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How Much Does SEO Cost In Australia?

SEO cost in Australia

What Is The average Cost Of Effective SEO In Australia?

In 2024, there would be more than one trillion searches related to different businesses towards the end of March, as reported by Google and other search engines in Australia. That means nearly a billion searches per day. Yes, you have heard it right, “Billions.” The massive amount of searches showcases how much people rely on search engines to find the right products, services, and advice daily. Therefore, search engine optimization becomes very important to maximize your reach to the right audience and enhance productivity. But how much does SEO cost in Australia?

Honestly saying, an accurate value can’t be determined as SEO prices in Australia depend on several factors like business goals, targeted audience, and product or service offerings. However, the average cost of SEO in Australia ranges between 2500 AUD to 10000 AUD per month. Let’s see how we can estimate this average cost of SEO by breaking down the price for different components.

Cost Analysis For Comprehensive SEO In Australia

Initial Website Audits Before starting with SEO, you need a proper website audit and evaluation of the current stage. The initial evaluation step can include technical SEO, on-page changes, and content updation, which costs between $100 to $300. However the price may hike if you have critical issues on the website. For example, you might need a complete sight map modification for better usability and responsiveness. This can cost up to $1000.


Research is all about our next segment, where we break down the cost for keyword research and competitor analysis. These are the two crucial segments that can provide an extra boost to your business if done correctly.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to target the right audience and reach the maximum number of prospects interested in your products or services. Some several tools and organizations claim for accurate keyword analysis and targeting in Australia. Therefore, the pricing for keyword research depends on the tools you use.

For example, Google Keyword Planner is completely free. But if you are looking for comprehensive research and competitive results, you can try advanced tools like

  • SemRush – 99 AUD per month
  • Uber suggests- 37 AUD per month
  • Ahrefs – 99 AUD per month

Competitor Research

Understanding your competitors’ actions is necessary to crack the market and earn a breakthrough. Using different SEO tools, a business owner can analyze the keywords, target audience, and backlinks that competitors use for their businesses. But if you are not aware of the right tools, then these tools can be very expensive for you.

Here is a list of some of the best platforms for competitor analysis

  • Semrush: $99 per month
  • Buzzsumo: $50-85 per month

On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization is a critical component that requires several tools and experience. If you are running an in-house SEO, hiring a developer comfortable with changing codes and optimising website parameters to enhance functionality is required. Otherwise, you need to hire an agency for the same. The cost factor varies according to these two scenarios.

Pricing for onsite SEO optimization

  • In-house cost: nearly 1000 to 3500 AUD per month
  • Hiring An Agency: Nearly 800 to 2500 AUD per month


In the world of SEO, what makes you different from your competitors is your content. Quality is an undeniable demand in the SEO industry. Therefore, you need to hire professional content writers or look for a content marketing vendor to fulfill the need for quality content integrations. Furthermore, SEO is prioritizing digital content like images and videos. So you may also have to hire some on-site or freelance graphic designers.

Price Of Content Marketing

  • Website Content: 50 to 100 AUD 
  • Monthly Blogs: 5 to 50 AUD
  • Social Media Content: 250 to 500 AUD

SEO price in Australia


Backlinking is a part of off-page SEO. Quality backlinking creation can improve page health and help you rank better on search engines. But is it free? Usually, backlinking is free. However, if you are looking to attach links to some quality websites, then in some cases, you might be charged by the owner. It completely depends on the price schemes and quotations. Similar rules are also followed in guest posting and another method of backlinking generation.

Price for backlinking generation

  • Backlinking on Authorized Pages: 50 to 100 AUD
  • Guest posting: 100 to 500 AUD


Now, let’s discuss the cost of analyzing the performance matrix. This effective segment helps you understand the page performance by providing essential reports on the total number of impressions, real-time page visitors, and keyword rankings. You can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console for free. However, if you are looking for in-depth analytics and reports, you can buy quality SEO analytics packages that cost around $250 to $500 monthly.

In-House Cost Vs. SEO Agency Cost

Truly saying, conducting in-house SEO will be expensive whether you are running a small business or a renowned enterprise. Opting for in-house SEO services can be costly, including additional charges, such as hiring a full-grown team, renting a space, and other domain and hosting charges. But when you hire a reputed digital marketing agency in Australia like i Trobes, you can easily cut down various expenses like hiring costs, subscription costs for different tools, office space rent, and many more.

Calculating The Optimum Cost Of SEO In 2024

SEO ActivitiesAverage Cost In Australia(In Dollars/Month)
Keyword Research $50-$200
Competitor Analysis $150-$300
Content Management$100-$500
Backlinking $100-$300
Analytics $250-$500
Tools and Plugins$350-$1000
Average Cost$1000-$2800

Wrap Up

Summarizing it, the average cost of SEO in Australia varies according to several factors. If you opt for in-house SEO, it might cost you around 5000 to 1000 dollars per month. But if you can hire a professional agency, the cost can be reduced to 2500 to 5000 dollars per month. Therefore, compare the best and most affordable SEO packages in Australia now.