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School Management Software Price In India

School Management System Price india

Estimating School Management Software Cost In India

In recent years, India has experienced tremendous growth in several sectors by adopting technology, and education is no exception here. Educational institutions are using school management software to streamline the administration of different practices. No doubt, school management software can enhance performance and streamline your work process. However, the cost of this software can be a matter of concern.

Therefore, estimating the average school management software price in India becomes a critical point. The average cost of school management software can range between ₹40000 to ₹100000(per year), which is a significant amount. In the following segments, we will comprehensively discuss and answer one of the popular questions: how much does school management software cost in India?

School Management Software Price Based On Different Subscription Models

Open Source School Management Software

Open-source school management software is implemented by institutions having a strength of a minimum of 500 students. Institutions of higher learning can buy the program, download it, and alter the code as necessary to make it fit their needs. On the school’s servers, the program has to be uploaded. A technical team within the school is required to use open-source software. Since data backup and maintenance are constant requirements, this constraint renders it unfeasible for educational institutions.

School management software prices that are paid for through subscriptions offer many options. Per user, this might vary from 12 to 40 INR. The features provided will remain the same regardless of the number of students—500 or 5,000—but the cost will change. For instance, you might pay 12,000 INR monthly, invoiced yearly, if you had 1000 pupils.

User Based Pricing

The school management software price in India may increase if you wish for parents to have User IDs in addition to pupils and staff. You need to properly examine the wording of the agreement, as many subscription-based models only charge based on the number of students, not the IDs. Additionally, when there are more than 2000 students, the vendors are willing to negotiate. It is crucial to specify if license renewals occur on an annual basis. Used-based plans are cost-effective when you are offering courses in small batches. The average cost of user-based plans ranges between ₹500 per month to ₹1200 per month. However, this cost may vary according to the different features and benefits offered by the plan.

School Management System Price in india

Module Based Pricing

Certain providers impose fees based on the number of modules that you wish to incorporate into your educational administration system. Smaller educational institutions might not require as many features as larger ones. To determine which features will work best for your institution’s needs, it is important to schedule a demo with your provider.

It is recommended to think about purchasing ERP software for schools that the seller can tailor to your specific demands if you are a multi-group institution, college, or huge single-set-up institution.

Free ERP Softwares

Regarding the purportedly free school administration software, it is true that nothing in life is free. If your school has fewer than 50 pupils, it is free. You will, however, need to pay to keep using the program as your consumption grows.

Numerous free versions will be accessible, but their feature sets will be insufficient to fully benefit your operations. Usually, the goal of free school management systems is to provide educational institutions a chance to test the system out and become acquainted with it.

School Management Software PlansAverage Cost
Open Source School Management SoftwareRs 12000 to Rs 20000/ Month
User-Based School Management SoftwareRs 50 to Rs 500 / student
Module-Based School Management SystemRs 500 to Rs 1200/ Module

Additional Costs That You Should Consider Before Purchasing

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Most educational institutions overlook the fact that all software requires maintenance because they are too preoccupied with the cost of installation and acquisition. Find out from your vendor what services are provided during the second year of the AMC agreement.

Email And SMS In Bulk 

Bulk Email and SMS are typically used for communication with parents and students. There is a monthly payment associated with both of them. Find out from the seller what the projected cost is or whether this is included in the deal.

Hosting Fees

Most SaaS solutions come with free hosting, however, if you purchase an Enterprise package, you will need to pay extra for hosting.

Mobile App

Make sure you ask the seller whether this is included in the package price or not, as it is sometimes an extra expense.

Miscellaneous Costs

Other expenses include the need for separate hardware and installation features for Barcode/RFID (used in library administration) and GPS tracking (used in transportation management). One crucial component that has to be included in the package price is data backup.

Subscription Plans Based On Timelines

Monthly Or Yearly Rates

Monthly flat rates can vary from ₹500 to ₹15000, while yearly school ERP charges might range from ₹9000 to ₹20000. It is also possible to combine a per-student cost with a monthly flat price.

One-Time Fee

This option is appropriate if your organization plans to use it for an extended period of time because it usually comes with a sizable discount and does away with the need for regular renewals. The first price may vary from ₹1,5000 and ₹60,000 based on the specific features. A school administration system typically has a one-time cost of about ₹4,0000.

Tips To Choose The School Management Software In Budget

  • Take into account the level of post-transaction technical support (online, over the phone, or in person).
  • The cost can go higher with more assistance.
  • Verify whether the supplier offers cloud services; if not, you may have to pay more for software.
  • Systems with straightforward user interfaces require less training, yet they may come with additional expenses.
  • Examine the provided modules; some manufacturers may charge more for further modules, while others may provide reasonably priced basic modules.
  • Make sure to read the agreement to avoid hidden charges and additional costs.
  • Compare different plans, such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly, before choosing any option.

Get The Best School Management Package In 2024 

In summary, determining school management software prices in India depends on several factors. Every factor should be thoroughly analyzed before signing the contract. In case of any doubt, you can get help from professional school management software providers like iTrobes in India. Schools can ask for a demo session and implement the software after satisfaction. However, you should never compromise on the quality of software for budget limitations. Therefore, compare the right plans to make appropriate decisions.