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How Much Does SEO Cost In Malaysia?

SEO price In Malaysia

An Overview Of SEO Cost In Malaysia

You should invest in SEO for your business. It helps you become more visible online, establish your brand, and improve your search engine results. You must decide how much you are prepared to spend on SEO services in Malaysia when budgeting for your company’s digital marketing. For the simple reason that every business has varied needs, SEO cost differs substantially between organizations.

A comprehensive consideration of the different choices and their possible benefits is necessary to determine the SEO expenses for your business. This allows you to develop a plan or scale specific to your industry. The average cost of SEO in Malaysia typically ranges from RM1,000 to RM5,000 per month, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

In this post, we’ll cover all the information you need about SEO cost in Malaysia. Several pricing options are available, elements that affect cost, and even certain unethical activities that you should be aware of. You’ll know exactly what best meets the demands of search engine optimization.

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Understanding SEO Pricing Models

Businesses looking to improve their online presence in digital marketing must comprehend the nuances of SEO pricing. Three structures of SEO cost in Malaysia are often used for SEO services, each of which serves a distinct purpose for businesses: hourly rates, monthly retainers, and per-project payments.

SEO Pricing By Hourly

Businesses needing specialized services or on-demand assistance can benefit from the flexibility that hourly SEO pricing provides. Ahrefs reports that 36.78% of respondents favor this strategy, with hourly fees ranging from RM180 to RM875. Generally speaking, agencies charge more than consultants or independent contractors because of their extensive resources and specialized knowledge. With this price structure, companies can obtain SEO services that are specifically suited to meet their needs immediately. This makes it a great option for those looking for ongoing support or one-time aid in navigating the intricacies of digital marketing.

SEO Cost In Malaysia By HourPrice Range (RM)
FreelancersRM180 – RM220
ConsultantsRM330 – RM440
AgenciesRM440 – RM875

SEO Pricing By Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainer SEO prices involve clients prepaying for ongoing SEO services, guaranteeing consistent efforts to improve online presence. 74.71% of respondents preferred this option, with monthly charges ranging from RM2,180 to RM8,700, according to Ahrefs’ analysis. Agencies typically charge higher prices because they provide a wider range of services and resources than individual consultants or freelancers. The price structure in question cultivates a durable collaboration between the SEO provider and the customer, so enabling steady advancement in the pursuit of SEO objectives.

SEO Cost In Malaysia Based On Monthly RetainerPrice Range (RM)
FreelancersRM1,100 – RM2,180
ConsultantsRM2,180 – RM4,350
AgenciesRM2,180 – RM8,700

SEO Pricing Based On Project

Businesses with different goals might benefit from flexibility in SEO pricing regarding per-project pricing. This strategy is used by about 43.35% of respondents in the Ahrefs research, with rates ranging from RM2,180 to RM22,700 per project. Because their services are more extensive than consultants or freelancers, agencies usually demand greater prices. With this price structure, companies may customize their SEO expenditures to campaigns or projects to achieve their objectives in a targeted manner and within a certain budget and scope.

SEO Cost In Malaysia Based On ProjectPrice Range (RM)
Freelancers RM21,80 – RM6,660
ConsultantsRM6,660 – RM19,500
AgenciesRM19,500 – RM22,720

Factors SEO Cost In Malaysia

Knowing what influences SEO prices in Malaysia is essential when considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Even if the details might change, the following important criteria regularly affect how much SEO services cost in Malaysia:

SEO Cost In Malaysia

Keyword Competitiveness

Industries with highly competitive keywords usually need more research and optimization efforts to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). This increased complexity can lead to higher costs for SEO services.

Website Complexity And Size

Larger or more complex websites generally need more time and effort to optimize effectively. Tasks such as optimizing multiple pages, addressing technical issues, and improving site architecture may contribute to higher SEO costs..

Current Website Status

The amount of optimization required can be affected by the starting state of your website’s SEO health, which can affect prices. Websites with existing technical issues, poor site structure, or limited optimization may require more intensive work to improve their SEO performance. Fixing these issues adds to the overall cost of SEO services.

Local vs. National Targeting

Targeting a local audience involves optimizing for specific geographic locations and implementing local SEO strategies, such as optimizing Google My Business listings and targeting location-based keywords. National targeting, on the other hand, requires broader optimization efforts and a larger budget to reach a wider audience.

Competition And Geographical Location

In highly competitive marketplaces, the competitiveness of your sector and your company’s location might impact SEO packages in Malaysia.

Quality Of SEO Provider

More seasoned providers frequently charge more prices due to their greater experience, reputation, and track record. These factors can have a substantial influence on pricing.

Compare And Choose The Best SEO Service In Malaysia

The typical monthly retainer SEO fees in Malaysia that SEO companies charge typically range from RM3,000 to RM10,000. One-time SEO audit services typically cost between RM3,000 and RM5,000. Remember that depending on the SEO agency you use, the prices may change, and the fees may fluctuate. Since it often takes months for a website to rank for a certain set of industry-relevant keywords, most SEO companies provide monthly retainers.

Since hourly pricing typically indicates that a freelancer does not have many recurring clients, which may limit their budget for more sophisticated SEO tools, hourly rates are typically offered by freelancers who can do the most basic SEO tasks.

When it comes to SEO initiatives, business owners with certain demands or marketing approaches should consider them. Since an SEO campaign typically lasts over six months, its starting price should be around RM10,000.


SEO is still a fundamental component of the ever-changing field of digital marketing as it depends on carefully produced, superior content intended to pique the interest of site visitors and leads. A sizable amount of SEO expenses go on optimization initiatives, backlink outreach, and different SEO tactics, highlighting SEO’s status as a long-term investment in online visibility.

Choosing an SEO service provider may be difficult, whether you’re looking for one in Malaysia or elsewhere. However, collaborating with a reliable SEO company, like iTrobes, who is knowledgeable about regional Malaysian markets and skilled at negotiating international ones, may offer priceless assistance. Avoid the traps of using inexpensive SEO services since they might lead to Google penalties for having low-quality backlinks and material that has been copied. On the other hand, expensive does not necessarily equate to high-quality services.

The key to achieving excellent SEO results is to put quality before quantity. Investing in trustworthy SEO services supports long-term objectives by guaranteeing sustainable development and exposure in the digital space.

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