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What Are Mobile Applications That Make Our Daily Lives Easier?

Top mobile applications that make our lives easier

Top 10 Mobile Applications That Make Our Daily Lives Easier

There are plenty of applications in the market here we will see the top 10 mobile applications. There are almost 1.8 billion applications that are available in the market for users to download. The android app store alone hosts about 2.56 applications on it. An average mobile phone user shuffles between at least 30 applications every month. Noe these numbers might seem pretty good for you to venture into mobile app development services as a tech expert. But surprisingly, 80 to 90% of the apps are abandoned by both the user and the app stores just after a single usage. This attributes to various reasons like the market conditions, the actual solution they deliver, the vertical they cater to, the competitors, improper design, and not so considerate UI/UX.

Here’s a List of Top 10 Mobile Applications That Consistently Make Our Lives Easier


With a user base of 390.1 million people just in India, WhatsApp is definitely one of the applications that are indispensable in today’s setting. It keeps us connected with almost anything and everything around us these days.

It is also used professionally for maintaining internal communications through groups or through a separate segment called WhatsApp business. Its latest upgrade includes a money-sharing platform that might overtake other applications like Paytm or GPay if channeled right!


Having started as a web application initially, it is now one of the top utilized applications even in mobile phones. Especially with the work-from-home situation in place, this had become the go-to app for any professional meeting and also for other purposes like online classes, seminars, etc. There might be multiple apps in this vertical but zoom has come out on a successful note because of their ease of usage made possible by their well-cut-out app development services.

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News in just under 60 words for you to understand the world standing is actually pretty awesome if you ask us. While all the other mobile application development was focussing on bringing the news of the world to your doorstep, this one went a notch up to bring all this news in the shortest way possible.


Having started as an application that was originally used to send and receive personal items between two or more people, now it has slowly branched out to different areas like the delivery of groceries, meat, and items from other listed shops to the doorstep of the customers.

Swiggy/ Zomato

Zomato was first started as an app that reviews restaurants. This groundwork helps their developers understand the appetite of the customers in the market and then they went on to cater to the side that was previously overlooked. They then entered the food delivery market in style. And Swiggy on a similar note became popular with all the irresistible offers that they keep giving out. Ideally, this is what you should pay attention to while hiring mobile app development services. They should have a long-term vision for your business just like you and be your partners in growth as you expand and modify your service niche.


From being a mere photo-sharing platform once, Instagram has really grown to a great extent to luring the millennial market. It is now a shopping place, a place where you find personal brands of people in your areas of interest, an app for a good past time and also a place where you could have healthy debates on various political agendas (although the last one could get real ugly sometimes too)

Top mobile applications that make our daily lives easier

Payment Apps

Now, this is a game-changer. Paytm, GPay, Amazon Pay are apps that more importantly offer convenience over everything else. With continuous upgrades, their app development services stay on point to make their customers’ lives easier.


Mental health has been regarded as a taboo, especially in India. Through it mass marketing practices and easy-to-understand ideologies along with interactive yoga and mindfulness content, they’ve really won people’s minds along with their hearts.

Healthify Me

This app has made it easier than ever to keep a track of the calories you eat. Their mobile app development services have taken it a notch above and integrated their application with a wide variety of smartwatches and pedometers to give the users a comprehensive outlook on their calories burnt in a day along with a comparison of their calorie intake.

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Stuck with no motivation or idea for your art, work, or your outfit? Find it here in the place which has an abundance of creators and their works endlessly listed!

Now, after having a look at this, you might also be wondering about a ground-breaking idea that might really change the level playing field of applications all around in a niche sector that you have a vision for. Hire our best mobile app development services to make your idea a reality!