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Website Development Cost in Australia

How much does a website cost in australia

A Brief of Website Costs in Australia

The website design prices range between $1,400 to $10,000 in Australia. The website development cost depends on various factors like the type, design, and quality of the website. A lot of work goes into planning and building a high-quality website that positions the brand as a market leader, draws in the target audience, and converts the visitors into paying customers. Such a website is a high-end asset, and every penny you spend on building it is like an investment that is likely to provide great returns.

Types Of WebsiteWebsite Development Cost PagesWebsite Development Time
Basic Website$1,400 and $3,600Up to 502 to 4 Weeks
Small Business Website$3,600 and $7,200Up to 1001 to 2 Months
E-commerce Website$5,000 and $17,300Up to 2002 to 3 Months
Custom WebsiteOver $17,300Up to 2002 to 3 Months

Cheap websites, on the other hand, simply lack the resources to compete with such high-quality websites. If you build a site with as little budget as possible, chances are it will not be designed, developed, or optimized well enough to have a steady stream of visitors or a high conversion rate. Furthermore, cheap websites tend to require a lot of work down the line, which ends up costing more money.

That is why it is so important to have a basic idea of the estimated website development cost in Australia. Here’s a brief breakdown of the development cost of various websites.

Website cost in Australia

Small and simple static website: between AUD 1,400 and AUD 3,600

Website costs in Australia can be as low as AUD 1,400 for small business websites with only a few products or services to promote. Such a simple and static website with a few pages may serve your basic needs, but it may not help you significantly increase your online sales. Such websites are built to fulfill informational and promotional purposes so that visitors get to know about your business and what you have to offer.

Conversion-focused website: between AUD 3,600 and AUD 7,200

If you own a small business and want to grow your online revenue by investing in digital marketing, you will need a website that is focused on conversion. Website cost in Australia for such a website tends to be over AUD 3,600. In this case, the website needs to be designed and developed to draw more visitors and turn them into potential buyers.

Ecommerce website: between AUD 5,000 and AUD 17,300

Ecommerce website costs in Australia can be as low as AUD 5,000 or as high as AUD 17,300 depending on the features and functionalities you opt for. A basic e-commerce site needs to have functionalities such as integrated payment gateways, add-to-cart features, and product databases that add up to the cost. Furthermore, if you plan on using pop-ups to urge your customers to check out or cross-sell products, you might need to pay extra for such features.

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Custom enterprise website: over AUD 17,300

These are large websites built for big corporations. Custom enterprise websites tend to have the highest development cost as they need to be integrated with the company’s backend systems. Such websites also tend to have enhanced functionalities and custom plugins and tools that increase the overall website cost.

Factors to Influence Website Costs in Australia

Knowing what type of website you want to build can give you an idea of the amount you will need to spend. However, the exact cost of website development in Australia depends on several factors. Let’s talk about a few of them:

Website development cost in Australia

Website design

When it comes to the design of the website, you can go for either a premade template or a custom one that is designed specifically for you. Pre-made templates tend to cost much less than custom templates.

You can also get free website templates from CMS platforms such as Wix and WordPress, but you will have access to limited options. These free templates don’t have too many features or customization options. That means your website will look similar to a lot of the other websites out there.

On the other hand, you can hire a web designer to build you a custom template, which is likely to be a lot more focused than a free template in terms of brand messaging, functionality, and site speed. Professionally designed custom templates can cost anywhere from AUD 700 to AUD 14,000.

Customized templates also give you more room to optimize the website with the goal of converting visitors and generating sales.

The number of pages

This one may seem obvious. The more pages a website has, the higher the development cost will be. Apart from the designing and customizing cost of each page, you also have to think about the cost of the content that you will put in there. Furthermore, the developer will need to test each page and your project manager will have to structure the SEO and optimization aspects. The additional work is likely to increase the overall cost by a significant margin.


Unless you have an in-house team to deal with the content development aspect, you will have to hire people to fill your website with content. If you are planning to use your website for promotional purposes or for generating leads or sales, you will need well-written content that has the right brand messaging and persuasion techniques to attract and engage the audience and eventually convert them into sales. Professionally written content can cost you anywhere from AUD 400 to AUD 700 per page.


Without proper optimization, your website can simply get lost in the crowd no matter how much you invest in web development. That is why you need to think about the cost of SEO when planning the development of your website. If you don’t have the resources to manage the SEO part on your own, you will have to hire professionals to do it for you, which will add to the cost. Many other factors such as domain name, domain hosting, and so on can influence the cost of website development.

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