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What is a Static Website?

Static website

What is a Static Website and is it Something You Should be Concerned With?

If you have ever wondered and asked yourself, What is a static website?, then this article will give you clarity on the concept. Websites come in different shapes and sizes. A static website contains web pages with a series of fixed content. Each page is coded and the same information is displayed to all visitors exactly as it is stored in the web browser. In contrast to dynamic sites, a static website uses server-side rendering for serving pre-built HTML, javascript, and CSS files to a web browser.

Any experienced website design company will tell you that the demand for static websites has increased in popularity in recent years. This escalation could be attributed to advancement in developer tools (such as languages & libraries), as well as stronger intentions among all businesses to optimize their website performances beyond just the limits of database-driven sites.

Should You Opt for a Static Website for Your Business?

This is an important question to think about. We are fans of building a static website (based on your requirements, of course), so we thought of sharing insights to help you understand in depth – what is a static website and if opting for one would benefit your business:


There are fewer challenges with site loading when it comes to server-side rendering because the data (the content of your site) is remitted as a full pre-rendered webpage. This implies that your visitors are less likely to face problems like broken images or seeing pages that don’t load.


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As opposed to building a webpage for every visitor of the page, it’s more efficient to render a pre-built webpage. Speed of static sites’ pages is often faster because being a pre-rendered site, static websites have lightweight static HTML files. These improved page speeds can also help with better SEO rankings, a very important factor for businesses these days.


You have greater flexibility with how content is served as static sites will enable you to decouple the content repository and the front-end interface. These sites can be rendered using a variety of frameworks, and developers can work using the framework & language of their preference (examples include JavaScript, React, Ruby, etc), making the construction & maintenance easier to execute.


Hackers get multiple chances to breach data in dynamic sites because of the entire system being connected. But with static sites, the content database independently exists from the front-end web interface. This setup implies there are fewer entry points for the hackers, resulting in relatively more secure data.

Cost efficiency

Cost-efficiency is another very important factor why companies decide to opt for a static site as static files are relatively light in weight and cheaper & faster to serve.


Without having to re-author the content, a static site lets you put your content across various channels. Plus, static structures adapt with ease to the changing needs or improvements in your app/website.

What is static website

Other Factors that Further Decode the Question ‘What is a Static Website’?

Static website generator simplifies the process of converting data into a website or an application format by allowing you to apply templates to your content and data. There are various versions available in different languages and frameworks for developers to use. Site size, purpose, functionality, etc are some of the many factors a web design company would need to keep into account for your website development. Some of the recommended and commonly used static site generators include Hugo, Gatsby, Next.js, Eleventy, etc.

Other factors & recommendations include using a headless content management system, together with your static site generator while building your website. This is because a headless CMS can give you the flexibility to showcase your data across various channels by delivering it over an API.

Another important area of focus while building your site would be to figure out where to host it. Some modern hosting providers often use CDNs: Content Delivery Networks as it ensures that your site renders quickly for all your site visitors from various locations.

Summarising the Key Aspects for Selecting a Trusted Website Development Partner

Now that you’ve gotten a brief answer to the question, what is a static website, it is important you pay attention to aspects that can help you in deciding how to go ahead with building one such website. As you would’ve noticed there are many little things that the developer must pay attention to, for building a good static website. The more you learn about the subject, the more you understand that only professionals with in-depth knowledge of building and maintaining websites should be trusted with the task of implementing such projects.

Even though a static website has advantages like it is quick & easy to develop and cheap to host, it can also sometimes be problematic, as the content can become stagnant. It requires a certain level of web development expertise to continuously update it, as and when needed. Making functional corrections once a website is built is always a tiring & tedious task. Therefore, our serious advice for you is that you be mindful while hiring website design services. Put in extra efforts at the time of selecting your website design company, as it will benefit you greatly in the long run. Web development can often be a costly & time-taking affair if you don’t get it right from the start.

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iTrobes Take on Helping You Build Your Dream Website

At iTrobes Technologies, our website development team has professionals with years of experience in building the right kind of websites for businesses. We understand that businesses and industries are more competitive than ever before and in the current digital era, having a website is almost a necessity. Small businesses with limited requirements and budgets often end up wasting resources by hiring incompetent website design services from amateurs who convince you that static website building requires less expertise. On the contrary, no matter the size of the budget of project, experts at iTrobes Technologies pay attention to all the nuances of creating a website and take into account all your requirements before getting started. When needed, they’ve cleared all their clients’ doubts by answering questions like what is a static website, what are the advantages it provides, and if it is truly recommended & suitable for their business.

Website development is one of our team’s strongest fortes as it is handled by professionals who know the ins and outs of creating and maintaining websites of all kinds. We offer the best price, quality, and timeline for doing a successful job of building a great website. So, don’t compromise on getting a seamless developer experience along with top-notch quality work. Join the many who have trusted iTrobes with their website requirements and get your dream website ready in no time. Reach out to us now!