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Website Maintenance Cost In India

Website maintenance cost in India

Understanding Website Maintenance Costs In India

Congratulations! You’ve built a website! You might be tempted to sit back and relax, but building a website is only the first step in a long journey. Websites, just like any other tools, constantly need to be maintained. Often, companies only look into website maintenance when they encounter a problem. This is a big mistake. Investing in maintenance right from the beginning can save you a lot of time and money. While creating your budget, you also have to account for website maintenance costs. You also have to decide if website development and maintenance is something you want to do in-house, or if you want to outsource it. Before we look at website maintenance costs in India, let’s understand the difference between website development and website maintenance.

Uncover Affordable Website Maintenance Costs In India

In 2023, The Average Website Maintenance Cost In India Is…

The average website maintenance cost may be between INR 500 to INR 1,00,000 in India. It depends on the complexity of the website, the amount of traffic, downtime, and the speed of recovery. Our website maintenance cost will consider all of the above factors of account when listing your maintenance package. We will check the amount of traffic your website receives and the best hosting for it, the bandwidth required to keep your website loading quickly, and the right backup and recovery points.

Website TypesMonthly Website Maintenance CostYearly Website Maintenance Cost
Personal websiteFrom INR 300($4)From INR 3000($40)
Business websiteFrom INR 600($8)From INR 6000($80)
Corporate websiteFrom INR 900($12)From INR 9000($120)
Entertainment websiteFrom INR 1200($16)From INR 12000($160)
eCommerce websiteFrom INR 1600($20))From INR 16000($200)

What Is Website Development?

When you first decide to create a webpage, you have to make many decisions. How do you want your webpage to look? What features do you want to include for your customers? On the backend side, what programming language or languages do you want to use? And, of course, the eternal question – should you do all of this yourself, or should you outsource it to someone else?

If you decide to develop your website yourself, you have to have a good understanding of both design and programming. If you don’t have any experience with either of these, it’s probably a good idea to have professionals do this work for you. When you outsource the creation of your website, the important thing to keep in mind is that, while website development is a one-time cost, website maintenance is not. Very often, website development companies also offer a limited period of website maintenance. After that, however, you will have to pay to keep your website up and running.

What Is Website Maintenance?

A website is a tool like any other and constantly needs touch-ups to make sure that it is up-to-date and running smoothly. After all, you wouldn’t want your customers visiting an outdated website that isn’t relevant to them or one that takes a long time to load. As we mentioned earlier, companies that handle website development often also handle website maintenance. If you hire a website development company they will provide you with a range of services. Let’s take a look at them, along with their costs, in the next section.

What Is The Average Website Maintenance Costs In India?

It is important to keep in mind that website maintenance prices vary depending on several factors, even the country you are in. Website maintenance cost in India is considerably less than that in Europe or the United States. However, it also varies based on the features you choose to include on your website. In general, simple websites are cheaper and those with more functionality are more expensive. Here are the things that you will need to invest in to make sure your website is neat and tidy.

Website maintenance cost India

Your Domain Name

This is what someone will have to type in to get to the homepage of your website. While developing your website, you will have to register your domain name with a registrar such as GoDaddy. After that, you will have to pay an annual fee to continue to use your unique domain name.


900 INR – 1,200 INR per year

Hosting Your Website

All the data that makes up your website has to sit somewhere in physical storage. Companies that provide this service have servers on which they store your data. This is one cost that varies widely depending on the kind of website you have. For a personal website, you should look at a shared server. If you are expecting a fair amount of traffic, a VPS (virtual private server) is the way to go. Dedicated servers are the third possibility. You should use one of these if you are expecting heavy traffic. Even within each of these tiers, there is a very large price difference. Make sure you take a careful look at different server configurations and any additional features that might be offered to choose a plan that is perfect for your website.


  • Shared server: 1,500 INR – 18,000 INR per year
  • VPS: 5,000 INR – 50,000 INR per year
  • Dedicated server: 50,000 – 1,00,000 INR per year

Content Creation And Management

To keep your website engaging, you need to make sure you are constantly adding and updating the content on it. Like everything else, you can choose to either do this in-house or outsource it. If you choose to do it yourself, you can use a free content management system like WordPress. When you outsource, you have two options: businesses and freelancers. As you would probably expect, companies that create and manage content are more expensive than freelancers. However, such companies usually offer other services as well. For example, they may provide you with SEO (search engine optimization) and even technical support.

Technical Support

What do you do if your website takes a long time to load? What if it stops loading completely? Or what if someone hacks into your website? Part of running a website is being able to fix any bugs that might crop up, however large or small. If you have the technical know-how, you can do this yourself. If not, you can rely on a company to do it for you. With good technical support, you can make sure that these problems don’t come up at all. They will make sure your website has all the latest security updates and regularly check the health of your website. This is why technical support is a large component of website maintenance costs in India.

However, it’s not all about preventing and fixing problems. Technical support will also give you ways to customize and improve your website by adding certain features. For example, you might want to give users a search bar, or even a discussion forum or chatbot.

Services like content creation and technical support are usually offered together in one package. However, these packages come in various configurations, making website maintenance costs in India very variable.

Uncover Affordable Website Maintenance Costs In India

Choose The Best Website Maintenance Prices In India

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