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Enterprise Application Development

Do you need Enterprise Application Development services?

Not two businesses operate in the same way and it is important that you seamlessly organise all your internal processes with added digital assistance in order to make your efforts count. Our dev team can help you with complete end-to-end visualisation of the finished product through our prototypes and wireframes prior to testing the viability of your idea before jumping in head-first.

Manage everything from your sales cycles, communication tracking, leads management, project coordination or even track employee productivity with our custom solutions. But the crucial part is getting the right enterprise application development that will work well with your requirements. Our five years of experience are just what you need to make your overall efforts count.

Leads Management

If you’re looking to integrate a CRM application for your business to drive your leads towards better conversion rates, then our solutions are for you.

Communication Tracking

The efficiency of a CRM structure pertaining to any organization can be measured against their successful communication with prospects or customers.

Automation Integration

Combine all the subsystem structures of your organization under one platform and automate your workflow for improved efficiency.

SMS & Email Marketing

Integrate all your data in one place and also accelerate your marketing strategies for the better with our all-in-one application solutions.

Products & Service Management

Combine different teams across your organisation and focus on better collaboration by developing custom enterprise resource planning applications.

Sales Analytics & Report

Strategize better with data-driven insights that you can achieve from our solution-rich dashboards that will help you visualise all the crucial metrics better.

Technology Stack to cover all your needs

Being a leading enterprise application development company, we cover all advanced technology to meet the variegated demands of customers in the minimum possible time and provide modern solutions. From a team of expert professionals to tools of utmost precision, we have got you covered.

Increase your organization’s productivity by working on the go and running your business from your comfort zone with the user-optimized interface that we bring your way with our custom ERP solutions. With detailed report generation, custom analytics, improved work collaboration, promoting interaction between teams and better customer handling channels, we can help you with the perfect enterprise application development solutions.

Why iTrobes Technologies ?

Enterprise Application Development

Our enterprise application development services entail:

Leads Management

We can help you to channelize your leads towards developing intent to convert through proper visualization of their progress in the sales funnel!

Opportunity Management

With a lead scoring system in place, we can help you to quantify the opportunities that your sales team has with the customer.

Sales Funnel Management

Efficiently monitor the end-to-end activities of your customer’s journey and get better sales conversion with our ERP solutions.

Sales Analytics

Analyzing each of the sales channel efforts and their conversion ratio can be extremely vital for your sales efforts in the future

Sales Forecasts

Compare your sales reports, devise a progressive strategy, forecast sales, and improve your returns with our in-built analytical resources.

Data-Rich Reports

Analyse your sales performance, forecast a way forward, and make decisions that are backed by intelligent real-time insights.

What Industries do we serve?

As a leading enterprise application development company in the market, we carry sufficient expertise in handling any technology requirement pertaining to any industry there is. Here are a few verticals that we’ve been comfortable working within the past:





Information Technology


Fashion / Lifestyle

Pay as you grow

iTrobes pricing plan adapts to your team’s usage. We even include a free trial so you can see your revenue increase before any kind of commitment.

Effortless adoption

iTrobes pricing plan adapts to your team’s usage. We even include a free trial so you can see your revenue increase before any kind of commitment.

All sales compatible

iTrobes pricing plan adapts to your team’s usage. We even include a free trial so you can see your revenue increase before any kind of commitment.

Enterprise Application Development Company

Enterprise Application Development solutions like elsewhere!

It is not easy identifying all the crucial areas where you need improvement. But with an expert eye, you can navigate all the avenues of growth that you possibly missed out and together drive your efforts forward towards the same. This is not as simple as it sounds. But with a company like iTrobes in the picture with vast industrial experience, you can get your application built right on the first go. A custom solution can help you find your fit under your budget and at your own pace or timelines. Focusing on giving you maximum returns is what our efforts are driven towards as a unit.

So, where do iTrobes help?

As your company’s sales scope expands, the lead count reaches a higher number that requires more than manual tracking. Realign your business processes to suit contemporary requirements and gear up your operations to handle the needs of tomorrow better. With our custom dashboards, you will be open to a vast amount of insights on sales performance. Are you ready to adjust your sails and improve your business revenue multiple folds? We have so far worked with almost all the business verticals there are and thus carry sufficient experience in handling any intensity of requirements there. Talk to us today and we’ll strategically plan our way forward together.

We Plan

Understanding your business capacity and the overall enterprise application development requirements is on us.

We Prepare

We’ll help you pick off-the-shelf plans or create custom applications that you need for easy business functioning

We Deploy

Designing you the perfect enterprise application solutions by paying attention to all the variables is on us.

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