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What is Branding?


What is Branding and How it is Helpful For Business?

With social media marketing services being sought out now more than ever, the question ‘what is branding?’ has been asked constantly by everyone all around. Technically, a brand refers to anything and everything that lets a seller of a product or service distinguish themselves from the other amidst their customer base. But it doesn’t end here. There are a lot of niche things that you should ideally know if you want to build a brand that is long-standing and sustainable in the market.

Getting Down to Business, What is Branding Really?

In layman terms, it refers to building a name for yourself in your industrial niche that would make you stand out. It is about making a customer instantly identify you with just a set of physical and emotional cues almost immediately. This would happen only when you repeat you are messaging recognizably enough over a period of time in a way that the audience is moved and made to think about.

Unique Selling Propositions

This might be attributed to color recognition, (like how in the food space red would be Zomato for you and orange would immediately make you remember Swiggy) quirky messaging (the iconic rivalry between the Mc Donald’s and Burger King), social contribution (sustainable clothing brands), the feeling of empowerment that they make you feel (The just do it theme of Nike or Impossible is nothing of Adidas, etc.

Now to sum it up these are called the USPs that are one and only for the brand in question and don’t attribute as much to anyone else. At iTrobes, we can help you create a niche within your niche for yourself that would make you level up a class apart.


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Consumer Experience

Be it anything you do, your SEO services, or other things like search engine marketing services, nothing can make you reap the results you want unless and until you establish yourself in a way that sticks and is hard to let go off even subconsciously. This would be a possibility for your brand if you think just a little out of the box. For example, instead of selling your product directly, sell the story behind it or create a story out of it.

If you see cars for example or any automobile, rather than talking about the technicalities they offer, talk about the luxury or experience that one can get out of it. Instead of selling a cruise bike by jotting down their engine features, sell the journey and the adventure that awaits. These are a few ways how branding works. When you keep doing this over a period of time, people would remember not just the models of products you give them, but the way you made them feel fresh with a lot of travel hopes and vibes.

Physical Attributes

What we covered previously was the emotional attribute of things. Now coming to the physical attributes, it refers to anything and everything that can be seen rather than just felt. This deals with the design patterns, the name, logo design, color palettes, messaging context, typefaces, etc.

These elements are crucial if you want your digital marketing services to level up and come out in a noticeable manner garnering a loyal following that surpasses your direct competitors.

What is branding

Different Between a Brand and a Business

While both of them might be one and the same on a surface level, they are two different worlds as your dig just a bit deeper. Businesses might come and go, but a brand is what makes the business happen. For example, selling aerated drinks might be your business and this business might be taken over by thousands of other competitors in the same field but the reason why only a few like Pepsi or Coca-cola succeed is because of branding. If you’re still wondering what is branding, then read on below to understand how professionals like iTrobes do it.

1. Identity Creation

This refers to creating a momentum that would spark immediate recognition like the logo, fonts, colors, or themes. Basically a portfolio of the brand online by using the right social media marketing services, techniques, and procedures.

2. USPs Analysis

Almost every single business will have something that is special about them. But this is not where the crux of things lie, it is about finding something so unique that nobody has ever thought about it previously. Thorough market research might help you identify what might exactly lure your target audience.

3. Story Building

With proper SEO services, you might make your business reach a lot of people. But making them stay and help them remember you as a brand like nothing they’ve seen previously ties up to the stories you sell that would make the customer feel proud to be a part of.


Partner With Us For Expert Branding Solutions

4. Strategic Advertising

Guerrilla marketing has been the thing with which people previously followed their audience wherever they went. Conventionally, this happened through a mix-up of billboards, sports sponsorships, and by conducting other interactive offline events. But reaching the customers wherever they are is now just a fingertip away. By efficiently doing PPC services, SEO services, SMM, and Search Engine Marketing, you can simply do this now. But almost every single one of your competitors is already doing it, so you need to figure out a way to do it all the better.

5. Marketing the Experience

People who can afford your services or products and are in immediate need no longer care about the features you tell them. But since everyone these days wants to feel visible, they are better at resonating with anything that gives them a sense of recognition like a CSR initiative shoe made by war veterans or clothing imported directly from war zones to help them there.

Have you figured how your brand needs to be? How about we brainstorm over a cup of coffee? Contact us to take your branding to the next level today!