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SEO For Construction Companies: Tips, Strategies, & Keywords

SEO For Construction Companies

Best Practices For SEO For Construction Companies

If you run a construction company, you want to ensure the people who need your resources can find you. In this day and age, that means you need to have an online presence. But just having a website isn’t enough! There are thousands and thousands of websites out there, and you need to stand out in some way. This is where SEO for construction companies can help you out.

Importance Of SEO For Construction Companies

The primary purpose of SEO is to improve web page ranking. The higher you rank on search engine results pages, the easier it is for people to find your website. The top three pages on Google end up receiving more than 50% of clicks!

Ranking higher also lends more credibility to your organization and makes it more likely that the people who visit your website will become your clients. This is because SEO is a form of inbound marketing – potential customers contact you first instead of you bombarding them with unwanted messages. Ultimately, a well-designed SEO strategy will bring more visitors to your website, boost your sales, and earn you more revenue.

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Strategies For SEO For Construction Companies

1. Keyword Optimization

Keywords are words and phrases that potential customers often search for. Your task is to incorporate these keywords into your content so that your website will be displayed when people use a search engine. To do this well, you first need to do some research to find out which words and phrases people search for more often.

There are several research tools out there that you can use, but here’s a list of the top ten keywords for SEO for construction companies to make it easier for you to get started.

  • Construction companies
  • General contractors near me
  • Construction companies near me
  • Ready mix concrete near me
  • Home remodeling near me
  • Construction business
  • Civil contractors
  • Demolition contractors
  • Demolition companies near me
  • Home construction companies

Tips For Keyword Research

  • Take a look at your competitors’ websites and figure out what keywords they use most often.
  • Go to Google, and look at the suggestions it gives you when you start typing in one of your keywords.
  • Target synonyms and other words related to your primary keywords.

2. Custom Content

Once you’ve got a list of keywords in place, you can start creating content around them. Publishing unique content that is useful to your visitors will keep your website interesting. If you keep it up, your company will eventually be hailed as a leader in the field!

A great way to do this is through a blog, which you can update regularly with interesting news and helpful information. In addition to text, you can also incorporate videos and images. Engaging visual content will keep your visitors on your website for longer periods.

Tips For Creating Content

  • Think of your audience first. Creating content that will keep people engaged is more important than writing for bots.
  • Sprinkle relevant keywords into your content.
  • Share the content you create on social media to drive visibility.
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3. Efficient Use Of Tags

Including keywords in HTML tags is also a crucial factor when it comes to SEO for construction companies. Tags help search engines crawl your website and find your content when someone searches for a keyword. There are three places where you need to include your keywords.

Title Tags

What you include in the title tag of a page is what gets displayed on search engine results pages. Keep your title tags short, and make sure to use your primary keyword.

Meta Descriptions

This is what appears as the description of your page in search engine results pages. For it to be displayed, keep this piece of text between 180 and 230 characters. You should include your primary keyword in your meta descriptions as well.

Alt tags

The “alt” stands for “alternate”. In your alt tags, you want to write descriptions of the visual elements on your website. In addition to making it easier for search engine bots, alt tags have the added benefit of helping those who are visually impaired consume your content.

Tips For Using Tags

  • Don’t use more than 70 characters in your title tag.
  • Make sure your tags are unique.
  • Don’t use too many of your keywords in your tags.

4. Streamline Navigation

Ensure that you structure your website well, and that it is easy to navigate. This is important not just for visitors to your website, but for search engines as well. Include links to key pages on your homepage and make sure you have a way for visitors to contact you.

Tips For Structuring Your Website

  • Have a fixed navigation bar that visitors can see even when they scroll.
  • Use descriptive anchor text. For example, instead of the word “blog” to direct someone to your organization’s blog, use a catchy phrase like “considering construction”.

5. Mobile Optimization

This is another crucial factor when it comes to SEO for construction companies. More than half of searches these days happen on mobile devices. You want your website to look just as good on a phone or tablet as it does on a desktop. Because of the popularity of mobile devices, search engines also favor those sites that feature responsive design.

Tips For Mobile Optimization

  • Make sure your website is not slow on mobile devices. You can do this by compressing images, upgrading your web hosting, and removing unnecessary plugins.
  • Scale your content so that the mobile layout is easy on the eyes.

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