, you’ll find it easier to document the never-ending paper works, making it easier for the RFP and RFQ processes.

Request For Quotation (RFQ)

After budget approval, the procurement team forwards the purchase request to several vendors to receive quotations. These data can be effortlessly stored in our procurement cloud and can be retrieved to compare the received bids to shortlist the perfect vendor at ease.

Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order

After deciding upon the vendor, the Purchase Requisition of the supplies will be sent across with the description of the product required, the quantity, and the pricing aspects, which can all be documented using the procurement software. The sales order can be generated after which directly converts to a bill by itself.


Goods Receipt Note records the quantity and costing aspects of the item delivered. GRN using our ERP cloud will help analyses any delays or the pending items for any approved indent and will be automatically prompted thereby eliminating the need for constant supervision.

Confused on how it might work for your business? How about we show it in action to you first?

Key Features to Look For:

No more internal complexity, no more slacking off. Overlook your business need at all times virtually. We offer the best cloud-based ERP solutions that are completely customized for your needs.
  • Complete process digitalization
  • Cloud based Application
  • Customized as per Your Needs
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • 100% Assurance of Data Security
  • Expert Team of Developers with over 5 Years of Experience
  • 24*7 Remote Assistance Offered
  • Customized dashboards with perfect record maintenance
  • Purchase orders, invoices and debit memos automation
  • Vendor contract and product management
  • Financial statement and payment transactions tracking
  • Fast, flexible deployment
  • Paperless sourcing process
  • Supplier Database Integration
  • Detailed Analytical Dashboard
  • Report Management
  • Easy Navigation for Faster Access
  • Unlimited Storage and Automated Backup Facilities
  • Technical Support for All Your Queries Any time

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