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Different Types Of Mobile Applications

Types of applications

How Many Different Types Of Apps Do You Know About?

Smartphone usage has surged up in recent times and there are almost 3 million applications in the Google Play Store alone. Millennials especially are prone to open different applications at least 11+ times each day. In such a technology-driven world, it is necessary that you develop the right kind of marketable applications with which you can generate leads, conversions, and sales to reap the returns that you initially set out for. To do this, you should have a fair idea about the types of apps and their nature.

Type Of Apps Based On Technology

1. Native Apps

Native applications are the ones that are designed either for iOS app development, for the play store, or for the windows operating system. Since they are specifically designed for the single platform, they operate much more efficiently with added functionalities that are also faster.

Attributing to the higher performance, the overall app development process is also on the higher end when it comes to the cost involved. This is because the duplication of the native app of one operating system to adapt with the others involves separate processes from the scratch and also requires separate support and maintenance teams.

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2. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications use multiple technologies in place like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. All of these are designed as a single source application that is modified to suit all the operating systems at once. Since they are not specifically designed, they face a lot of shortcomings when it comes to effective performance. But if you are looking for an Android app development process with massively quick turnaround times while also not losing out on the audience of the iOS store, then this one might work your way. Do note that the application optimization or use experience might not be as seamless as that of native applications. Since there is only the involvement of a single source code adaptation across different platforms, there might be only minimum cost and time involved in updates and overall maintenance.

3. Web Apps

These are different from both native and hybrid applications since they predominantly depend on browsers for their running. They are of the extremely low cost of development but also face a lot of compromises in terms of usability and overall user experience since the overall efficiency depends on the browser’s connectivity and network.

But if you’re looking for monetization of the application, this might be useful since you can position ads in the app pages themselves without affecting the overall functionalities. At the same time, on an overall scale, only 14% of the application user base spends time on web-based apps compared to the other types.

Type Of Apps Based On Technology

Other Types Of Apps Based On Their Utility 

1. Lifestyle Applications

These include applications that help our everyday life. There are different segments of it including music apps, travel or stay booking, dating apps, fitness, shopping or food delivery apps, etc. Native apps might suit these better since their overall ease of usage would be way better than the rest.

You can reap maximum revenue out of these lifestyle applications if you can just make your users like your app over your competitors. Reaching the right audience is only possible with a proper marketing approach that goes hand in hand with your app development efforts.

2. Social Media

The major portion of mobile application usage attributes to social media. Especially with all Gen X and Gen Z crowd going in and out of every social application every other second only to keep themselves in the cycle of endless switching, these app usage levels are at a massive high.

Make sure that you are backed by a good mobile app development company while you design these because there is a huge risk of investment. You would have to create an application that is a breakthrough in the market while also being sustainable in terms of usage, market expansion, and revenue. It’s just like how Clubhouse made a massive entry in the digital space as a social media platform, had quick popularity in terms of how it offered a different structure but the interest dropped off just like that. This would affect the plans, proposals, and ROI in the longer run.

3. Productivity

Applications like notes, spreadsheets, google docs, or workspace apps like Trello, Asana, Zoho Projects, etc are all the ones that come under productivity. These applications can even be web-based.

A proper iOS app development company in place can help you get your productivity app to the next level with proper revenue planning systems in place with can either be a premium model, subscription model, or ad partnership model

Types Of Apps Based On Their Utility

4. Entertainment

Game applications along with movie or series watching platforms like Prime or Netflix comes under this category. Native applications are a must here since entertainment apps purely depend on engaging your users in an immersive experience and making them binge on your hosted content.

There are a lot of failed game applications that are boring or not challenging enough. Games that are built on a foundational story works better than the others. An experienced player like iTrobes can help you develop applications that carry forward every feature that you need.

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5. Info Applications

People want to watch the news on the go. This is why applications like Buzzfeed and Inshorts got a lot more popular than the others since they break down every news into smaller segments. Hybrid applications might also do a decent job when it comes to applications of this nature.

Ensuring Success With Your Mobile App Development

No matter what you chose from the types of apps, it is important that you go all-in with your idea only after thorough market research and a marketing plan of action. This right here is why you need a professional in place who can take over your application development process for you completely. Be it any app, at iTrobes Technologies, we have the right expertise to build an application that is ROI-driven. Get in touch with us now for more details!