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Website Design Cost In Dubai

How much cost to design a website in Dubai

Analysis Of Website Design Cost In Dubai

On a surface level, this might seem like a huge investment but it’s actually not if only you navigate and find just the right resources along with a package that justifies the cost. On average, website design cost in Dubai might depend on a few factors like the nature of your website (eCommerce, conversion-focused business site, educational purpose-based website, etc), the complexity of your site, functionalities and feature you’re looking for along with a few others.

Always ask for a thorough plan of action, estimated quotation, deadlines, milestone timelines, mode of communication, contract terms, portfolio of previous works, etc., before you hire someone to just take over the effort. We understand that you might be operating under stiff timelines. But these initial interactions will give you a clear-cut idea about what you can expect and a better understanding of the deliverables before you sign up with a company of your choice.

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A Rough Estimate Of The Website Prices In Dubai

An average website design cost can run anywhere from AED 2,000 ($600) to AED 10,000 ($3,000) in 2023. It depends on the size and types of the website in Dubai, UAE. A seemingly small website that is curated for educational purposes without other complex functions can cost you somewhere from 6000 AED for the design and development. The cost incurred will increase along with the increase in the complexity of your functionalities.

Types Of WebsiteWebsite Development Cost PagesWebsite Development Time
Basic WebsiteAED 2,000 – AED 4,000 ($600 – $1000)Up to 502 to 4 Weeks
Small Business WebsiteAED 4000 – AED 8000 ($1000 – $2000)Up to 1001 to 2 Months
E-commerce WebsiteAED 8000 – AED 16000 ($2000 – $5000)Up to 2002 to 3 Months
Custom WebsiteAED 10,000 – AED 30,000 ($2400 – $7200)Up to 2002 to 3 Months


A website that is built with added focus on conversion will cost you between 6000 AED to 13000 AED. While on the other hand, an eCommerce portal can cost you between 10000AED to 35000 AED depending on the scale of the project, inventory management, etc. Any other site that is built with a number of functionalities can cost you over 30000 AED.

It is one thing to develop a website but it’s a whole other effort to market it to peers or make the content more engaging to increase your rate of interaction. Content writing which involves the generation of primary website page content along with writing blogs for SEO services will cost you close to 1000AED to 4000AED depending on the nature of your business vertical and the amount of content required.

Website design cost Dubai

Factors To Impact On The Website Design Cost In Dubai With Include The Following…

  • The number of website pages
  • Type of features and functionalities that your website encompasses
  • The content management system that you choose
  • Search Engine Optimization if you’re looking to increase your organic reach and increase the number of visitors who pay you a visit right from the start
  • Content writing
  • Other backend features for ease of access and marketing include a CMS, automation, email marketing, leads the collection, etc
  • The overall turn-around time a company needs to build your requirements
  • The web design company in Dubai that you’re hiring. If you’re going for someone like iTrobes, you can expect the most seamless working style that you’ll immediately blend in with.

What Should You Pay Close Attention To Website Design Cost In Dubai?

1. Experience Profile

The overall experience and expertise that a company brings to the table are necessary in order to build your requirements according to your vision. Do a background check, and take a look at the company’s portfolio to see if they’ve worked with requirements of your scale and your business niche in the past.

Confirming these before you jump right in will give you a better edge at choosing someone who is right for you and who you don’t have to go back and forth with.

website prices in Dubai

2. Pricing

Ask for a customized quotation for your website than going with any sales gimmicks that have combination packages that include add-on services like digital marketing. This is a long-term venture during the course of which you might even find some other company that is way more profitable for you. In order to make your journey seamless, get a quotation only for your website design. You can always scale up your business with this partner company along the way once you establish a comfortable zone of hassle-free working between the two parties.

Rather than focusing on the investment that you’d have to pay, focus on the returns that the company can offer you. Your ROI can even be multiple times bigger than your initial investment if everything goes your way.

3. Turn-Around Times

Now, this is where most companies struggle. Rather than focusing on hiring someone that offers a relatively lesser quote for your website cost in Dubai, search and hire professionals who are backed by a seemingly large team where the work involved can happen a lot faster.

Fixate mutually agreeable timelines and deadlines that are realistic. Do not pressure the company into stiff deadlines since it can also drastically affect the quality of work.

4. Maintenance And Other Lifetime Support

Website services are not a one-time affair. You’ll have to continuously keep generating the content, alter the functionalities, take care of the security part, seamless back-end operations, etc as long as the website remains functional.

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Pick The Right Website Design Packages In Dubai

The digital marketing prices are also skyrocketing at the moment because of the demand that is around. You’ll receive huge discounts if you’re going for a comprehensive package with the company you’re hiring for your website design, development, and management.

Go with someone who has all the resources and subject-matter experts to handle any niche website-related requirement in order to profit from the whole effort. Hire iTrobes today to see the difference that we can bring to the table for you. We’ve been doing this for years now and we can offer the best solutions for you!