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Top 5 tips to create a user-friendly website

Tips for create a user-friendly website

Ways to make your business website user friendly

Websites have evolved so much over the years. It’s not just an interface with words and images anymore. It is an experience. The aesthetics of your site and the placements of different CTAs and other elements are all crucial in making your users stay for longer periods of time. This will improve your conversion rates drastically. Here are 5 user-friendly website design tips that you should pay close attention to while going for web design services.

1. Make your navigation easy

The navigation of your site should be intuitive enough to predict user’s standard behavior and adhere to these established conventions. Good navigation will not be an innovative one. It will be standardized without any major innovations. It should be straightforward for the user to understand explicitly. If there are too many links, it can be incorporated as a drop-down menu. It’s simple things like this. The navigation bar is essential because it is the prime source that will direct your users to different pages and help them find what they want. A/B testing with your bar with slight adjustments is something the best web design companies would do to arrive at a promising conclusion for your navigation bar. As an added user-friendly website design tip, always have a search bar alongside your navigation which will help the users even better.

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2. Structure your content to be as readable as it can be

As a brand, you might have a lot of information to give out to the audience but not every single one of them might be of use to your audience. People do not thoroughly read the entire content of your web page, they just take a note of structured headings and pointers that are easy to grasp. Split your core messaging into different paragraphs as necessary. Have a contrast between different sections in terms of color, background, and layout. You don’t have to go for lavish font styles that might look good and yet not be readable. San serif fonts are better for online reading. Also avoiding using multiple font styles all through the page is a best practice. Utilizing formatting techniques such as headlines, subtitles, highlighted words or bulleted lists might enhance the importance given to major contexts.

3. Lesser the load time the better

Nobody likes to wait anymore. Especially when there are million other options on the sidelines. The amount of time your website takes to load is thus a significant factor. It is found by web development companies in India that any site that takes more than 10 seconds to load will have significantly higher bounce rates. In order to effect quick load times, remove all additional elements like videos and multimedia from the page. Compressing your images before the upload is also a best practice.

Tips to create a user-friendly website

4. Colour schemes, palettes, and design layout

Stick to choosing a color palette that goes in sync with your business vertical. The use of a dual-color theme is preferable to the usage of multiple colors all at once. Ensure your brand consistency in all the other places so your brand recognition rate is higher. There’s also a concept called white space. It is the vacant space between two different components in a design. A carefully crafted layout when it comes to web design services will be pleasant on the reader’s eye thus enhancing their experience. All your texts would look legible this way and comprehensive for the end-user. Research shows that user attention goes up by 20% if the white space around the tiles is optimized in a different way.

5. Mobile-Friendliness

Accessibility through mobile phones has been ever increasing and it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Be it PCs or laptops, their usage is comparatively lesser than that of the search queries made through mobile phones. Searching for things on the go is something that your clients prefer. Hence, all your web design service effort should also have mobile optimization as a prime focus. A user-friendly website design will help you put your site’s best image across any image or browser there is. Also, note that every aspect from your navigation to your section alignments must be taken proper note of across different browsers.

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To conclude…

You might be inclined to go for relatively cheap sources for building your website. But that is only going to take a toll on your return on investment. There are dozens of web development companies in India and choosing the one for you is not an easy task. Always ask for the portfolio of previous works to understand the working style of your vendors beforehand. Decide on the deadlines, have frequent conversations to understand their flexibility, see if they provide you with a dedicated account manager and their turnaround times. At iTrobes, we take pride in being the best web development company. Be it any requirement that you have, we are sure to give you the best possible results than any other player in the market.