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The Future of E-Commerce

Future of eCommerce

The Future of E-Commerce is Bright

Since its inception, the eCommerce industry has been evolving at a very fast pace. Successful businesses have been depending on eCommerce and capitalizing on it for quite a few years now and as the technologies tend to evolve more, one thing is clear: the future of eCommerce is bright and it is here to stay. The global market of eCommerce is said to cross $5871.1 billion by the year 2022. It’s therefore, no surprise that demand for software consulting is increasing tremendously as eCommerce website development has now become an integral part of business models everywhere.

Companies are focusing on the perfect eCommerce website design that makes it easier for their audiences to interact and smoothly participate with their business. While everyone agrees eCommerce is the way to go, to truly make the most of it and outshine the competition, the key lies in being futuristic and paying attention to the constantly evolving trends. In this article, the experts at iTrobes take you through some of the hot topics & trends that give an insight into the future of eCommerce. Keeping these in mind & discussing them with your eCommerce website development company will help you & your business in your quest for the perfect eCommerce website development.

6 Things to Focus on When Thinking of the Future of E-Commerce

1. Visual Stimuli will Dominate

Visual stimuli affect the purchasing decision of customers. From high-quality images & videos on product pages or advertisements to a proper display of the same on social media, the story of the brand narrated through images and videos can be highly thought-provoking. The future of eCommerce is bound to have more space for Virtual Reality. The use of VR devices makes it possible for people to get a close look at the items of their choice from different angles. This technological advancement is way more powerful and feels realistic than the 2-D images customers find online. In the times to come when VR becomes more accessible and affordable, businesses should watch out for these and adapt them for providing a great customer experience.

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2. Multiple Payment Options will be Expected on All Platforms

More payment methods help greatly in reducing card abandonment. Earlier, it was mainly credit cards but with time, the emergence of different methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, debit cards, COD (cash on delivery), etc made their way on the eCommerce platforms. Now that cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of attention, who knows if it will also be a part of future payment modes. The reason it is important to make sure various payment methods are available on your platform is that more options make it easier for customers to make their purchases through multiple options. It is now expected by customers that each site will offer all the options for payment and those who fail to do so might lose out on significant purchases from their potential audience.

3. Personalized Experience/Better UI/UX for Customer Retention

An eCommerce website design that keeps in mind it’s UX/UI has one of the best ROIs. Amazon is a good example as it focused a lot more on the customer experience element and spent more money on it than it ever did on advertising. The personalized suggestion feature also proved very successful for them. Personalization of experience makes sure that customers don’t get lost in the plethora of catalogs and can easily navigate to what they need. It greatly sweetens the deal for them if their navigation experience is smooth. One thing is clear, a better design & personalized experience directly results in better conversions.

4. Integration Between All Channels

To guarantee a great experience, businesses should focus on providing an omnichannel: connecting online, offline as well as social. It is now time to also keep social commerce in the omnichannel strategy as it is increasingly high in demand. eCommerce website development should be done keeping a seamless integration of all these in mind. Social media channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Facebook, and now even Youtube, all offer purchase options and other sales features. Therefore ignoring them would be a big mistake. With time, different platforms gain importance, but one thing is clear: regardless of which sales/communication channel is used most in the coming future, ensuring that everyone is connected through an omnichannel experience will help businesses greatly.

The Future of eCommerce

5. Improved Interactions with Chatbots

We are moving from voice searches towards chatbots with the same idea: a better human-like experience. Shoppers like it when the eCommerce website design provides intelligent interactions options on their platforms. Even though chatbots have been around for a while, it is in recent times that they have gotten smarter with technological advancement. Using smart chatbots can cover a range of services from customer service to generate leads, thus also saving the company employing costs as the need for physical human labor diminishes.

6. Rise of M-Commerce

Mobile commerce already caters to a majority of online retail and there is no doubt it is only going to grow. Recent pandemic times have once again encouraged every web design company that most people now like to be active & love to shop from the comforts of their mobile phones. Accessibility on mobile phones is a necessary part of eCommerce website development services and cannot be ignored at any cost. There is no doubt that this is a trend of the present as well as the future and ignoring it will cost businesses greatly.

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Technological Advancement positively indicates that the future of eCommerce will be scalable. But with this evolution, also comes the pressure of keeping up with the trends that shape this industry. Business owners themselves cannot look into this on their own as expert-level assistance is needed. For this reason, it is imperative to find an expert eCommerce website development company that is up to date with industry developments, can keep a track of what your business needs, and helps you in implementing the same. A good website design company will know that not every brand needs to try and capitalize on every trend. A b2b business selling heavy machinery or tools might not necessarily need Instagram to improve their bottom lines and so on. An experienced team will help you not only being up-to-date but also save you time and resources.

Experts at iTrobes have years of experience in delivering first-class eCommerce website development services to businesses from all industries. By providing software consulting at all levels (no matter the stage of the eCommerce development), our professionals have something valuable to offer to all businesses which take them to greater heights and help them stay competitive in their industries. Does your business need help in implementing the right kind of, eCommerce website development services? If yes, reach out to us today and let us help you with everything digital or eCommerce, so your business can reach its highest potential.