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User-Friendly Software Examples

User-friendly software

Looking for User-Friendly Software Examples?

On average, 77% of the application that launches in the market lose their complete Daily Active Users within just a period of three days post-installation. Another whooping stat that would make you rethink your venture into the app market is that almost 99.7% of the application fail without seeing the light of their day and crumble within the first few days, months, or years post-launch. One of the major reasons why this happens is that they fail to connect with their user base in the appropriate manner. Here are a few user-friendly software examples that can help you understand things better.

Your Custom Software Development Should be Flexible to Offer the Following for Target Audience

1. Easy Installation

This is the foremost thing when it comes to the usability of any application. It starts from the moment a potential user eyes at your application. Be it mobile applications or software that are used for computer-first utilization, the overall onboarding process should be as simple as it can get.

You’d have to document the guide to the usage of different functionalities within your application by using pop-ups or an application tour after your user enters your software for the first time. But you’d also have to make sure that it doesn’t seem overwhelming with every last detail dumped inside. Finding a thin line between stuffing too much information and giving out the important ones is what your onboarding process should balance between to attract your users at first sight.

Are You Looking For User-friendly Software?

2. Intuitive User Interface

The user-friendliness of your application majorly depends on how effective you design your Graphic User Interface (GUI). The navigation to different sections should be easier. Even the smallest of attributes like the segmentation of different sections, your color tones, font placements, overall readability, and Call to Action buttons are all important and should be properly placed in a strategic manner.

All these are the reasons why you should rather go with a custom software development company that carries full-stack experts rather than relying on a person or two for your process.

3. Catchy Aesthetics while also Being Simple

You should keep up with the current trends of aesthetics that go well along with the well-acquired taste of people. But at the same time, you should compromise on the ease of navigation and usage. This will drastically affect your overall active users and finally lead to your fall. Minimalism has been the current design trend and people want to directly get what they are looking for without a lot of fancy elements blocking their way. This is what you should be focusing on as well to execute.

4. Backend Support 24/7

We can’t really stress this enough. This could save your business from falling apart even when your user base tends to below. Your users come to the software that you specifically offer and choose you over all the other competitors out there. If your offer continuous support, they are not even going to search for other applications no matter how many time there’s a flaw they face.

Familiarity and convenience are something that people look for these days and with respect to software usage, everyone wants to just stay with an application for over a period of time to make the transition process easier for them as well. An experienced software consulting firm can help shed more light on how you can go about hiring or outsourcing a team for your service, maintenance, and back-end application support.

Userfriendly software

5. No Third-Party Dependence

A seamless usable software is one that comprises everything in itself. Be it any anti-virus software, third-party API, anti-spyware, or any security-based application, they must all come as a unit with a single click download of your application. Asking your user to install some other application to use the functionality of your software will only increase the complication for them and drive them further away from using your application.

So, if you go for custom software development services, make sure that you bring everything your software needs under one single roof to increase your chances of driving your software to success. A company like iTrobes will carry the right experience to make this happen for you.

6. Easy Troubleshooting or Uninstallation

There will definitely be times where the user wants to perform a forced stop of your application or troubleshoot your software for any glitches or application misbehaves. They should have it easy while they attempt to troubleshoot. You should also ensure all the possible diagnostic test runs should be available along with guides or tutorials on how to resolve their issue.

If else there should always be a backend team that they can report to and fall back on for appropriate solutions that they can avail of. And it is important that they find it easy to uninstall your application. Remind yourself that you can still make a repeat conversion with them in the near future as long as you make the exit process seamless for them as well. This is one of the great user-friendly software examples that you should take note of.

Are You Looking For User-friendly Software?

7. Handling Errors in a Seamless Way

Even the most innovatively curated applications are going to encounter errors every now and then. It happens to the best of us. It’s okay too. But the aftermath matters. You should be backed by a team of know-it-alls who can spot the errors that you might encounter at any point in time. Once you identify the error, the rectification process is going to be pretty easy. But the spotting can sometimes be out of your area of expertise and you might be ready to open up to other software consulting services that can provide you with quick-fix resolutions almost immediately.

All you need to create a pioneering technology that remains the best user-friendly software example in the coming future is a team of experts. At iTrobes, we offer you just that. Talk to us today to get started on your idea!