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Web Development Vs Cloud Computing

Web development vs cloud computing

Are You Looking for Similarities or Differences When it Comes to Web Development vs Cloud Computing?

It is widely contrasting to compare web development vs cloud computing. But nevertheless, once you know where they fundamentally vary you’ll be able to get a clearer overall picture.

Web Development

The process of designing and developing a website that runs on the internet (world wide web) or the intranet (Any private network). The website in question may differ in its end purpose of creation. They can either be for educational purposes, interactive purposes, or for even making sales online through eCommerce.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the outsourcing of computer system resources mostly for added computing power or for a vast amount of data storage. It simply refers to accessing data or storage over the internet rather than relying on your computer’s internal hard drive.

Key Difference Between Web Development and Cloud Computing

FeaturesWeb DevelopmentCloud Computing
DefinitionThe creation of websites or web applications The delivery of computing services over the internet
FocusFront-end and back-end development of websitesInfrastructure, platforms, and software services
PurposeCreating user interfaces and interactive featuresProviding scalable, on-demand computing resources
TechnologiesHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etcVirtualization, containers, APIs, microservices, etc
DeploymentDeploying applications on web serversDeploying applications on cloud platforms
ScalabilityLimited scalability based on server capacityHighly scalable and flexible infrastructure
CostDevelopment, hosting, and maintenance expensesPay-as-you-go pricing models and usage-based billing
ExamplesCreating an e-commerce website, the social media appHosting a website on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How can Web Development Benefit You?


Imagine you’re running a clothing store. With conventional marketing techniques, you can probably place billboards everywhere in your locality to make people notice you. And with the digital awakening happening around you now, the world is pretty much interconnected and you can even sell your product to someone in a far-off land provided they come to know you. A website can simply help you brand yourself to a wider set of audiences who are in the digital space. With proper UI and UX considerations along with a sustainable revenue generation plan, you can take your selling game a long way with just a proper website in place.

Are You Ready To Propel Your Business Into The Digital Age?

Increased User Base

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the endless warfare between almost every website out there to rank in their respective domains as a user generates a query with relevant keywords. When you show up right when someone is looking for a product or service that you offer through your website, there are chances for you to simply make a conversion in no time. Together with a few digital marketing efforts, you can immensely reach an immense audience base in just no time.

More Revenue With the Right Marketing Strategies

By employing the right funnel approach in the picture where you start with a general awareness of educating a wider set of audiences about your brand, what you believe in, what you stand for, and the services you offer, followed by a consideration stage where you lure them to like you with all your USPs and finally leading them down the funnel to make a conversion with you by last-minute offers; All these can simply lead you to your revenue goals over a period of time.

Competitive Edge

A company with a website is going to go after a wider set of audiences than someone else who does since they simply don’t have any means to. In addition, making repeat customers is an easy possibility by tapping the right data points and storing them for later utilization. While the comparison of web development vs cloud computing might not really reveal a clear picture, understanding them both and utilizing them as and necessary for your business is going to take you a long way.

Cloud computing vs web development

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business


Any software consulting firm in the picture for your business would let you in on how security remains one of the major concerns in today’s technology world. There are tons of black hat hackers on the run who are waiting to find a loophole to ransack all your crucial data metrics.

It is thus necessary that you rely on an assistive framework from a trustworthy cloud computing source to ensure that you don’t suffer any major losses from security breaches. And research has found that most of the data thefts trace back to internal sources by the employees of the organization rather than something from the external side. It is reported that almost 94% of the businesses feel a lot safer and also say that their data security has definitely improved a lot more after they’ve moved their ventures to the cloud.

More Mobility, Flexibility, and Freedom

Making crucial business decisions on the go is why the cloud can be of major benefit to you when compared to a local server. Be it the extra bandwidth as and when you require for any sudden surge in usage or even cutting this off when you don’t need it as much are all possible instantaneously with the cloud rather than having to make modifications to your IT infrastructure every now and then. Giving you the power to meet business demands quickly is why cloud computing has garnered massive attention in recent times. Having someone like iTrobes in the picture can simply make the adaptation simpler for you.

In addition with a cloud in place, you can simply choose who can access what and also keep track of every single person’s usage stats rather than having to be paranoid or lock your server rooms up every time around. Not to forget that the cloud also enables the user to rapidly access all their data from anywhere at any point in time with just the added mobility if they simply have access granted to them.

Preventing Loss of Data

Tying up your precious data to the physical space of your business buildings makes it all the more vulnerable to natural disasters and environmental disadvantages. Be it even the slightest of rains, they can stop you from continuing your business operations till the weather eases out. With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about any damages as your service provider is completely accountable for your data and will also have multiple backups just in case to provide you with the best.

If you are looking for a web development company, iTrobes is your best bet at getting it right. Talk to us today to know more!

Are You Ready To Propel Your Business Into The Digital Age?