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What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This simply deals with a vast arena of computer science that involves the creation of applications, software, and technology to perform high-end tasks which typically need human intelligence. If you’re asking about ‘what is artificial intelligence?’, the simplest answer we can give you is that there is a technology that can help in decision-making and problem-solving which was previously only capable by the human mind.

Some major day-to-day examples of artificial intelligence include devices like Siri and Alexa along with technologies like Netflix recommendations that we see which are being presented to us after a vast background analysis of our watching style, reviews that we leave, and other data points.

Why is this Digital Transformation Important?

When it comes to detail-oriented tasks that are ongoing and repetitive, it takes a lot of focus and completes inside-out analysis. And in these areas, human errors can cost you huge sums. This right here is why AI-first took its form. To outperform us when it comes to crucial tasks that are data-intensive and requires a whole lot of analysis.

Machine learning is the reason why artificial intelligence has garnered as much attention in recent times. Take a food delivery app, for example, connecting the end consumer to the hotel and the delivery executive is all possible only because of impeccable AI doing all these processes simultaneously for you.

The incorporation of AI especially in a start-up environment can be very crucial in making every last operation process happen easier. Gaining an advantage over your competitors will only happen if you are swift in every last thing that you do. Some major uses of AI would be to reduce redundancy, human errors, and the overall time delay between different simultaneous processes. But the implementation of AI can be expensive and might require a lot of attention to detail. This right here is why you need a software consulting professional in place who can help you do this seamlessly.

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Different Types of AI

1. Reactive Machines

Here the associated AI does not have any memory but rather works on instantaneous stimulations by analyzing the current data that it has in hand. Since there is no memory intact, the AI here will not be able to curate or nurture its methods from the experiences of the past to implement in the future. Deep Blue by IBM, a chess program is one ideal example of this type.

2. Limited Memory

These AI are curated with memory to make informed decisions based on past experiences. Self-driving cars are a good example of this. Reinforcement learning, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks (E-GAN) are the three major branches that utilised limited memory. They are especially given a chance for performing a lot of trials and errors. Predicting outcomes, relying on a statistically progressive approach are all parts of what comes with limited memory AI.

Artificial intelligence

3. Theory of Mind

If you are still wondering about what artificial intelligence is, perhaps this would be where you find your answer here in this context. Theory of mind is actually a term that is curated with respect to the psychological aspect of performance here. The AI here is adapted with social intelligence for understanding, analyzing, interpreting, and responding to situations where an emotional context comes into play. Human behavior prediction and the ability to understand the way the human mind works are what they are majorly relied on for.

4. Self-awareness

After complete integration of the theory of mind in AI, they will be sufficiently well adapted to understand the complete working of the human mind and to establish a relationship between someone’s mind, consciousness, and behavior. Self-awareness basically deals with the complete research of the human consciousness and further replicating it for the purpose of building intelligent machines that can act human and think human.

Now, How Can it Impact Your Business?

1. More Productive Workspace

Bringing over AI adaptations can simply make your entire work processes trace a better route. You can dissect your procedures into simpler modules and let AI tech completely take over them. For example, all your customer management systems need not involve a human person constantly sending out reminders to maintain a relationship with your clients. Instead, you can simply program an AI to do that for you, thus saving manpower.

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2. Fewer Errors

Data analytics, accounting, or anything that requires the breaking down of numbers or crunching vast amounts of statistical data points, are always crucial to do. Making them less error-prone can only happen with the interference of technology. Let’s say you’re interested in web development and want to do something creative. You really have to understand your consumer mindset and keep revamping your design approach time and again. This behavior analysis, understanding the consumer mindset and their reactions to your framework like how they click on CTAs can all be insurmountable for you without an AI overlooking the process.

3. Saves Time and Money

You can simply reduce the amount of manpower that you might be needing for your data-keeping work by integrating an AI in the process.

All these little things will matter especially when you are in the start-up phase or in the expansion phase. This right here is why you need to first weigh the pros and cons of AI for your business vertical. If you want to really go ahead with such an implementation, you need someone like iTrobes in the picture who can help you seamlessly adapt to it. Get in touch with us to know more!