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The website revamp that you need right now and the most actionable way to keep it on par

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Your website’s first impression matters. If you want to establish yourself as a market leader, you’ll have to establish a commendable presence everywhere. This right here is why you can’t rely on the traditional outdated UI/UX that you have built your website with a while ago.
Even if it has miraculously survived the bandwidth issues and server errors and has been functional all this while, it can put your brand down to the lowest depths. It can potentially showcase your business with an image that puts you in a position where you lack reinvention.

When do you have to ditch your old website for good and how can you tell?

As a website design and development company, we understand what works and what does not through the years of experience that we have accumulated. Here are some of the signs with which you should not overlook:

1. Your visitors don’t stay far too long

This common problem has everything to do with your website in itself rather than the common misconception that it is maybe because of how little effort you put on branding or the type of business vertical you belong to.
Your websites leave your site majorly for the following inconvenience that they face.

  • Slow load times
  • Graphically unappealing
  • Boring content
  • Misdirection and clumsy UI
  • Found something better on the next tab

bounce rate between 40 and 56% is considered to be average. With the right digital marketing efforts in place and a detail-oriented website development team, you can go even below the 26% milestone and be top-performing. Anything above these numbers indicates that you’re heading in the wrong direction.

Transform Your Online Presence With Our Cutting-Edge Website Revamp Services!

2. You have no conversion or sales from your website

This happens because of two reasons.

a)Your SEO position has been really weak and you lose your customer to your competitor before they even find you

b)Your website isn’t convincing enough or does it look credible enough for the people to spend their money on you

The ultimate end goal for any business is to see comprehensive results from every corner they invest in. Websites are no different. If you have a website that you’re spending on SSL and hosting year on year and reap absolutely no returns off of it, then why have one at all?

3. It’s not optimized for mobile phones

Mobile usage to browse the internet is not the future but the present already. In 2020, almost 53% of the worldwide website traffic happens through smartphones.

It doesn’t end there. Your website design and development should be made to remain responsive across any device including tablets and even smart TVs. You blink you lose is basically how fast you can lead your customer out of the door before they even look at what you have to offer.

Website revamp that you need right now

Now, where do you start if you were to revamp your website?

1. Describe your end goal

There are different types of websites that can be used depending on the end business goal. Revamp your website according to your business strategy, your consumer point of view, and to up your marketing game.

Focus on building a medium where you can engage a whole community or develop a loyal following for your brand instead of just having it for the sake of email IDs or to type out on a visiting card.
The right team of experienced developers will take it upon their hands to find you the right hosting according to your bandwidth needs and to fix you up with the proper domain names.
At iTrobes, we can help you with the complete website revamp through a personally scripted process in place.

2. Generate Convincing marketable content

Content marketing is going to be the pillar that websites stand on. With a proper content marketing company or team helping you, you can just get it right. Define your target customer persona, their demographics, their interests, and their pain points. Fix upon a tone of messaging that would make your persona move and use that for the whole website consistently.

Using formal assertive sentences is not going to connect with your audience. Do complete market research before you get into content creation. Use digital tools to pick out keywords that are high-performing in your industry and use them at the right intensity on all your pages.

3. Design and develop with the experts

Any website development company can do a decent job of getting a website up and running. But the question is, will it be worth your investment?

Reap maximum returns out of your investment by choosing the right partners in growth that can take care of your 360-degree marketing for you. From basic wireframe to resulting in website conversions, iTrobes can just do it for you.
Holding onto things for far too long does no good. Especially when it comes to your business websites. It’s time for a new beginning. Are you ready for the ride? Get in touch with us today.

Transform Your Online Presence With Our Cutting-Edge Website Revamp Services!