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How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost In Dubai, UAE?

Website Maintenance Cost In Dubai

Revealing The Website Maintenance Cost In Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the center of economic development and technology. The city is bustling with tech firms, startups, etc. A well-maintained website is one way to make a name in this competitive digital world. Since the world changes quickly, you must maintain and update your website regularly. Website maintenance costs in Dubai depend on factors such as the type of website design, maintenance subscriptions, and so on.

A reliable and professional website design company offers different website maintenance costs. With a team of designers and developers, iTrobes – a web maintenance firm – offers clients cutting-edge solutions tailored to their digital goals and provides affordable yearly and monthly packages. If you want to get an idea about the website maintenance cost in Dubai, check out the guide below:

Overview Of Website Maintenance Cost Dubai In 2024

The monthly cost of website maintenance ranges from AED 1000 to AED 2000. However, it depends on how many tasks the website design company performs. Such as whether it is only updating the user interface, security, or SSL. The annual website maintenance cost packages can start from AED 350–2850 monthly. However, this is an estimate, and the cost can rise due to the features and type of maintenance. An e-commerce website’s monthly maintenance costs could range from AED 3,000 to AED 30,000.

Company SizeCost
Small business basic website maintenanceAED 1000 to AED 2000
eCommerce website maintenanceAED 3,000 to AED 30,000
Custom website maintenanceAED 5,000 to AED 10,000
Large business website maintenanceAED 10,000 to AED 25,000

Factors Affecting The Website Maintenance Cost

The ecommerce website maintenance costs depend on the number of features you want. From enhancing the user experience to SEO, everything counts when you are in the online digital market. Let’s look at some factors that affect the website maintenance cost in Dubai.

Number Of Pages

As a rule of thumb, the larger the size of your website, the website maintenance cost will be high. For example, for a company website, the web page usually has five to fifteen pages. However, when it comes to e-commerce, the number of pages increases, leading to up to 1000. Thus, the maintenance cost of an e-commerce website can be higher.

Search Engine Optimization

Since Dubai has a competitive business market and cut-throat competition, websites must integrate SEO. However, it must be updated regularly to match the changing business landscape. The costs depend on how regularly you want to update.

Google Map Integration

In the online world, brand image is everything, and you want to portray a good image of your brand. Maintenance services regularly update the Google Maps integration and ensure the brand is top. You can easily integrate the customizable maps into your website and application.

Website Hosting

This service allows you to publish your content just once. Business website owners can keep their data online by renting space on physical servers from hosting services. The website hosting and maintenance cost depends on the complexity of the website. For example, it can cost around AED 22 to AED 220 monthly. It depends on which plans you choose from. There are several options; for instance, single-site web hosting, which can cost around AED 50 per month for one website, two daily backups, 10GB webspace, and a free domain.

Website Maintenance Costs In Dubai

Cost Of Different Services Covered by Website Maintenence Company

Website maintenance company in Dubai, UAE, offers several services under their website maintenance packages; these are:

Annual Maintenance Contract

Website design companies offer annual maintenance contracts, and if you are wondering about the maintenance cost of an ecommerce website, then worry not. If you take an annual maintenance contract, it usually comes within your budget. Annual maintenance contracts for websites in Dubai can cost between AED 350 and 2850 per month for a fixed number of hours. The cost depends on the website, hours required, new technology, etc.

Updates For Software

To guarantee compatibility, security, and peak performance, the website maintenance company regularly updates core software, plugins, and themes. With outdated software, the website might lag and not respond quickly. Third-party software updates can cost around 350 AED per month. It depends on number of devices you have.

Surveillance Of Security

Besides applying the required security patches and procedures, the maintenance company monitors for malware, security threats, and questionable activity. With regular maintenance and SSL certification, you have your website in the online marketplace without any worries. It can cost around AED 55 and AED 999 per year to get an SSL certification.

Optimizing Performance

How do you know whether your website is performing? Performance assessments are vital to evaluate how your website is functioning. The website hosting and maintenance cost also include performance assessment. Optimizations such as SEO can cost AED 2,000–4,000 per month. The ecommerce SEO maintenance can cost AED 3,000–10,000 per month.

Management Of Content

To be relevant in this competitive world, staying updated and revamping your website design is vital. When you opt for maintenance services, they will offer you the addition of new pages, blog entries, products (for e-commerce sites), and multimedia content. It surely justifies the e-commerce website maintenance costs. If you want to add around 5 to 10 pages, it can cost around AED 15,000 to AED 20,000.

Technical Assistance

The services also offer technical help. You can contact a reliable company if you need assistance in debugging problems, fixing faults, and need advice on managing websites. For example, preparing a website can cost around AED 4,000 per month to AED 200,000. However, it depends on the complexity and size of the website.


Website services are not a one-time thing. To ensure your website is relevant, you must maintain it regularly. Generate regular content, change the functionalities according to need, update security, etc. All this is possible when you hire a professional website maintenance company. These companies offer different website maintenance packages you can pick according to your budget and preferences. And now you know how much does website maintenance cost per month. You can set a budget accordingly.