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How Much Does SEO Cost in India?

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Best SEO Package in India for Your Budget in 2023!

If you have a website, the most successful way of improving its online visibility and driving traffic to it is through SEO. If your business has a digital presence, investing in search engine optimization is absolutely necessary. That means you need to browse through the top SEO packages in India and select the one that suits your needs and goals.

While some companies have an in-house SEO team that audits, performs, and evaluates the various SEO activities, most businesses do not have access to those skills. In such cases, the best idea is to hire an SEO company to take over this responsibility. It not only saves time and lets you focus on other important aspects of the business, but it also offers great returns on investment in the long run.

How Much Does SEO Cost in India?

It goes without saying that SEO prices in India vary based on the package and the provider. Of course, if you choose a comprehensive package, it is going to cost a lot. Similarly, a custom package may cost more than a standard package, but it ends up saving you money in the long run by eliminating services that you don’t need and focusing only on activities that are essential to your strategy. The reputation of the SEO service provider also comes into play here. A highly reputed and award-winning firm is likely going to charge a hefty amount, while a startup might charge a lot less. SEO charges in India are between Rs.25000 ($300) and Rs.100000 ($1200) per month (Rs. 3,00,000 ($3600) – Rs.12,00,000 ($14400) a year). 

Affordable SEO Plan in India for all Business

PlansBasic SEO PlanStandard SEO PlanProfessional SEO PlanEnterprise SEO Plan
PricesRs.25000 ($300) MonthlyRs. 40000 ($500) MonthlyRs. 60000 ($750) MonthlyRs. 100000 ($1200) Monthly
Contract Period4 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months

What are the Different Types of SEO Packages in India?

Before you get in touch with an SEO company, you should gather a basic understanding of the different types of packages the top players of the industry offer. On a broad scale, these packages can be categorized as standard and customized. A standard package, as the name implies, will cover all the basic SEO activities and services required to make your website appear high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

You will only get a fixed set of offerings under this package, which is why the cost tends to be average and fixed as well. If you are new to SEO, going for a standard package may be ideal for you. However, the biggest issue you may face with the standard package is that your website’s SEO plan may not require certain parts of the package. So, spending money on those activities may not make sense.

That brings us to customized SEO packages, which are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your business and website. SEO firms create these custom packages after thoroughly studying your website, business model, goals, and existing marketing plan. Although you may need to spend a few extra dollars to get a custom SEO package, the ROI makes it worth it!


SEO cost in India


What Activities Do the Standard SEO Packages in India cover?

Considering the great variety of SEO packages offered by different digital marketing companies, choosing one can be fairly difficult. As a business owner, your goal should be to get the maximum return on your investment. To make that happen, you need to make sure that you are getting the services that will actually make a difference.

Although you may not find a “one-size-fits-all” SEO package, some aspects and activities are always included in a good package. These activities include research, content creation, PR, and reporting. Here, we are going to take a look at some of these SEO services that are integral to any SEO package.


A comprehensive SEO package should provide you with research services. This research involves thoroughly studying your business and industry, auditing your website, analyzing your competitors, understanding your goals, and much more. All the core SEO activities that will follow next should be based on the findings of this research.

Content creation

Content is the backbone of a strong SEO strategy. That is why the best SEO packages in India include content creation, which can be anything starting from blogs, articles, and videos to social media posts, Q&As, or something unique to your business or industry. Through the power of content, you can not only promote your business, but you can also connect with your audience and build trust.


The dynamic nature of modern SEO has close ties to traditional public relations. If you think about it, both PR and SEO are driven by the same engine – quality content. The only difference is that PR content has a press-first approach, while SEO content has a Google-first approach. Despite this, they are pretty similar, and PR is an integral part of today’s SEO.

Much like conventional PR, modern SEO focuses on good storytelling and engagement with the target audience. It also emphasizes consumer interests and concerns and their buying journeys. The true magic of SEO happens when you combine the technical-driven approach with the customer-driven one.


A reliable and reputed SEO company in India will always offer reporting services as part of its SEO package. Essentially, it involves tracking and monitoring the ongoing SEO efforts and their results based on metrics such as search engine ranking, online visibility, website traffic, conversions, and return on investment. So, now that you know about which fundamental services to expect from a good SEO package, it is time to discuss the cost.


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