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Web design and development company in Sydney

Best web design company in Sydney

Top design trends you need to follow to get the best web design in Sydney

With the advancement in technology, web design in Sydney has undergone a massive transformation. If you are planning on building your company’s website, it is crucial that you follow the top design trends that are going strong in 2022 and will continue to do so in the coming years. Talented web designers are now experimenting with creative design elements that not only elevate the look and feel of a website but also enhance the user experience.

Top trends for web design in Sydney

Photograph-centric layouts have become commonplace. To jazz it up, web designers are playing around with typography, simple navigation, grids, and lines along with updated styling in the form of sophisticated textures, muted colors, and serif fonts. Those who are bold in their choices are going with exciting techniques such as visual effects and animations and advanced interactions. Effects such as glassmorphism and grain are excellent examples of that.

Furthermore, web design services are using no-code tools that allow them to create stunning designs faster and more easily than ever before. Here are a few top trends in web design that you will see in 2022.

web design company in Sydney

Oversized typography

The best web design company has started to experiment with oversized typography, which is a fresh and bold design trend that we see in 2022. When you use large typography, words become more than just a part of the copy. They become an important graphic element. Using oversized typography can be a versatile technique that is useful in both minimalist and maximalist designs, and it looks great in many different design styles.

You may have seen websites that are great at using oversized typography creatively. Upon visiting such a website, you will see that the text blocks the image partially, which makes the viewer curious and eager to see more. The use of certain fonts in various different colors also adds the right amount of contrast without being overwhelming.


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Interactive fonts

Another great trend seen in web development in Sydney is the use of interactive fonts, which highly elevate the use of texts. You can take your website design to the next level by finding creative ways of making text move and playing with the movement of the mouse. You can apply a hover-state change much as you do with buttons to add an interactive element to the text. The best part is that there are several no-code platforms and tools that allow you to create various elaborate effects easily.

Some websites are great at using interactive fonts to captivate the audience. The font on such websites changes weight whenever the cursor hovers over it. When you move your cursor on a particular text, it shrinks against the black background, making the word more legible. The large cursor also makes the experience more immersive.

Art deco motifs

If you want to create a web design that feels like works of art, you should try art deco motifs, which go perfectly well with geometric designs. Though you may associate the art deco style with ornate speakeasy websites or Gatsby-themed wedding invites, you can actually use this design element to create stunning minimalist website designs. More and more contemporary web designers are taking inspiration from the repetitive graphic shapes and clean and curving lines of art deco architecture and illustrations.

These elements are also being used to create logos, spacer motifs, fonts, borders, and illustrations. However, to properly create art deco motifs and to effectively implement them in web design in Sydney, designers need to understand the original philosophy behind the art deco movement.

Collage illustration

Collage illustration is slowly becoming a hot trend in website design in Sydney. The collage style of graphics can lend a tactile feel to a website’s illustrations. They also create more white space in design and let you incorporate images without having to focus the entire design around the photograph. The best way you can use collage illustration in web design is by playing around with patterns, shapes, and colors within the collage. You can also add a tint, monochrome effect, or tint to the photographs to properly blend them with the overall design.

Website design in Sydney

Abstract illustrations

If you want to bring something new to web design in Sydney, you should try experimenting with abstract illustrations. Although cute illustrations of objects and humans and poppy vector graphics have ruled web designs for years, abstract illustrations are becoming more and more popular now. The clean and organic texture of abstract illustrations creates designs that feel more sophisticated and natural.

You can create abstract illustrations with ink on paper or using special tools and software. The secret to making great abstract illustrations is incorporating various natural irregularities and textures into the design.

When you hire a web design company in Sydney, make sure to ask them about their take on these top web design trends, and whether they can incorporate these into your website’s design.


Need A Reliable Development Team In Sydney To Code And Build Your Web Designs?

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